Desecration of Christ

Our Lord is Being Defiled


Particles of Christ’s Body are being left on our hands after Communion.


Please don’t allow Christ to become defiled.


Until Covid hit the world, I wasn’t even pondering that particles of Our Beloved Lord could be left on our hands after receiving Holy Communion (in the hand) and then dropped on the floor to be trampled on by us. But this is really happening.

After God converted my heart, I have always preferred to receive Communion on my tongue. I don’t know why I preferred it, but I did. It just seemed wrong to receive in my hand, but I had no concrete understanding of why.

It wasn’t until one day, after the priest consecrated the large Host on the alter and broke it up into smaller pieces, giving it to the people, did I realize that the broken compromised Host, with its weak edges, breaks off easily into fairly large particles of Christ, which are left on our hands.

Without noticing these particles, we drop Our Lord’s Most Precious Body to the ground as we trample on Our Beloved Lord, eventually sucking Him up in the vacuuming and disposing of Him in the filthy dump.

I was horrified! 

After all of the priests efforts of purification and to avoid particles of Christ from falling on the altar during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, we give out Holy Communion into our hands without a care in the world.

But the large broken Hosts being distributed aren’t the only means of desecration of God, even the small round Hosts leave particles in our hands too. Yes, this is true. Sure, they are significantly less than with the large broken Hosts, since its edges are not so weak, but over and over again, I have seen Our Beloved Lord left in my hand after receiving Communion with the round wafers too… as I cry inside knowing the world doesn’t even know what we are doing to God.

Now, living in the time of darkness, since we have lost so much grace, many of us just won’t have the grace to care about this atrocity. We will “say” how much we love God in the Holy Eucharist, but in our hearts, we clearly prove, the grace to truly love Him, just isn’t there.

Perhaps, we will say, “Oh, God can take care of Himself” as if we aren’t supposed to love and care for Him… and sure there is only so much we can do… but we have to do our best.

Sadly, for many, we simply won’t have a heart that wants to make sacrifices to protect Jesus, like receiving on the tongue and using a communion-plate (under the recipient) to spare Our Lord from being desecrated. It simply won’t seem like a big deal to us or worth our efforts. And I understand… without much grace, we can’t care about what matters the most from being mostly self-absorbed, since it is grace that makes us self-less.

But hopefully after reading this, some of us now have the grace to understand, and know that ALL COSTS we should avoid celebrating Mass with the larger Host, for there is no valid reason why we should allow such a great defilement to Our Lord to continue.

However, I understand people’s phobias and concerns with catching Covid, and it is very hard to put Our Lord first when, without much grace, we are so self-concerned. And of course we should be careful to not catch Covid (within reason), but for me I would rather die of Covid than cause the desecration of Our Lord.

So, if we have the opportunity to receive on the tongue, then we should, but if we must receive in our hand, please look back check our hand for small fragments of Christ after picking up Our Lord and then lick up any particles of Jesus that are left behind to ensure that God isn’t going to be trampled on and defiled because of our neglect.

Please make protecting Our Lord our greatest priority. 

It is a most grievous sin to not DO OUR BEST to prevent God from being defiled.

I’m so sorry Jesus. God forgive us.


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