How Can I REally Trust In God

a life of perfect peace is waiting for us if we just learn how to trust.

So many of us want true trust in God, but we just don’t know how to obtain that kind of faith.

Even if we want true trust in God, most of us don’t really understand what that is. What does trusting in God mean to you?

“To trust in God means, that I trust He will provide all I need.”, some of us might say.

Ok; that is a good answer.

So if we don’t have what we need and we trust in God, we know He will provide. Yes, that is correct, but trusting in God is so much more.

What is Trusting in God?

Trusting in God does mean we believe Jesus will provide for all of our needs. But what are our needs? Plus, will God just provide them if we do nothing for ourselves to obtain them?

We all have different needs that vary from person to person and others which are the same. Some of us need (don’t have) health, money, food, shelter, etc. (worldly things). Many of us might need patience, chastity, meekness, understanding, kindness, self-control, etc. (qualities of Christ). But, of course, the most important thing we all need is for God to save us: to remove our great desire for sin so we can grow in faith to truly love God (not any sin) and accept His saving forgiving mercy He died to give us.

Therefore, if we truly trust in God, He will provide us with all we need. But do we need to do something to obtain our needs? Can I just sit on my couch watching TV, doing whatever I want and have my needs met…by just say “I trust God will provide” then magically everything I need will be placed right in front of me? Of course not. We must get up and put forth effort to obtain what we need.

If we eat horrible food or harm our bodies with pollutants, we will get sick. If we beg God to heal us He might, but He didn’t do that to justifying our poor care of our bodies. He merely healed us so we can see His love and want to CHANGE–to stop doing what is wrong…not to stay in it. 

If we refuse to go to work, will God provide us with the money we need to live? No. Oh, well He might have pity on us (seeing how broken and sinful we are) and send us some help, but that isn’t so we can stay lazy, but so we can see His love and CHANGE.

God doesn’t want us to stay in our sinful ways, but work hard to LEAVE THEM. If we won’t seek God’s mercy (grace) for help and make resolutions so to avoid the bad, as we strive hard to leave our sins and obey His Word, will God, like magic, just make us patient, chaste, and kind etc. No. 

Sure some of us might have been born with some innate qualities of Christ, but if we wish to obtain what we don’t naturally have or have lost by sin, trusting in God to provide us with the grace we need to change, without doing all we can to change our lives, won’t obtain us anything.

So, if we just “say” we believe in Christ, but we don’t actually seek Mercy (grace) for help to learn and change our lives so to perfectly follow Him, is our trust in Jesus going to provide us with a saving faith (true love for God/true contrition for our sins by removing our great desire for sin)? No. We must work…and work hard for it.

Please don’t be deceived. 

Yes, God will most certainly will provide us with our needs, if we correctly seek and trust in Him, but without being willing to suffer and put forth a great effort to change so to do God’s will, we won’t get far at all.

Therefore, trusting in God to provide us with all we need, especially with a saving faith, takes our cooperation/desire to change and Mercy (grace/strength), so we can obtain what we need so to Live. 

God, What Do I Need?

Much of the time what we think is good (what we need), isn’t what we truly need…well, at least not at that moment. God knows what is truly best…what we truly need. God’s ultimate goal for everything He allows is to help us grow into true love for Him…so we won’t desire a single sin and can desire to love Him alone (gain a saving faith).

So, if God allows our health, money, food, shelter to leave…if He allows our patience, chastity, meekness, understanding, etc. to leave or He never lets us obtain those qualities….there is a real reason for it…a reason that is meant to lead us to Life. That is if we can LEARN from all He allows and change.

So when we have true faith/true trust, we know everything that happens, is allowed by God, who loves us deeply, to help lead us towards a life of peace, a saving faith and then sanctification. 

Consequences of a Lack of Trust

Therefore, when we have true trust in God, we will never fear what happens in life again (except of course to offend God), but when we have true faith our wonderful trust in God removes all of our worries, jealousies, and complaints…leaving us in splendid peace during all of life’s trials.

“Remind one another that nothing in life is to be feared, except offending God.” 

–St. John Chrysostom

Christians all day long “say” we trust in Jesus. But saying we trust in Christ and truly trusting are two very different things.

Those who truly trust don’t want anything but what God wills and never fear in a single thing that our all loving Lord allows to occur in our lives.

“You keep in peace—in peace because they trust in you” (Isaiah 26:3).

Those with true trust:

  • Don’t worry when crosses (something bad or suffering) comes or might come,
  • Aren’t jealous of others blessings,
  • Don’t complain when things go wrong,
  • Aren’t in despair when they lose a loved one,
  • Do feel in peace when: treated poorly, suffering any affliction, experience difficulty or challenges, or if any disappointment happens.

When we truly trust we know EVERYTHING–good and the bad–is God’s will (meant for our good) and fully trust He will make every moment…even suffering and uncertainty into something very good, if we believe.

If we are far from this kind of trust in God to where we “have no anxiety at all” (Philippians 4:6), then living without fear, in perfect peace, during ALL circumstances might seem impossible…oh, but with God’s grace, this life is most certainly possible, and it is what God expects us to achieve. This is living the faith. God wants us in perfect peace. Believe!

“May the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in all ways” (2 Thessalonians 3:16).

Most of us can see, we don’t have this true trust that fully living The Word brings. We can clearly see that we fall short of peace during many of our cross. Therefore, we need much grace to grow faith, as our despair and anxieties are running rampant in so many of our lives. But if we seek God, with a humble heart, wanting to change, God will show us to The Way of Peace.

Worry = Lack of Trust?

If we lack much grace from God, I know it is hard to not worry when bad happens or when we perceive that something bad might happen, but putting our trust in God, whatever He allows to happen, is what we must seek Mercy to help us do.

But some of us think worrying is our sign of love for another, but really worrying is a sign of our lack of trust in God–our lack of faith.

“Can any of you by worrying add a moment to your [or another’s] life-span?” (Luke 12:25)

Yes, worrying is quite bad. It makes us lose logic and reason and makes us deposed to respond to emotions…not grace. It leads to (unwarranted) fear, anxiety and a complete lack of trust in what God allows.

But there is a kind of worrying, or should I say “concern” that is good…it is a worry/concern that doesn’t lead us to fear what shouldn’t be feared, or to anxiety, or to a lack of trust, but into PEACEFUL prayer and action for another.

For example: “Oh, my goodness, my wife has been gone for over 8 hours, and she hasn’t called me. She could have been kidnapped and is dead in the woods somewhere…I need to call the police.” the worrying spouse thinks.

OK, there is a logical and grace-filled way to look at each situation that allows us to respond without fear (excessive/unwarranted fear), so we can do God’s will, not what our sinful emotions decide we must do, so we can trust in God’s divine providence and live in peace.

This spouse wasn’t innately given the gift of a stress free demeanor when things don’t go the way he wants, and he hasn’t sought God to give him such a blessing so he can avoid this sin. Now, he is suffering from much anxiety, since he lacks grace to think clearly

His great love for his wife and lack of trust in God’s will has made him over concerned with the “bad” (no contact) that has occurred. He comes up with the worse case scenario to focus on. At that moment, he can’t reason with himself that there are a million possibilities (lost/dead cell phone, became detracted, broken down car, etc.) as to why his spouse hasn’t called.

Sure, it is remotely possible that she has been kidnapped and is dead, but that is so very rare and shouldn’t be considered from events that have actually transpired. But, out of excessive fear, he frantically runs to the police to put a search for his missing wife from his lack of faith.

Now, if his wife has been gone for hours and the police called him saying they found her empty car with blood all over the seat. Then there is logical reason to presume something horrible has occurred. But even with this there is no cause for anxiety. Will worrying change what God has allowed? No. Even with what is most likely a horrible tragedy, it is all part of God’s divine providence–His will–His perfect plan for the salvation of our souls, so no despair should be with in us…just peaceful acceptance of God’s will.

This is the kind of faith we need to seek.

Oh, the worries we have, as we can’t handle the pressures in life. They are CLEAR signs of our lack of trust in God’s will, our lack of grace.

Nobody can say they trust in God if they are worrying. We would be lying to ourselves. When declare worrying as acceptable, we are keeping ourselves living in darkness. We worry because we don’t want to let go of control; don’t want to accept reality; don’t want to allow mistakes, problems (crosses) to occur. Oh, our worrying is proving we don’t trust God to make something bad into something very good.

Yes, we worry from a lack of trust in God to make everything good, which is really doubting His knowledge of what is truly good and His great love for us. If we understood the almighty God and His unfathomable love for us, we would clearly know He knows what is best and doesn’t want us to suffering anything thing unless it is for our good (the salvation of our souls).

Therefore, if we were trusting in God, we would pray and act to help another in perfect peace. Trusting in all God allows as needed for the greater good–salvation.

But some of us aren’t even interested in salvation. What we seek for others and ourselves is what we feel is best–the removal of the cross (end of suffering)–a great earthly life–is all we want. So, we say we trust but reality is we only trust if God gives us what we seek…as if we know what is best. Sadly, we fear the cross and seek cross free life–even if it is against God’s will…proving we have very little trust in God to save us, since we don’t want the cross that brings us to Life. 

When we convince ourselves our worrying is us just showing our love, then we pray and act with hearts of worry, meaning we pray and act without trusting in God. And what good are such unfaithful prayers?  

God can make anything bad into good, IF WE BELIEVE. But without faith/without trust, can God use us at all to assist someone? Sometimes, God will, despite our misery. But oh, how much more perfectly God can use us if we aren’t rejecting most of His grace.

The fervent prayer of a righteous person is very powerful” (James 5:16).

Then, from being deceived, thinking we have true faith, we don’t correctly seek Christ to bring us into the true peace He has waiting for us. 

Please understand our worrying is sinful–but if we think it isn’t that will cause us to never amend our ways…making us live blind to our lack of faith. 

No where in The Word does it say worrying is something we want to do. “Do not worry about your [or another’s life]” (Matthew’s 6:25) is how The Word says we are to live. Let’s seek God’s mercy so we can grow in faith to truly trust in God and never worry again.

If we don’t learn how to let go of our worrying and come to truly trust in God, we won’t obtain a saving faith and die (go to Hell). It is absolutely vital we learn how to truly trust in God.

Hidden Sign We Lack True Trust

As stated above our worries, anxieties, complaints, despair…anything outside of peace we experience are clear signs of us not trusting in what God allows as ultimately leading to our good. Now, those are pretty easy to see if we begin to look into how we responded to the different life events we experience.

But there is another clear sign that most of us aren’t aware of. It is a sign that is very important we come to recognize, or we can cover much of our lack of faith and die from loving our will.

This great hidden sign is that of having an over jovial personalityWhat I mean is, it is found in us, who are over joyed when “good” occurs. We might be so happy…perhaps we run around giving praise to God, rejoicing in the “good” God does for us. 

Well, this might sound like a great response to life’s blessing…but it is actually VERY BAD. 

You might ask, “Shouldn’t we praise God for all the good He does?” And of course we should, but ALL God allows to occur in our lives is good...not just getting what we want or what we think is “good,” but EVERYTHING. 

This is the problem: we should be giving praise to God at ALL moments of our life for everything, since it is all allowed–the “good” and the bad–by God who loves us, so He can use every moment to help move us into a saving faith and sanctity. Therefore, everything is very good. Not just when God removes our crosses according to our will, but truly everything….especially the cross. How deceived are we to think other wise? 

If we are deceived, we will think we have great faith/trust, from all of the great praise to God we give when God answers our prayers…but when when the suffering, challenges, and problems (the cross) occurs, we are displeased with it.  

So, if we love our will and our prayer wasn’t answered the way we want, we are far from giving the same jovial praise to God, if God wills the cross. Oh, we might accept it, but there is NO PRAISE for the most wonderful healing cross of Christ. Only perhaps, if an explanation of why the cross is good, will someone tolerate the “bad” as well as the “good.” 

Sadly, we simply want our will…what we think is “good”…not what God allows, which is truly good, which is great proof of a lack of trust in Him. 

So if we are person who is over joyed when things go the way we want, we know there is a problem in our faith. We should be indifferent. When someone truly trusts in God they aren’t overly happy or overly sad with anything. Everything that is allowed is God’s will…so those who trust are equally pleased with the good as with the bad. 

Now there is nothing wrong with praising God for the blessings He gives, but don’t forget to rejoice in the cross as well.

Therefore, we should not be greatly moved by anything in life…but to just have a peaceful trust in all God allows as we try to learn and follow Christ with everything. So, if our will (what we pray for) happens to be inline with God’s (what He allows) great…if not, that is great too. God knows what is best! We must TRUST IN HIM.

What a shame to only praise God for the good and not the wonderful cross of Christ. Let’s grow in faith to truly love/trust in God and praise and trust in Him during it all. He will lead us to Life.

Truly Trusting in God Takes Action

We can’t say, I trust in God when something bad happens but do nothing and then think God is going to magically make everything all good. That isn’t what true trust in God is.

True trust in God is when we look to LEARN what God wants us to do or change and then we do it. Every moment is a moment to learn, so we can grow closer to Christ.

In our thoughts we say, “Jesus is the Way.” We believe we really love God and have lots of faith and trust in Him. However, in reality, much of the time, our faith is shockingly very little. We have forgotten what faith really is and have just become accustomed to lying to our selves saying one thing and living another. We don’t know how to be honest with ourselves in approach with our faith, and have been deceived by the evil one into thinking we living the faith, when in fact we greatly lack trust in God as our actions prove.

But we don’t have to live deceived. Jesus wants us to know the truth so we can see our need for His help with the light of truth. When God tests us, with challenges and sufferings–to show us if our faith is true or not (more than just by word alone), we can easily see how much real trust in God we have. Much of the time we prove, very clearly, by our actions, we lack much faith in Jesus as we complain and worry, etc. (lack trust) with countless things that happen in life. Our faith simply isn’t lived, as we act outside of peace in many many ways during many different circumstances in our life. Yet, many of us even suffer from additional blindness and still claim they are in peace as they don’t even recognize the countless moments of anger, frustration and anxiety have really have.

These wonderful test–challenging circumstances–that God gives us, sadly, much of the time, we miss. These lessons to enlighten us to our need to grow in faith, we tend to only see as problems and sufferings. We don’t understand the cross and don’t really believe that God allows everything for the good of our souls–to move us towards a saving faith. Therefore, we see bad as bad, not good. God tries to guide us to trust in Him but we just aren’t listening, and we simply become angry or worry with life’s challenges. They aren’t making us stronger in faith, but sadly weaker.

Our lack of faith and great need to grow toward a saving faith (a faith that is lived) is prevalent.

Many never come to understand that any time we act outside of love (outside of faith and trust in God) with stress, frustration or despair, etc. when something goes wrong or might not be to our liking, we simply don’t trust in God. How many times are we all out of sorts? But we simply don’t see and continue our life long with all of broken personalities that scream out how we lack faith to those who know what faith is. Oh, how hard it is for the proud to see, since we believe we are of great faith from all of our prayers and works, but we prove, by our unloving behavior–not living the faith–we are far from true faith in God. The only reason we are outside of perfect happiness in all circumstance is because we don’t trust in God. We simply don’t believe all God allows is for the good of our souls and we want what we feel is best as if we are smarter than God and know the Way better than He does. Why should anyone with true faith in God fear anything He allows? Does He seek to damn us? No, He loves us and is trying, in every facet of our lives, to show us how to change to find the Way. Those with true faith know all–the good and most importantly the bad–is allowed for ultimate the good of our souls. We must believe. God is our savior to lead us to what we need to learn and do to grow into a saving faith…fear nothing, trust in Jesus.

“I should fear nothing except sin. Whatever God sends me, I accept with complete submission to His holy will. Whatever He puts me, I will try faithfully to do His holy will, as well as He wishes, to the extent of my power to do so.” St. Faustina

No matter what happens in life, we must understand, since God loves us, all–the good and most importantly the bad–is allowed for the good of our souls. Therefore, how can we fear anything that God allows to happen since it is all to lead, those who trust in Him, to Eternal Life. Trust in God. Remove our worries and anxieties and live in perfect peace. This is so very possible, if we only learn how to let go of our will and trust in God’s perfect will for our life.

“God is Infinite Wisdom and Knowledge. He knows and understands the means that lead with all security to the attainment of your last End [Heaven] [trust in all He allows as necessary to get you there]” (St. Anthony Mary Claret).

How Can I Obtain Trust?

There are several ways we can obtain trust in God. But we can’t obtain it from someone if they just give us a pep talk or if we simply wish for it. No, true trust in God–living in great peace–during our most scary horrific crosses is only given to us by God…it is a gift/grace.

  1. Come to know of God’s love for us and with that knowledge we can do the following:
  3. Surrender our will–let go of wanting anything (it can even be almost like a game of uncle…to where the is just no other way but to surrender what we want and trust)
  4. Pray for it (with humility)

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