God Wants You in Heaven is a subsidiary of Lifting Our Values, which is a charity and website established to help bring knowledge of how to obtain salvation to the world. 

The world so desperately needs to learn how to obtain a saving faith. God Wants You In Heaven wants to educate and inspire others to become Christ’s disciples, real disciples, who follow the saints, who sought to live like Christ and desired to spend all moments loving God through working hard to save souls (the poor lost sheep) like St. Anthony Mary Claret, who said, “The thought of eternal torments impressed me profoundly…this thought of eternity has made, makes and will always make me labor while I live for the conversion of sinners, by means of preaching, hearing confessions, writing books, distributing holy cards and religious booklets, and by holding familiar and pious [holy] conversations, etc….I cannot see a misfortune or a misery without trying to alleviate it…

How can I rest when so many are to be seen living continually in mortal sin and rushing in this blind manner to their eternal destruction? No indeed, I cannot rest, but must needs run and shout a warning to them. If I saw anyone about to fall into a pit or a fire, would I not run up to him and warm him, and do all in my power to help him from falling in? Why should I not do this much to keep sinners from falling into the pit and fires of Hell?”

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Lifting Our Values is a 501 c 3 non-profit origination doing business under “For the Love of God, Inc.”

Lifting Our Values strongly hears the call from God to save souls by going into the world and proclaiming the true Gospel with clear, easy to understand, words of Everlasting Life so God can use us to bring knowledge of how to obtain salvation to His children, so “to save at least some” (1 Corinthians 9:22).

To help spread the Saving Faith correctly “For the Love of God, Inc.” has created several informative web-sites:

Lifting Our Values isn’t only an informative website, it also provides great materials that we can distribute or sell to provide God’s children with tangible, motivational products to help them understand how to seek a saving faith for the salvation of souls. 

But we offer nothing new that the saints, the Catechism or the Word haven’t already said. 

So then, why are so “very few Christians saved” as St. Augustine and the rest of the saints teach, if what we need to do to be saved is already known? The reason this horrible tragedy exists today is because we live in a time of great darkness and the anti-christ has deceived us all. 

Most souls don’t even know we need to be spending our life seeking Our Savior to give us a saving faith anymore. We think the faith we have is enough to save. We are drowning in pride. Nor do we even know what saving faith is, since our pride is blinding us and The Truth is no longer correctly being preached. 

Yes, horribly, most don’t know The Way to Heaven. We also lack a clear understanding of consequences of what happens when we don’t correctly following Christ to obtain such a faith. So, we have no motivation to change. Yes, we don’t really understand that we are in fact dying… rejecting God’s saving forgiving mercy and choosing Hell for eternity.


Since the devil has stripped us of so much grace and deceived us so greatly as to what the saints, the Catechism and/or The Word are saying, we now need to be enlightened and taught The Way to Heaven in a way we, poor blind beings, can understand, so we don’t continue to live in the dark and perish.

Therefore, to fill this need, Lifting Our Values offers a clearer style of writing, that we, who are living in the time of great darkness, can understand. Lifting Our Values explains The Way to Heaven using persuasive words of wisdom” (1 Corinthians 2:1-5), inspired by The Holy Spirit. This is done, since from our pride, we can not understand The Way when spoken with “Spirit and power” (1 Corinthians 2:1-5) alone. We simply don’t have the grace to understand the figurative language God has been speaking to us (we can’t correctly hear Him)… since we are perishing.

“Our gospel [The Way to Heaven] is veiled, it is veiled for those who are perishing” (2 Corinthians 4:3).

Yes, Gospel has been veiled, but finally the time God has prepared to “tell you clearly about [how to go to] the Father” (John 26:25) has come. Our Lord desires to speak to us no longer in figures, but with clear words of guidance, to guide you out of darkness into his wonderful light” (1 Peter 2:9), so we, prideful blind souls, can begin to understand The Way to the Father.

“The hour is coming when I will no longer speak to you in figures, but I will tell you clearly about [how to go to] the Father” (John 16:25).

Not only does LOV awaken us to our need to repent and change, we also provide a clearer explanation of how to obtain Salvation, that the saints, the Catechism and The Word have already spoken. But on top of that LOV also explains why we have lost sight of The Way, why The Way the saints took to obtain Life is the true and only way, and what we can do to change, so even with our illness (suffering from being in darkness), we can hear enough to begin to become enlightened and change, so we can at least start to work hard and seek Christ to help move us towards a saving faith. 

Hopefully, after reading LOV’s materials, we accept some of God’s grace and are blessed to have ears that can hear God’s much clearer pleading for our souls so we can repent and change. Then we can gain some Fear of the Lord and run to God for mercy (help) and truly begin to follow Him correctly, so He can give us a saving faith (transform us) before our hour comes.


God doesn’t want LOV to do this alone. He wants to give YOU a way to become a true disciple of Christ. Frankly, after God’s people learn The Way and begin to live and preach it, these new humble disciples that approached God to learn The Way will more clearly speak The Truth than everyone prior… for God is lifting the veil–yes, “the veil is [to be] removed” (2 Corinthians 3:16)–that blinded much of the proud… but not just the veil… God also into to now  for the grace of God intends to move the True Christians is going to be poured out in a big way for the salvation of souls. 

Therefore, we need people like you, who have ears that can hear, who can learn the true Way to Heaven that the saints took, and begin to preach and live it with your actions and using our web-sites and materials so others can grow towards a saving faith too.

Then God can use you to literally save people from eternal suffering… Imagine the meaning your life will begin to have, when you allow God to work through you to bring Himself–The Truth–to His lost sheep. Oh, the children that God longs so greatly to spend eternity in paradise with, will no longer be lost but will finally hear Him. What is more important than this? This is how we love and serve God, by doing all we can to SAVE SOULS.

Nothing is more important than obtaining enough grace, so we no longer reject God’s forgiveness. We must teach others how to seek Christ, so we can accept His saving forgiving mercy when we humbly seek it. Avoiding being tormented for all eternity–from rejecting the most merciful gift of God–and choosing the eternal punishment we deserve for our sins, must be our priority. 

God wants us in Heaven. We need to bring His children to Him. He wants to save them. This needs to be our first priority.

If we perform other works of charity to benefit people’s earthly needs, which is good, but we don’t help to enlighten to their need to become saved (to obtain a saving faith) and help them learn The Way to save their souls, are we really doing what Jesus did? No. God’s entire mission on earth was the salvation of souls. That was the motivation for all He did.

We can be doing great earthly works, showing much love to others, and caring for their incredible earthly needs, but what does any of that matter if in the end, when their hour comes, they still don’t know how to save their souls (don’t know how to accept God’s saving mercy) and wind up rejecting Christ’s forgiveness, since they never obtained true contrition for all of their sins at least at their death (a saving faith)? All will be lost. Have we really loved them? No.

Horribly, for most of the people we think we are loving, by caring for their earthly needs, will have an ETERNITY of great anguish because nobody loved them enough to teach them the real Way to Eternal Life and only sought to comfort them in this earthly life. Tragic! Teaching someone that we are great sinners, who need so much mercy (help) from God, to enlighten us to all of the sins we have that are rejecting Him, to learn how to stop committing them, and strenghten us to actually do it, so we can grow into true hatred for them and true love for God is the least that we can do for God’s children. This is our Christian duty. This is what a Christian truly is.

God desires us to truly love Him above all and save His children by having courage and truly preach in all of our thoughts, words and deeds the true Word’s of Everlasting Life as we choose to suffer and sacrifice for the salvation of souls. 

We can’t fail God. He is counting on us. We can leave a strong lasting impression–Lifting Our Values products–with countless people so God can continue to soften hearts and enlighten our minds to the truth even if we aren’t around with our example of living the true faith. 

Please get involved…God is waiting for your “Yes, Lord! I live to serve You and You alone.” Click here to become a Missionary.

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Lifting Our Values’ goal is to spread across the globe, but as you know that takes much money. We really need you! What ministry is as important as this: teaching souls that we aren’t saved unless we have a saving faith, what a saving faith is and how to correctly seek Jesus to save their souls? Eternity is everything! 

Please consider contributing most generously towards the day to day operation of our ministry, so we can spread the Gospel that saves across to all of God’s Children.


Bible version & Copyright


Since all versions of the Bible are translated imperfectly (since they were done by frail man), LOV doesn’t stick to any particular translation. Any Catholic approved translation is used, whatever translation more correctly fits the content, so to bring about greater understanding of The Truth.

Any materials on any of the Lifting Our Values websites or in our books, we give full permission to copy (without altering) to print and share for the salvation of souls. No permission is needed. All we ask is that you please include where the information was obtained by including our web address. God bless

God needs disciples to save the Souls of His children.

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GodWantsYouInHeaven.com is under construction and needs to be edited and parts still built. However, this site is left open to the public so, if God wills you to visit, He can still encourage you to strive to surrender your life to live for His will alone for the salvation of souls.