How to Obtain a Saving Faith – Retreat


How to Obtain a saving faith

Learn what are the requirements of salvation and how to obtain it

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When we leave the distractions of the world and do like Jesus did as He, “went off to a deserted place, where he prayed” (Mark 1:35), we will find God. 

We don’t all have the ability to go off for 40 days in the desert to pray, but surely we can leave the hustle and bustle of life and find just three days for God alone. If we aren’t growing in our faith like we should, if we are pretty much the same person today as we were yesterday, not growing in true sanctity, then this retreat is for you. 

to  even though it could be one in groups, for those who aren’t self-motivated, don’t follow directions well and need guidance. However, it is best if we are alone with God.

Retreats are a wonderful gift from God to help move our souls from a 


What is Opposed to God

Lets look at what opposes the object of our love–God.

“[When] a man hates whatever is opposed to the object of his love, is the effect of love.”

–St. Aquinas, Doctor of the Church

We prove our true love for God when we hate what keeps us from loving Him.

What do we see that we do or don’t do which keeps us from perfectly loving God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength?

Make three lists…one of our obvious sins and one of the non-sinful things we do that isn’t to know, serve or love God and one of the things we should do to truly follow Christ but don’t.

SinsThings I do that don’t love GodThings I don’t do that I should to love God
impatientwatch footballpray in the morning
lazy not doing my responsibilities wellbuying stuff I don’t needgo to daily Mass
impatientwatch footballpray in the morning
lazy not doing my responsibilities wellbuying stuff I don’t needgo to daily Mass

We all know sin keeps us from God. We know we love God when we serve Him and do things for His honor and glory. But do we know we love and serve ourselves when we do things for our self pleasure?

If we could write down all of our sins and all of the things we do that don’t love God (our less obvious sins), and rid them from our lives, and replace them with everything we should be doing, we would perfectly love Our Creator.

Our goal is to come to know more and more sins and desires we have that don’t love God so one day we can remove everything that keeps us from the object of our desire–God. This is how we can become a saint.

Our understanding of what is sinful and what isn’t in the beginning of our conversion, after we grow in much faith, will change dramatically. I can even tell you of a whole bunch of things which are sinful but without much grace, we simply won’t understand well enough to pursue amending them. But when we change what we do understand and can see as sinful or at least what we desire to amend, our understanding of sin will increase, and we will be able to more clearly see our great need to amend many of our sins we never even recognized as sinful.

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