How to stop any sin

The method to stopping any sin is so simple anyone can understand it.

  • Gain the desire to change
  • Learn what is sinful
  • Come to see sin in ones life
  • Make a resolution/plan on what is needed to change
  • Implement the plan – if it doesn’t work then modify the plan until one changes

THEN SEE THE RESULTS. It is fool proof.

These steps are so ordinary they are simply logical. If I were to give these steps to lets say a business owner, who wanted to manage his business well, these steps would most certainly do it. Just remove the word “sin” and replace it with problem. If we have a problem and need it fixed these steps will bring about success with or without God’s involvement. An atheist could have great success with self-improvement if he were to follow these steps too. Now with that said, what make these steps the path to perfect sanctity if an atheist could follow them and have success with removing sin (fixing his problems in his life)?

Well, the answer is simple. ”   “. We could work hard change and improve and become a greatly successful person, but all will be in vain if the builder wasn’t God. If we seek to accomplish the world but we don’t do it from the Spirit driving us doing all for the love of God, but do it from some pride driven motive, all is for not.

God gave each of us different disciplines and abilities and we have a free will to use them towards perfection for self-glory or God’s glory. That is why God loves using the weak to show His power. Those who weren’t given much discipline or abilities, who from weakness fell into much great sin, God desires to show us His power to transform the most wretched into wonderful since on their own, they have proven they simply don’t have what it takes to change. Yes, the path towards sinning no more is made easy for even the least disciplined greatly sinful person when God becomes the driving force behind the change.

When God is building us into a better, holier person then all will prosper towards the means of the end–Eternal Life. We can clearly see


I can give wonderful advice and cures for all of your ills, but if we don’t apply them into our lives let there be no wonder why we are’t changing. God has provided us with the medicine for us to amend our ways, but we have to take it to receive the cure.

more coming soon