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All God Wants is Our Salvation

Saving souls–helping others to obtain a saving faith and then sanctity–is the Christians purpose of life…or it should be. God gave us our lives to love us, and He wants us to love Him. However, He can’t love us and we can’t love Him if we are banished into Hell. Therefore, striving to save our and other’s souls by helping each other to move from some faith, with just some love for God and some contrition for our sins, into true love for God with true contrition for our sins, is how we will help save each other’s souls.  To learn more please read, “What Are the Requirements of Salvation?”

To fulfill this purpose, we need God’s grace…and much of it. From the fall of Adam and Eve, we can’t love God without His grace…we are stricken because of original sin and its consequences (have the inclination/desire to sin) upon our souls.

Therefore, we need to teach others how to obtain this grace, so we can truly love God and not our sins, so we can accept His saving forgiving mercy and Live.

What Is Needed to Save Someone’s Soul?

First of all, we can’t save anyone’s soul if they don’t believe in God. Jesus put forth great efforts when He came to earth to PROVE He was the Son of Man, so we might believe in Him. Atheists and those who believe in other gods can’t grow into a saving faith without first having at least enough belief in Jesus to understand that He is Lord. Then from that belief we can grow into a true belief in Him: have enough belief that can accept His saving forgiving mercy He died to give us.

I do want to mention, yes, it is possible for someone to be saved, who has never come to know Jesus but has grown in faith so greatly to have true sorrow for their sins/true love for God the Father (a saving faith) at least, at their death. 

“Does this ever happen?” you might ask. Well, for a slight few before the coming of Christ, The Bible clearly tells us this occurred. For example: Noah, was found to be with such a faith during his time. But he was the only one. Today, with our fantastic love of sin running across the globe, I highly doubt there is even one soul, who doesn’t know Christ and His merciful help, who has such a great faith.

Even Christians, who have Christ’s great healing Mercy available to transform their hard hearts, still don’t seek Him correctly (humbly, with a sincere desire to change) and have actually gone from bad to worse. Most have become complacent with our sins and have little if any effort to stop sinning….Tragically, most greatly lack fear of the Lord (have no fear of sinning). So sadly, the people before Christ (the Jews) had more care about obeying/loving God than we do today. Today, the world is a mess!

“And I wish you to know, My daughter, that, although I have re-created and restored to the life of grace, the human race, through the Blood of My only-begotten Son, as I have said, men are not grateful, but, going from bad to worse, and from guilt to guilt, even persecuting Me with many injuries, taking so little account of the graces which I have given them, and continue to give them, that, not only do they not attribute what they have received to grace, but seem to themselves on occasion to receive injuries from Me, as if I desired anything else than their sanctification.”

–God the Father to St. Catherine of Sienna

We are a miserable race, but wonderfully though, God sent Jesus to those who have ears that can hear. Now, if we can hear because we read the rest of this web-site and now know of our true need for Him and our struggle to obtain a saving faith: a faith of true love for God, which has true contrition for their sins…which would rather suffer anything, even death, rather offend God in the slightest way, won’t be as hard. Jesus saves!

Therefore, if we want to save souls, we need to bring God’s people to Christ and His love. Then help them learn of their great need for Him, so they can receive His transforming mercy for the salvation of their souls.

What Did Jesus Do So We Can Come to Believe in Him?

To come to believe in Jesus, He didn’t just say He was God or that He loves us and that was all He did expecting us to believe in Him enough to sincerely follow Him. No, He proved He was God by so much more.

What did Jesus do to prove that He is the Messiah, the Son of the living God, who loves us and wants us saved? Well, He did a lot. Of course not everyone Christ encountered needs all of these proofs He provided for us to want to sincerely follow Him. Everyone needs something different. But nonetheless, Jesus did many things to help move our souls to Life.

To prove Jesus is the Son of God, who loves us and seeks our salvation, He:

  • Put the knowledge of Himself in our hearts: “For God who said, ‘Let light shine out of darkness,’ has shone in our hearts to bring to light the knowledge of the glory of God on the
    face of [Jesus] Christ.” (2 Corinthians 4:6)
  • Told about His coming to save us in the Old Testament: “
  • Had someone go before Him to say He was God: “I [John the Baptist] baptize with water but there is one among you whom you do not recognize, the one who is coming after me, whose sandal strap I am not worthy to untie…On whomever you see the Spirit come down and remain, he is the one who will baptize with the holy Spirit…Behold, the Lamb of God.” (John 1:26-27;
  • Said He was God: “The Father and I are one” (
  • Miraculous healed:
  • Miraculous cast out demons:
  • Miraculous feed the hungry:
  • Did supernatural things:
  • Miraculously helped with worldly problems:
  • Forgave sins:
  • Read minds:
  • Prophesied:
  • Proved His great knowledge of The Word:
  • Warned of our impending doom if we didn’t change:
  • Taught through word and example what we need to do to obtain Eternal Life:
  • Tolerated our great lack of faith:
  • Sacrificed comforts of the world:
  • Prayed for our behalf and for strength to endure the cross:
  • Fasted for mental strength to suffer:
  • Suffered mental and physical pain:
  • Rose from the dead: 
  • Showed His risen body:

Interestingly, even with all of those proofs, the apostles–outside of John–still couldn’t believe enough in Jesus as Lord to not have great fear of what would happen to them if they were to suffer for this belief. Their love of God was over powered by their self-love. They lacked much grace.

From this lack of faith, they not only couldn’t be with Jesus during His crucifixion, they still were fearfully locked in a room, hiding and worrying, even after He rose from the dead until Pentecost.

Ah…wonderful, Pentecost: the birth of the Catholic Church…the birth of God’s grace giving assistance/His sacraments/The Mass that are to move us to Life. What a blessing!

“To preserve this Christian soul, Jesus Christ has left inexhaustible treasures of merit [to help us] in his Church” sources of grace in the sacraments, the Sacrifice of the Mass; he has established priests, ceremonies, prayers, blessings”

–St. Claude De La Colombiere

Without the grace from the Church, we simply wouldn’t believe enough to live the faith that saves. Only one of Christ’s apostles, John, was able to have enough faith to not be a coward when threatened with suffering, before Pentecost. The grace from God’s Church is vital for our strength.

Oh, we need the strength of the Church and her sacraments, or we will attempt to change and fail like some half-hearted new years resolution. Our self-love would be just too great for most of us.

But what good are all of the sacraments and graces of the Church, if we won’t partake in them correctly…all the grace they have waiting for us will be lost. Therefore, we need to learn how to correctly partake in them so they can benefit our souls.

“Large numbers of the sick were lying on the wet ground or rather in puddles of mud…using our own cloaks, for they had nothing of this sort [we tried to warm them]…[then] we provided for them a smoke treatment, by which they seemed to recover their warmth and the breath of life. The joy in their eyes as they looked at us was something to see…

[Then] we began an elementary instruction about baptism, that is, the wonderful effects of the sacrament on body and soul. When by their answers to our questions they showed they had sufficiently understood this, we went on to a more extensive instruction, namely, about the one God, who rewards and punishes each one according to his merit, and the rest. We asked them to make an act of contrition and to manifest their detestation of their sins.

Finally, when they appeared sufficiently prepared, we declared to them the mysteries of the Trinity, the Incarnation and the Passion. Showing them Christ fastened to the cross, as he is depicted on the baptismal font on which streams of blood flow down from his wounds, we led them in reciting an act of contrition in their own language [so they would have knowledge of how to obtain a saving faith].”

–St. Peter Claver

How Does Christ Save Souls?

If we want to save souls, we want to do what Jesus did. First He got His children to believe in Him at least enough to desire to follow Him. Then He told them of their need to repent and change, as He showed them His love and then gave them directions on how to do that. From there, He went on and brought them to His grace…the strength they needed to live it. 

Therefore, we need to teach souls not only that Christ is Lord, who loves us and wants to save us, and of our great need to change and how to do that, but we must also teach how to correctly obtain much of God’s grace for the strength to do it.

To become like the apostles, whom Christ saved, after they accepted much of God’s grace and were able to live the faith (after Pentecost), God has provided us with endless ways to move us…so our belief in Jesus can become so great, we would be willing to suffer anything rather than sin…and with our whole hearts desire to live for His will–strive to become the perfect saints God calls us to be.

So, let’s look at our examples, the apostles. They will show us how to correctly obtain the grace we need.

First, let’s look at who the apostles are. They are regular men. Men who heard God calling them.

OK, so these regular men were moved by grace to have enough faith to hear Jesus calling them to Him, which is great. But what did they do? They left EVERYTHING (to the best of their understanding at the time) to follow Him…even though later, God clearly showed them they sill had much more that needed to be let go to be truly attached to Him.

But, if we want the grace they eventually received, we need to make a GREAT commitment to Christ too and decide we are now Christ’s and want to leave everything we love in this world to follow Him.

“Everyone who has given up houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or lands for the sake of my name will receive a hundred times more, and will inherit eternal life” (Matthew 19:29).

This is the way to true happiness. Sure, we are all called to leave everything differently, but we must decided that we are going to learn how to do just that. To learn more please read, “How to Reject the World and Life for Heaven?”

By leaving everything, at least, the best they could with the faith they had, the apostles became greatly committed and made a huge leap of faith. They firmly decided they wanted to become a true follower of Christ…not people who just listen to The Word and still want the world’s pleasures …but they became people who wanted Christ alone and were willing to make great sacrifices to see that that would happen. That in and of itself is huge. But that wasn’t enough to give them a saving faith.

Yes, even though they became a committed athlete to run the race to Life, like an Olympian, with Christ as their coach, they needed training, if they were to reach the gold (the crown of Life), for they were weak. 

We will need to do the same. We or those we are tying to save will need to become a committed athlete and be willing to make the time and sacrifices needed to work hard like an Olympian, if we are going to become strong (in God’s grace) and win the race too. 

I do want to mention, that before we can save anyone else’s soul, we need to save our own. What I mean is, we need to find The Way (correctly understand what it takes to obtain a saving faith) and be living it (actively having God transform us into His image) or how can we correctly lead anyone else towards Life, if we can’t find it ourselves.

Christ is Our Coach

To save ourselves, we will need a coach. How can anyone become a successful athlete without being pushed by an experienced coach, who cares for us and wants us to succeed? Yes, a coach, who knows The Way, is vital. Now, if we didn’t live in a time of great darkness, an earthly coach–along with Christ–would be the easiest way to obtain the faith we need to win…since great graces that can transform our hard hearts are obtained by obedience to a director (a coach). 

It is much easier to obey one of God’s earthly saints, who we can see and easily communicate with, than it is to obey God, whom we can’t see nor easily understand. But since, the world is void of correct guidance, in this time of darkness, we must do this alone with Christ as our only coach

To understand more fully why I say such a horrible reality exists, please read the home page article, “Why Very Few Christians Are Saved.” Yes, sadly, since we live in a time when the evil one has so greatly infiltrated God’s Church, we simply must trust in God alone. His teachers have lost The Way…and don’t know how to save souls. This is the horrible truth.

The life of humble penance–suffering and sacrificing pleasure for the cross (the way to true happiness)– that they should be joyfully living and preaching for the salvation of souls is long gone. “Penance, Penance, Penance!”  We have ignored Our Lady of Fatima and every other messenger God has sent and have fallen for the deceptive lies of the evil one. We are just trying to be “good” Christians and have lost the true faith of sacrificial love. We don’t know The Way.

“Therefore worthy penance is necessary, by sorrowing for sins and proposing not to relapse, confessing, and making satisfaction. And in this way penance makes a man a sheep of Christ.”

–St. Vincent Ferver

Yet, we need to learn The Way. We want to become sheep, not the condemned goats. Truly, we don’t want to follow someone lost, who doesn’t live a life of penance for their sins and the sins of the world…we will become goats being lead to a pit, and we will die. 

Sadly, many of us, who were blessed with the gift of fear of the Lord (had concern over our sins) and were being enlightened by God to its horror, were steered away from the Truth (our need to repent and change) into a lukewarm life of being complacent with sin, and now the whole of God’s Church is a desolate waste. 

“[Tragically,] many shepherds have ravaged my vineyard, have trodden my heritage underfoot; The portion that delighted me they have turned into a desert waste.” (Jeremiah 12:10)

So, now all we have is Christ and His saints to lead us, since our guides are “blind” (Matthew 15:14).  

“Woe to the priests and to those dedicated to God who, by their unfaithfulness and their wicked lives [whom are blind to their sinfulness], are crucifying My Son again!…The sins of those dedicated to God cry out towards Heaven and call for vengeance, and now vengeance is at their door, for there is no one left to beg mercy and forgiveness for the people.

There are no more generous souls, there is NO ONE left worthy of offering a spotless sacrifice to the Eternal for the sake of the world…Rome will lose faith…[Yet,] God will take care of His faithful servants. 

–Our Lady of La Salette

Yes, tragically, there is no one to help move us towards a saving faith. This is the truth. But not to worry, if we want Christ, He will teach us The Way.

Please know, even with this horrible reality, of course stay in the Church Jesus founded (The Catholic Church) for better or worse, and pray and sacrifice much for God’s beloved shepherds (live a life of penance for them), “Hell [evil] shall not prevail against it [the Church]” (Matthew 16:18). To learn more please read, “What is Penance.” But we must change.

“Woe to the shepherds…Should not shepherds feed [strengthen] the flock?…My sheep have become prey and have become food for all the wild beasts [have fallen for the deceptive lies]. There was no shepherd, and my shepherds did not search for my flock [to bring them back], but fed themselves [sought self-love] and did not feed [nourish] my sheep…

Look, I myself will search for my sheep and seek them out. As a shepherd seeks out his flock when he is among his scattered sheep, so I will seek out my flock [and bring them back to Me]. I will rescue them from all the places where they have been scattered on a cloudy, dark day [in the time of great darkness]…In a good pasture I will feed them…I myself will feed my sheep” (Ezekiel 34).

Today, from misguided love (the anti-Christ) being spread far and wide, especially by the teachers, tragically as unbelievable as this is, there isn’t anyone to follow by word or example…it is beyond tragic! To learn more please read, “What is Misguided Love?”

“The first shepherd I had, I symbolize my friends the priests, which I used to have in the Holy Church… I entrusted them with my sheep…[but] other unrighteous shepherds came… to satisfy their lust [of the world’s pleasures], then my Spirit is [now] absent from them, since they do not care about the perdition [damnation] of the sheep so long as they can fulfill their evil lust [from the hidden blinding sin that lives in them]…

Good Christians help Me…run with me to the sheep that still have a breath of life and let us lift them up and refresh them! Have compassion on me, for I bought them at a very high price! Let us lift them up, you with me and me with you… my friends, do not spare yourself in working for me since I endured such [insults, rejection, painful] things out of love for you. Work manfully and bring help to all my sheep in distress [there is no time to waste].”

–Jesus to St. Bridget of Sweden

We, who have ears, must save ourselves, so we can become Good Christians, and then help Christ to save the souls of His children. Without changing our lives, we won’t be able to help anyone. Oh, God is waiting for us. Every soul matters. If just one soul can hear and repent and become a true lover of God with true contrition for his/her sins (have a saving faith), then God’s heart will be filled with immense joy.

This is what being a true Christian is…truly saving souls: teaching others that we need a saving faith and how to obtain one. And if we begin to preach the real truth and live it, then more and more will hear and in the end there shall be true faith againwith a “multitude” (Revelations 7:9) of saved souls, which will all happen by YOU answering God’s call and changing.

“His elect do what was occasion of scandal to others, though not with the design of giving them scandal; and that we should never abstain from performing any good work in order to maintain a false peace… If the world is scandalized, let it be scandalized, since even the Eternal Truth Himself was not spared its censures.”

–The Life of St. Gertrude the Great

Yes, darkness is here and scandal is coming.How the Church will suffer during this dark night! Lacking a prelate and a father to guide them”(Our Lady of Good Success). This is the horrible truth…what we have been and will continue to suffer from…until we change! 

“Ruin after ruin is reported; the whole earth is laid waste [where is the faith?]… Fools my people are, they know me not [but think they do]; Senseless children they are, having no understanding [but think they do]; They are wise in evil, but know not how to do good [yet, think they are righteous]. I looked at the earth, and it was waste and void; at the heavens, and their light had gone out! [Now they live in darkness.]” (Jerimiah 4).

Oh, Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great [the sinful leaders of the Church]!” (Revelations  18:2). What should have been God’s friends, His shepherds–chosen to save the souls of the world–have become so grossly deceived from being tricked by the anti-christ into being complacent with their habitual sins (loving sin) and lusting for the word’s pleasures (loving the world)–having attachments to: power, approval, complements, friends, money, finer things, immorality, comfort, food, entertainment, success, and alike. They have justified sin and killed the very people they should have been saving. 

Yes, tragically, even though on the “outside you appear righteous, but inside you are filled with hypocrisy and evildoing” (Matthew 23:28) and eternal life doesn’t await us (if we continue this path). Now, most of us are nothing but corpses… devoured by the beast. Shockingly, this is the truth, and we are in horrible pain and suffering because of it…and it is only going to get worse, if we don’t CHANGE. 

Tragically, if they/we don’t leave those destined for death (stop following the lost), they/we will be no more. We must follow the saints. Oh, “when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?” (Luke 18:8).

“Come out of her, my people [don’t follow the lost of the Church, follow the saints],’ so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues for her sins are piled up to heaven, and God has remembered her crimes.” (Revelations 18:4).

We simply can’t follow the lost. We will suffer greatly and all die.

“Put not your trust in the deceitful words [of the lost in my temple/church]: “This is the temple of the Lord! The temple of the Lord! The temple of the Lord!” Only if you thoroughly reform your ways and your deeds [will you Live]…But here you are, putting your trust in deceitful words to your own loss!…and say: “We are safe; we can commit all these abominations again [since we are so “faithful”…thinking nothing of our habitual sins]… I will do to this house named after me, in which you trust, and to this place which I gave to you and your fathers, just as I did to Shiloh [nothing holy will be left]….You, now, do not intercede for this people; raise not in their behalf a pleading prayer! Do not urge me, for I will not listen to you [since you yourselves are just as unfaithful]” (Jeremiah 7).

Oh, The saints, The Blessed Mother, The Old & New Testament and Revelations have clearly proficied about the fall of the Church, but we couldn’t hear, “Let anyone who has an ear listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches.” (Revelations 2:7; 2:11; 2:17; 2:21; 3:6; 3:13; 3:22;)but we were never looking…thinking God is speaking about some other church and now we have been led astray. 

Listen and give ear [before it is too late], do not be arrogant, for the Lord speaks….If you do not listen to this in your pride, I will weep many tears in secret [for you won’t see My love]; My eyes will run with tears for the Lord’s flock [whom I love deeply], led away to exile [forever].” ( Jeremiah 13:10-17 ).

But now it is too late; we didn’t heed the voice of the Lord and the whole Church is dead ”   ” ( ). But Praise God, He promises to restore it, “I promise you that by this means [prayers and sweat], her beauty will be restored to her, not by the knife nor by cruelty, but peacefully, by humble and continued prayer, by the sweat [suffering and work for the salvation of souls] and tears [begging for Mercy] shed by the fiery desire of My servants”  as God the Father tell St. Catherine of Sienna. But of course that won’t come until after the Church has learned what it has done.

However, after the Church is enlightened to its great error, from us spreading the truth’s the saints, The Blessed Mother, The Old Testament and Revelations teach and what is on this web-site, sure we will “see cardinals opposing cardinals, and bishops against other bishops,” as Our Lady of Akita predicted, since some will be able to hear and others won’t.

The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, and bishops against other bishops.”

–Our Lady of Akita

But the Church, its people–the one’s who can hear and are willing to suffer to change–will grow faithful again  from our conversions. Then from following Christ correctly–our HUMBLE CONTRITE prayers and sacrifices–our acts of love, God will hear. Then He will send grace to those who are too hard of heart (to proud/weak in faith) to hear and/or move on their own. Praise God for His mercy!

But chaos and anger is to come. God’s wrath is upon His Church. Yet, this is God’s will and what we need to Life.

“There will be an Ecumenical Council in the next century, after which there will be chaos in the Church.”

–St. John Bosco

Therefore, we must convert–decide we are going to do God’s will: what is necessary to leave our sinful ways and become true saints. And we must do it without the assistance of others, just God alone as our coach. If we don’t change all we do will be for not. I tell you, God won’t listen to our pleas for mercy when His punishments fall upon us (the whole world), until we SINCERELY decide to change. 

And please don’t be deceived when a punishment ends, thinking we must be improving or God’s wrath has subsided… Pharaoh’s punishments ended for a moment too, but from his hard heart, one after another soon followed, since he refused to sincerely change. To learn more please read, “Why Does God Allow Suffering and Punishment?”

Please know those, who won’t obtain ears that can hear and/or refuse the humble cross, won’t ever return and will be lost forever. And for us, who do have ears, of course it is much harder to obtain a saving faith today (during darkness) from having a lack of correct guidance than in the days of faith (light) and sadly for many, we won’t be able to do it. But this is all we have….so run with “fear and trembling” (Philippians 2:12) to Christ to save us. He wants us in Heaven. 

Please know, even if we convert, we will have to suffer some pain because of the unfaithful, for these punishments God is inflicting now are for the world (the whole world’s conversion)….sure God will still send individual punishments to help us move towards Life, but much of what we suffer today is so the world can see how we must leave our sinful ways and return to God, if we want this pain to end and for the hope of Eternal Life. 

But for us, who have converted, we won’t hate the suffering; we will love it…well, love knowing it is God’s will and necessary for the conversion of the world. But we will still cry over the weak, who can’t bear the pain…who’s burdens and losses are too great for their faithless souls, so God can have mercy on them…so they won’t die from the suffering but Live. 

And of course, once the Church becomes enlightened to the fact that they aren’t saving souls but damning them, there will be chaos, but we will have to carry that cross if we want to become part of the little flock, by clinging to Christ and His saints, so Christ can say to us, “do not be afraid any longer, little flock, for your Father is pleased to give you the kingdom [you have made it to the end].” (Luke 12:32). 

“We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has ever experienced. I do not think that the wide circle of the American Society, or the whole wide circle of the Christian Community realize this fully. We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-church, between the gospel and the anti-gospel, between Christ and the antichrist. The confrontation lies within the plans of Divine Providence. It is, therefore, in God’s Plan, and it must be a trial which the Church must take up, and face courageously.”

–Pope St. John Paul II

Remember, “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph” as Our Lady of Fatima assures us and “in a marvelous way, [I] will dethrone the proud and cursed Satan, trampling him under My feet and fettering him in the infernal abyss. Thus the Church and Country will finally be free of his cruel tyranny….Then, joyful and triumphant, like a tender child, the Church will be reborn” (Our Lady of Good Success).

To help us, LiftingOurValues has a workbook “How to Obtain a Saving Faith” with lists, charts, and schedules that we can us to help motivate and discipline us to win the race to Life.

But until the Church is restored, I do want to mention that this in no way means we disrespect or disobey anyone in the Church. God’s Church is the Way to Heaven. We are to preserve the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace” (Ephesians 4:3)Yes, between the powerful sacraments and humble obedience, the Church (its true teachings) and the grace which is sent through her is The Way. Our Blessed Mother in Heaven will see to it that the Church is restored again.

I, the Queen of Heaven, will come to the aid of anyone who, knowing his own insufficiency, is willing to take on the task of making the church’s foundation stable and restoring the blessed vineyard that God founded with his blood… By this vineyard I mean the church of God in which the two virtues of humility and divine charity must be restored.” 

–Queen of Heaven to St. Bridget of Sweden

Those, who left the Church and created their own faith in the past when things didn’t go so well, were in great error and have paid the ultimate price….Truly, even obeying someone lost, if we are bound by obedience to them and even if it involves us simply relenting our will, will lead directly to Life. The proud, who refuse to humbly submit to another, are the ones who die. Pride goes before disaster, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” (Proverbs 16:18).

Yes, don’t follow but do obey. Of course not if they ask us to break any of God’s laws as written in the Word, the Catechism and Cannon Law (authored by the saints), unless by obedience we aren’t breaking the law, and sure, we will have a hard time understanding what that is until we obtain more grace, but humble obedience is always The Way to Christ. We are not the law makers, we simply follow them. Frankly, even greater graces are found if we obey what isn’t the greatest good, that is if we don’t fall into sin, like the humble saints have done before us.

Commitment to Save 

But, we should know, even though it is very hard to obtain a faith that saves, since we love sin/our pride so greatly and have been so terribly deceived, God, who descended from Heaven just to save us, along with His saints, like was said, will be our fantastic coaches…until the priests return to The Way. Until, from our love for them, they reject the world–even as the world cries for their return–but now, strong with grace, from our sacrifices for them, they will reject the temptations and stoutheartedly live in beautiful true poverty, chasity and obedience to Christ. To learn more please visit, “” 

“If therefore you do not wish to be deceived, now with all your hearts condemn and despise all earthly goods, and long for those of heaven, considering that the goods of this world are transitory and empty, while heavenly and celestial goods are eternal. In this way you will be strong.”

–St. Vincent Ferver  

Remember, Christ and the saints are dedicated to our salvation. Jesus showed His followers/disciples His unfathomable love and commitment to them and little by little taught them. And they learned and changed. They wanted to learn The Way to Eternal Life. We must humbly do this too. This Way is how we will obtain the grace we need to Live. 

Therefore, if we want to save ourselves and/or others, we need to make a true commitment to change…a half-harted effort won’t do it. 

To give us a desire to make a true commitment, God comes to us in various way…sadly, most of the time it is through punishment (suffering, humiliation, pain, etc), since we don’t seem to be able to hear Him well enough other wise.  Frankly, practically the entire Bible is how prideful man only desires to change through punishment (the cross). Oh, we surely aren’t any different. My sincere commitment to change came through punishment and then was brought to completion by seeing Christ’s great love and it was the same for many saints.

But if we can hear Our Lord calling us through His Mother, preaching, seeing His unfathomable love or some other way, then the FIRST STEP towards becoming saved is by gaining a true desire to want to become saved…a desire so great, we will stop (or at least learn how to stop) pursuing everything else that we once lived for and now pursue Christ and become willing to suffer to do it.

Slow Down

But today, people hear God calling us to Him, but we think God is calling us so He can do some great work through us…and that is true (God has great plans for our lives), but we don’t realize God is calling us first to Him so HE CAN SAVE US…to teach us The Way, so He can begin to transform our hearts into humble contrite hearts that truly hate sin and the world and truly love Him. Then, the more we grow in faith correctly–the more grace we have–the more Jesus can use us correctly to do His mighty deeds. 

But from being deceived, many hear God calling us, but we wind up running to do the works with no real faith…not having a true understanding of The Way…and our deeds are now  worthless.  Therefore, first, before we do the works, we must obtain knowledge of the true faith and begin to LIVE IT (have God transforming us into saints).

We see, in the Gospels, before the apostles did God’s mighty deeds, how little by little they were taught right from wrong and shown their personal lack of living the faith and denials of the truth, so they could repent and change. We need to do the same. After we hear God’s call and become committed to leave everything to follow Christ, we must humbly submit to God’s correction of us, so we can work hard to leave our sins….sins that REJECT GRACE. This is the SECOND step.

From there, they continued to grow in faith as God taught them how to become fishers of men (how to save souls). “Then he summoned his twelve disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits to drive them out and to cure every disease and every illness [so the people could see God’s power and love for them].” (  ).

We see how the apostles were ministering to the people…healing them, or at least trying. But, before pentacost, before they became priests, their faith was still so weak that they couldn’t heal a demonic because their faith was smaller than a mustered seed. How, bluntly honest was God to them…hoping they would see their great need grow in faith. Oh, they were still learning how to lose their pride (grow in faith).

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Right From Wrong? I Don't Know Anymore.

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How Can I Make a Good Confession?

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How Can I Gain Humility?

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How Does Our Pride Kills Us?

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What is God's Mercy and
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How to Desire God Alone?

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How to Be Happy Suffering and
Love the Cross

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Deadly Complements and Success

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Heaven, Hell and Purgatory

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How Can I Console Someone Grieving?

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How to See My Sins?

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How Can I be Saved?

God has provided us with clear direction on how we can accept His saving mercy so to not reject it.

How Can I Regain My Faith?

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Misguided Love

Oh, how many times we think we are doing good, but in God's eyes it is quite bad.

How Can I Preach the Truth to Save Souls?

There is a clear way to preach that will help save souls, so the lukewarm can hear and have real hope for Eternal Life.

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There is no greater hour, than the hour of our death; let's see to it we don't waste a moment; there is much we can do.

What is God's Plan for Marriage?

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