Bible Study By the Saints

Don’t just use anyone’s wisdom to understand The Word, use the wisdom of the saints.

We are not supposed to interpret what The Word means on our own. 

“Our gospel is veiled [hard to understand]” (2 Corinthians 4:3) and dynamic. Therefore, since we are all given “different kinds of spiritual gifts” (1 Corinthians 12:4), only those God has blessed with the ability to understand The Way correctly–who can teach with correct “expression of knowledge according to the same Spirit” (1 Corinthians 12:8)–should be interpreting The Word for us. 

If we don’t have the correct light or didn’t learn from someone, who was given the correct light, we will be all confused as to The Way and the meaning of The Word. Then we will live, believe a false truth…even spreading falsities of the faith leading ourselves and others away from a saving faith–The Truth. 

There are so many Bible studies out there being interpreted by all kinds of people, theologians, and alike. But we simply don’t know if those people have the correct Light, especially if they aren’t saints. 

Therefore, to be sure to not be led astray and loose it all, only read and teach the interpretation of The Word given to us by the saints…those we know for sure understand The Way correctly, as they obtained the goal–Heaven.

Because The Word is dynamic, as I said, one saint might only speak about one meaning of a Bible passage and another saint might speak about a different meaning of the same passage. And that is good…if it comes from saints. 

Plus each saint speaks with their own style emphasizing what they feel God wills them to speak about. Also, over time God, from the Spirit, there is a greater understanding of The Truth increased from saint to saint….so each interpretation of The Word will embellish each other. Therefore, if we stick with the Saints and their instructions, we won’t be mistakenly lead into eternal doom. 

Lifting Our Values, is developing a Bible study where The Word is interpreted by the saints, so we can be assured each passage is correctly understood and true from the true wisdom God gives His saints.

But until we have such program developed please read St. John Chrysostom “Homilies on the Gospels and the Epistles,” “Commentaries on the Psalms” and “Homilies on the Old Testament.” He gives a correct interpretation of every verse in the Gospels and the Epistles and most of the Old Testament too in several volumes of books so we will be sure to be given a meaning of The Word which won’t lead us astray. FYI his complete works are available in Kindle format too.

p.s. Just because a saints name is used in the Bible study program doesn’t necessarily mean some or any of the Bible verses are actually interpreted by the saint…check who authored the Bible study before participating in it.