False Revelations, Apparitions and experiences with god

the deceiver of the world comes to us in various ways

“I saw, issuing from the mouth of the dragon and from the mouth of the beast and from the mouth of the false prophet, three foul spirits like frogs; for they are demonic spirits, performing signs, who go abroad to the kings of the whole world [to confuse them and bring them to the dark side], to assemble them for battle on the great day of God the Almighty [to fight the Truth over the lie].” (Revelations 16:13-14)

False Apparitions, Revelations and Experiences with God

There are many apparitions, revelations and various experiences we think are from God, but they aren’t. They are from the evil one trying to get us to go deeper and deeper into the dark side. Sure some are real but many aren’t.

We should realize this and approach any “super natural” event with great caution, even if it is our own… especially if we lack much wisdom. We could be easily lead astray. Even if the experience with God is real, the devil likes to take God’s love and have us misinterpret it so we don’t follow the message God is giving us, but a lie. 

That is why it is so important that we only read or promote what has been approved by the Church or a saint (who has correct wisdom), so we don’t lead ourselves and others astray. Because we live in the time of great darkness, we lack much wisdom and can’t see correctly (we must humbly accept this). Therefore, what looks like the truth to our untrained eye, could really be the deception of the devil… his work to kill us. Therefore, we must humble ourselves and only read what is from a true saint…. and pray for the Holy Spirit to enlighten us to it’s true meaning.

However, to find God–a saving faith–our minds shouldn’t be on looking for the miracles, as Christ said Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will not believe.” (John 4:48). I mean, sure it is ok to move us initially (to start our belief) through witnessing a miracle, but that can’t be what gives us our living faith.

God doesn’t want us to only believe through such signs/wonders. We must look for God and believe in Him in the ordinary; His love is there too. After we come to believe, our minds should be focused on how we can love God–asking God, “Lord, what do you will of me this very second?”–not looking for more signs and wonders.

Sure, God uses such signs and wonders, since we have little faith and that is the only thing we have that will move us at all much of the time, but if we are chasing after the miracles of Christ and that is mainly what we allow to move us, we won’t make it to the end, especially since so many of them are false and designed to lead us into believing a false truth, so we die.

These false experiences are very deceptive…. if they weren’t we would instantly know a hoax from the real thing. So, like was said, we need to exercise caution. Truly, we don’t need to them at all. Everything we need to obtain Life is in The Word (Christ). 

But when God does come to us in such ways, they do greatly help us since we are so weak in faith. But much of the time, what we think is God, isn’t. I can’t express how very scary of a thing it is to believe a lie is truth. But tragically, the world is immersed with such poison today.

Personally, I look at all healings as coming from God. I would rather be a fool and believe a lie (in that regard) than to denounce a true healing as a fake (unless of course it is obvious or a proven lie). To not praise God for His love and ignore a single healing miracle from Our Lord seems like blasphemy to me… may all of them move us and everyone to love God more perfectly. But as far as the “words” people say are from a heavenly body goes… I examine those with great caution, and I only follow the true saints… like God commands. 

“The danger consists in the revelations, visions, or other spiritual sentiments offered to some devout persons. Many times the devil, by God’s permission, brings these things about for two reasons: one is to discredit true revelations from God by these deceptions, just as he has managed false miracles in order to discredit true ones; another is to deceive a person under the appearance of good since he is unable to do so in another way… They ought to serve as a lesson and a warning to any person desirous of his salvation so that he will not easily believe in these things.” 

— St. John of Avila 

For example: Many people, young and old alike, will have visions of heaven, hell and/or purgatory but sadly, many simply aren’t from God. I know they will really feel/seem like they are, but our minds and/or the devil makes everything seem real, but much of the time, they simply aren’t. 

We need to be careful; they can lead us to our doom. If we believe their descriptions and “lessons”, the ones which are lies, they will cause us to fall further away from the Truth. Truly, to protect yourself from such deception simply believe what the saints say alone. They won’t lead you away from the true doctrine of the faith or make you swell in pride. The saints are the only ones we can trust, and even the saints have exercised great caution with what they experience too, and have only shared what they have validated as truth.

Tragically, many of these experiences are derived by the evil one try to scare us to death. Many speak of God’s great earthly, temporal or eternal punishment, but rely on our lack of trust in God’s heavenly will, since we don’t really trust all God allows as what we need to repent and change, so the thought of suffering drives us into a paralyzing fear. 

Then instead of gaining fear of the Lord, so we can move towards Life, from knowing of God’s wrath, many of these false apparitions stifle us in fear, so we can fall into despair. Or they only cause us to act/change out of fear alone, and then we never grow into changing out of love for God (not wanting to offend Him)… and still perish. 

While other false apparitions are quite the opposite. They will talk about God’s mercy, but in such a lukewarm way, as if there are no consequences to sin. They try to lull us to sleep tricking us into believing most are saved, removing our fear of the Lord. Then we will think, if practically everyone is saved, then surly I am, so we neglect our salvation (neglect to seek a saving faith). 

Then there are others, which like to make us confused or cause us to be concerned with issues we don’t need to be concerned about, so we lose our focus on the goal “running the race to Life” (seeking Mercy to change our hard hearts that desire sin into humble contrite hearts that truly hate sin/truly love Him). 

Sometimes it is hard to know why the devil is doing what he is doing, but we know it is to deceive and kill us. Today, he is working hard to destroy us. Please be alert; don’t fall into his traps! 

“False prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect” (Matthew 24:24).

But, no matter if the experience is from God or not, we know that God is using it for our good, if we grow in a greater desire to love Him: to leave our sins and live perfectly for His will.


Medjugorje, a place of great wonder. Some people believe it is fake and others adore the place.

Before God allowed me to see how Medjugorje is a place of false apparitions, I visited there a few years back with my daughter, who was very sick. We had the most wonderful trip of our lives.

I have been on a trip to Rome but that paled in comparison to Medjugorje. The Rome trip was more alike a sight seeing trip with a morning Mass, but the Medjugorje trip was a true spiritual pilgrimage.

It was by far, the most spiritual experience I have ever had, because all of it was immersed with prayer. When I went there, my heart really wanted God’s mercy and from the moment I arrived the tour guide had us all praying and learning about Our Lady as we were traveling from one destination to another…not a minute was wasted; it was wonderful. And mercy I received.

I visited Medjugorje because I believed God wanted me to go to receive a healing for my daughter. At this time in my life, I was new in my conversion but I was determined to live God’s Word perfectly. So, when I believed He wanted me to go to Medjugorje, I didn’t blink an eye and went. Obeying His will was all I desired.

On top of looking for a healing for my daughter, I was looking to hopefully grow closer the Blessed Mother too. So, we went with great excitement. But before going, I purchased a book with all of the supposed messages from Our Lady and read them over and over again. She supposedly asked us to do certain things to grow closer to her, and I did them with perfection… as best I could. 

I didn’t just want to obey The Bible perfectly, I wanted to obey her perfectly too. So, I did everything she said; I fasted twice a week on bread and water only; I prayed the four rosaries a day, and I prayed every day at 6:40pm just like I thought she wanted. I also, partook in two Masses and benediction/adoration every day and confession, since it was offered for the pilgrims.

And I grew and grew in holiness. Remember, I said Medjugorje is a place of false apparitions. Yes, that is true. Medjugorje is the work of the evil one to lead us to our doom. But I grew in true holiness, from following the deceitful directions of the evil one. Hum, how is that possible? Well, this is because the devil disguises his lies under the great cover of love.

Is there something wrong with fasting, praying the rosary or praying at a certain hour? No, not at all. Doing those things are very good. So, even if we follow guidance from the deceiver himself, if we don’t fall for the trap that is intermingled in the words of love, we won’t be lead to our doom.

And this is what happened for me. Oh, I was oohed and wowed in Medjugorje. I had spiritual experiences there; the statue of Our Lord that drips water from His side, started dripping more heavily when I approached and I felt fantastically humbled (yet, I could have been prided into thinking I was better than another…which would have been the deceiver’s plan). Plus, my daughter was instantly healed from a minor hiking injury during one of our pilgrimages, and she was temporally healed of her major life threating illness during that trip…which even remained for a short while after we left.

But I did notice, even though I was fasting, like obedience called for, the other people in our group were still indulging on the fine food that our bed and breakfast/dinner (host) would provide. I was perplexed; so I asked a priest in the confessional why nobody else in Medjugorje seemed to be obeying the Mother of God and fasting like she had requested. And he gave me an excuse saying, well, I don’t want to get a headache.

Hum, so we abandon obedience if it gives us a headache. How is that carrying a cross? Okay, well perhaps if the headache became so extreme we couldn’t function, that could be a viable excuse, but I hardly think that is the reason for everyone’s defiance. Nonetheless, couldn’t we just limit our food to distasteful foods, not partaking in indulgence after indulgence. I tell you, the hosts were great cooks, and everyone seemed to just want more. It seemed to me part of the reason the people went on that trip was for the great food. They didn’t just go to come to know the Mother of God more deeply. Their hearts seemed to be torn, which causes us to reject God…for something so absurd as food.

Nonetheless, do we see the problem here? If we want to find God, we need to obey all that is good, even if we don’t like it. We don’t only do what we like…that isn’t obedience; that is self-love. If we obey only what is pleasant and refuse to carry our cross, we will never obtain Eternal Life. Plus, how can we ever find God, if our hearts are longing for the world’s pleasures? We can’t.

Nonetheless, my daughter and I were growing in faith. We walked from one supposed apparition site to another, praying not just four rosaries a day but many rosaries….not like a robotic drone but actually praying them. Both of us grew in faith….not from the devil’s presence in Medjugorje, but from us LIVING THE FAITH and seeking the Blessed Mother’s intersession. Yes, God’s mercy and evil can dwell in the same place.

Now, I kept up with living the faith when I returned home, and my faith stayed. However, my daughter didn’t and her faith and healing shortly left (not that all healings leave when we don’t live the faith… this was God’s will for this particular healing).

Yet, after all of the times I read the supposed messages, I never saw any grave error, since the Lord didn’t want me to see. When He willed, He gave me the grace to see, but prior to that, I couldn’t. But now, I fully understand the evil one’s desire to make us lukewarm through Medjugorje.

Everything that occurs in Medjugorje, God allows hoping to use it for our good….even if it is moved by evil. So many people have given their lives to promote or even live in Medjugorje, and when we all come to see the sinister plot of evil that is occurring there, hopefully we can still see God’s love for us too.

God wants us all in heaven, and He will use every moment anywhere to help us grow in faith…especially when we are pouring out our hearts to Him…like so many of us have done in Medjugorje. Praise God for His mercy.

Now, even though I had a wonderful experience in Medjugorje, I am in no way promoting that we visit the site. Once we realize someplace is a fraud, we shouldn’t support or visit. Frankly, I should have obeyed the Church, who asked us not to visit Medjugorje (which I didn’t realize when I went).

Yet, I was one of the very few who weren’t tainted with evil from visiting like so many other poor deceived souls were tricked into. If I were to pour out my heart seeking The Blessed Mother and praying as sincerely and continuously as I did there, I would invoke God’s healing power anywhere… Medjugorje only motivated me, but now that I know it is derived from evil, what motivation would I have to pray whole-heartedly if I were to visit, when her presence there is no greater than it is anywhere…. the only reason it is great for anyone is because of everyone’s heartfelt prayers.

Therefore, if we want to find God and His mercy, we need to pray just like we are in the most wonderful place and the Mother of God is just waiting to assist us, according to God’s will, because no matter where we are she is there just for us.


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