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There is nothing more important than learning how to save our souls. What does it profit us if we learn about everything else, but lose our souls because we can’t obtain a saving faith. This must be our FIRST PRIORITY.Since we live in a time of such great darkness, most have been deceived as to what is necessary for salvation and don’t know what to do to accept God’s saving forgiving mercy. “How to Obtain a Saving Faith” will provide the knowledge everyone needs to come out of the darkness and into the light so we can have a real hope for Eternal Life.8 hour retreat, 3-5 days

How to Obtain a Saving Faith

Learn the requirements of salvation and how to obtain it.


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Redeemer - Save My soul

Learn how to go from no faith or a lukewarm faith into a saving faith.


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If we have been to the first retreat or read this web-site and still don’t have the faith it takes to change and follow The Way to Eternal Life, then this retreat is for you. 

“Redeemer – Save My Soul” is a retreat that will show us how to obtain God’s grace so our eyes can open, and we can increase in strength to begin the race to Life. It will challenge us to look deep into our souls to come to know our great sinfulness. 

We will learn how to live life like a true saint. If the Lord wills, this knowledge we will gain and sacrifices we will make will open up our souls to receive wonderful grace from God giving us the tools we need to successful begin walking on towards the path of Life.

3 day sleep away retreat done at hotel & church of your choice

How hard it is to loose our desire for the world and all of its enticing pleasures so we can desire God alone! Yet, without coming to hate the world and all of its pleasures, we will reject God for some worthless created thing.

Many don’t understand what it means to reject the world nor know how to go about removing the things we run to for happiness and replace them with loving God.

“How to Reject the World and Live for Heaven” will teach us what hating the world really is and how to leave it one attachment at time so one day we can love God above all and desire/long only for Him.

How to reject the world
and live for heaven

Learn how to abandon the pleasures of the world for the cross of Christ.


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These retreats and the way of life Lifting Our Values promotes us to live are based on the true teachings of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Saints (who obtained Heaven) and the Word of God. You will find examples of saints and their sacrifices and devotions they made in this way of life, we will seek to live, so we can be assured it is following the right path to Eternal Life.

If after you attend/participate in a retreat and if you want to become a Disciple of Perfect Love, and strive to obtain perfection–perfect love of God–you can join our society and be motivated with its members into living the true faith that saves.