Books written by the Saints

who have proven they know the Way to Salvation...follow them.

Below you will find a list of wonderful books written by the saints to help guide us to Heaven. However, the greatest way to come to know The Way is, of course, from humble prayer and reading the Bible (God’s directions to Heaven), while working to amend our lives, so to perfectly follow Christ

But since the Bible is hard to understand at times, God has provided us with His Church (the Catechism authored by the saints) to teach us the correct meaning of The Way. He has also given us many saints and their examples, of the correct living of the faith, to show how we live the faith that saves.

From the saints wonderful inspirational and educational books, we can clearly see what is The Way to Heaven, so we can correctly interpret The Word and learn how to grow into a life of true holiness that leads to Eternal Life (a saving faith). 

However, beware of books written by others who are not sanctified. Most will not move us towards a saving faith, since the authors don’t correctly understand The Way to Heaven themselves. They lack the wisdom of the saints.

This includes any books by non-sanctified persons, such as “mystics” (young or old, recent or historic), who are writing revelations. MANY are NOT of God. They may be supernatural and may sound like divine inspiration and may be filled with words of love… that might even seem to have helped our lives.

But many are of the anti-christ, disguised like a lamb, using the truth intermingled with lies deceiving us to our doom. Simply don’t read them. From lacking in correct wisdom ourselves, we won’t be able to correctly distinguish the truth from a cleverly disguised lie.

The World is FLOODED with False Books

Oh, the evil one has done such a powerful job at using people, who want to do good, into actually doing bad. There are so many books written by well meaning people, who are trying to guide us correctly, but unknown to them, they lack correct wisdom and are actually being used by the evil one, leading us to our doom.

How can we move forward towards a saving faith if we are always poisoning ourselves with what we read? We can’t.

“Evil books will be abundant on earth” (Our Lady of Salette). 

Oh, there are endless books that are written by people who do not have correct wisdom to know The Way to Heaven. Even with books that have imprimatur’s (approval by the Church) mean nothing in this time of darkness, since the leaders of the Church have lost understanding of what is The Way. 

“Their shepherds misled them [the sheep], leading them astray on the mountains; From mountain to hill they wandered [lost]” (Jeremiah 50:6).

Yes, the times are really bad right now. Endless books with imprimatur’s are written that sound just wonderful (if we can’t see the errors) but are filled with scores of doctrinal errors… words that sound like truth but are written to remove fear of the Lord (fear of sinning against God)… words that sound like truth but are written to guide us to live a lukewarm life... words that sound like truth but use the world’s way of self-love to find happiness… words that sound like truth but are written by souls, who don’t know The Way, who leave out what is necessary for Life and are greatly harmful and can kill.

Sadly, even those who should know better, have become horribly blinded. ”   ”  (  ). They, who should be leading us to Life, are lost and leading us astray instead, since they don’t understand The Word or even the Catechism of their own faith. They have allowed the evil one to blind them.

But the saints don’t bear these issues. They have fought against the devil and won. They are not deceived, obtained Life and know The Way, which is why there is a list below of many of their books to assist us in our battle against the evil one.

If you want to grow in correct knowledge and wisdom of The Way, please, avoid anything not authored or approved by a saint. These well meaning people, who write Christian books (especially today), are part of the reason we are in a time of great darkness and don’t know how to obtain Eternal Life. They are the blind leading the blind. 

“Books. Don’t buy them without the advice from a Catholic [a saint/a true Catholic] who has real knowledge and discernment. It is so easy to buy something useless or harmful.

How often a man thinks he is carrying a book under his arm, and it turns out to be a load of trash!”

–St. Josemaria Escriva (The Way #339)

God gives fantastic wisdom and correct understanding of The Way to Heaven through His saint. If someone is lacking correct wisdom in any regard, they could in fact unknowingly lead us to our doom. We don’t want that. Therefore, no matter how much knowledge or wisdom we might have, don’t read anything not approved by a saint. One slip could lose it all.

“A single bad book will be sufficient to cause the destruction of a monastery.” 

–St. Alphonosus

If after reading this web site, you can now see you lack the wisdom of the saints and have been led astray, please realize you still lack much grace and can easily mistaken the truth for a lie (as you have done) and be lead further astray and continue on the path to death.

I know it is very hard to humbly admit we are suffering from blindness to the Truth, especially if we are highly educated in the faith. But this is truly why we are walking blindly to our doom. We have been deceived into believing bad is something good. 

Coming to realize we have been deceived doesn’t mean we now have the grace to see correctly. It only means we accepted a little of God’s grace to at least know we are in darkness and being deceived. We need much more grace to cease being deceived and to see the whole wolf hidden in the lamb (see the bad hidden in what looks good).

“Beware of false prophets [false teachers], who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves” (Matthew 7:15).

Oh, the deceiver is tricky. He uses us, good intentioned people, who really want to help others, who even seem to be vastly wise (and do have gifts from God that should be used to lead souls to Life), but we are being horribly deceived into preaching the truth intermingled with lies that lead to death.

Now, unless we have the grace to see the trick, we fall for the lie and die. Truly, we have been vastly deceived, and we will continue to be deceived until we embrace enough of God’s enlightening grace… and we can’t embrace the grace if we continue to fall backwards believing and following lies. Therefore, stick with reading the guidance from the saints, who have not fallen for the devil’s tricks, who we know found The Way!

Of course, it is true, no one saint has perfect knowledge or wisdom, but they do ALL know The Way to Heaven. What more do we really need? All of the other imperfections they might have don’t really effect the end–Eternal Life.

Also, since our time is so valuable, don’t waste it watching TV, social media, in idol chatter or doing other fruitless worldly things, spend it reading the holy books by the saints (but not to excess.. only according to God’s will)… Stop watching the internet trying to teach the faith; that is the same as reading a misguided book. Simply, HUMBLY seeking the saint’s wisdom and guidance towards the path of perfection–the Way to Heaven. Read their books and re-read their books until we learn how we need to change so to Live. Then we can be properly corrected of our wrong understanding and be correctly enlightened to The Way.

“The harm that comes to souls from the lack of reading holy books makes me shudder… What power spiritual reading has to lead to a change of course, and to make even worldly people enter into the way of perfection.”

 —St. Padre Pio

Please Don’t Misinterpret

Sometimes it can be challenging to correctly understand what the saints are saying even with them speaking the truth, just like it is hard to understand Catechism and The Word at times. 

Sadly, many people, who suffer from great blindness, read the saints, the Catechism or The Word and think they are understanding what they are reading, when the meaning something quite different. We don’t want to do this. 

When reading the books by the saints, we must be careful not misinterpret what they say or our own misjudgment will lead us astray. Yes, for many of us, our faith is so weak the very truths that are meant to guide us to Life, will be what leads us to death. 

Until God removes our blindness from us (gives us the ability to hear and know the truth), there will be no hope. Sometimes, we can hear God (the Truth) for one moment, but then, since we are still suffering from much pride, we can’t stay focused on The Truth. All it takes is one misconception, and we are off following the lie all over again. Tragic!

The key to avoiding this is HUMILITY. We must humbly approach God to remove our blindness. We must seek Him, knowing we are blind (suffering from the effects of living in darkness) and need to correctly see and change. This is what opens up one to The Truth. When we read with humility, we will stop looking for the saints to validate our sinful life style, stop misunderstanding something that wasn’t written clear (is veiled) and begin to see and start looking for how we need to change.

Besides not being able to correctly see, there is another way we tend to misinterpret the saints. This is by thinking what the saints are saying is meant for us–at our current stage in our spiritual life. But what is written is really for someone else with more or less faith than we have. 

Before following a saint’s spiritual direction, please look to see who the book was written for and at what stage in their spiritual journey the person was in, so we can be less likely to misinterpret anything and do what we shouldn’t be doing where we are in our faith journey.

Always remember, even though there is only one Way to Salvation, when a saint writes spiritual direction for one person… that doesn’t mean that guidance is correct for all of us. No two people will have the same spiritual direction because we are all at different places in our spiritual journey, with different struggles and needs. Therefore, there are different things we need to leave first… different things that will be acceptable (a step forward). 

Therefore, we all need different guidance to climb the next step towards the Mount but yet, we all need the same guidance as well as there is only one Way. So do read the wonderful spiritual direction by the saints but modify it to meet our needs.

Ask yourself, was the book written for someone who was struggling to obtain wisdom and fear of the Lord or was it written for someone already bound and determined to never sin again with wonderful fear and wisdom? Was the book written for someone still living greatly in the world or for someone who has already left the pleasures of the world for Christ. Was it written for someone close to sanctity or someone just beginning their journey in the faith?

If we read an auto biography written by a saint and they are discussing their life before they had the true light of wisdom, we need to know some, if not, most of what they were doing was not what we should seek to do. Please understand, the saints were not always with The Light guiding them. Before they found The Way, they were quite misguided just like anyone else.

However, what separates non-sanctified people from the saints is that the saints learned how to leave the world, their sins and conformed their lives to God’s will… just like we will need to do. And that is what we need to follow.

If read a biography written about a saint but it was written by someone who doesn’t have the wisdom of the saints, who fills in the blanks about the saint’s life trying to write a story about them, they might wind up depicting the saint doing, saying or thinking things that simply are not true or good…. that no saint would actually do. These false depictions confuse us and pull us away from God; so be especially careful when reading books not written by the actual saint. Not everything is what we should be following… of course this is the same for movies, the internet or anything that is trying to teach us about the faith. They simply aren’t truly accurate. That is why it is best to stick with everything written by a saint… even though it can be greatly inspirational to read biography’s about the saints… just do it with discerning eyes.

Also, I caution everyone to avoid reading the translators/publisher notes, if possible. Some people attempt to interpret the meaning of the saints words, which I find much of the time are not correct and don’t add anything to the understanding of the saint’s works but sadly distort its true meaning.

Lastly, at times, the translator themselves will error greatly. There are many publishers and interpretations of each saint book. Correct translation makes a difference. Instead of writing the saints words, the translator will assume the saint is saying something and write something which is different than what the saint has actually meant. Then we, who are suffering from blindness, will think what the saints are saying is something completely different than what they mean. 

When translators translate the saints’ words, it is easy to omit or add to it what they think it should say, rather than writing what it really says (especially if the translator doesn’t know The Way)… which leads to all sorts of errors and misguidance. 

If you have ever read two different translations of a book, you will find the same story being said in two very different ways… one way being closer to the real message trying to be conveyed than another. Therefore, a translator can easily misinterpret a truth and write a lie… please beware!

For example: to receive Holy Communion we must WANT TO BE in the state of grace. But people have translated the saints words into saying we have to be in a state of grace… Yet, how could we ever know if we are in such a state, since we can’t read our souls. We can hope for it, if we don’t seem to have mortal sin or any spiritual attachments to sin or the world’s pleasures or ourselves on our soul (idols). But even if we see our habitual venial sins we are still attached to, since we perpetuate in them since we don’t desire death (to suffer anything) rather than to commit them, we should know if we seek God’s forgiveness and healing (to bring us into true contrition) with a humble and contrite heart–knowing we are horribly sinful and want to be cured by God so we can never commit them again (right before we receive), Our Lord can move us into true contrition, at least for a moment. Then we can receive Communion in a state of grace, which is what we all want. 

Receiving Communion in a state of grace will greatly help move us into a saving faith of continuous true contrition for every sin. But the remedy for grave sin is confession… not Communion. Communion is meant for souls in a state of grace, so God can make us saints… not a state of loving sin. 

When God enters a soul who still loves sin that deeply wounds Him. Therefore, we need to make sure we have confessed and stopped all regular mortal sins before receiving. But if we are free of those through the help of confession, and want to be free of all venial sins and hope to not have a will to commit any of them (hope to have true contrition for them) since they are leaving, but if even from our ardent desire and despite asking God to heal us, we still never obtain that divine union of love with Him (our contrition isn’t quite true), since we are still attached to our venial sins, worldly pleasures or ourselves, God will happily tolerate the injury to Him from our still lingering attachment to venial sin. Then we will be able to receive some grace (help) from God’s mercy through Communion (based on our desire to sin no more) so to help us obtain full union with Him hopefully one day and then to sanctify our soul. To learn more please read. “What are Mortal Sins.” But we can never know for sure if we are in such a state of grace. For nobody can read our own soul. To learn more please read, “How to Receive Holy Communion Worthily.”

And of course, saints aren’t perfect writers and able to clearly convey what they mean. One slip of a word can change the entire meaning of something, if we don’t know The Way. Plus, much of what they write has a certain veil covering it that only those with grace to hear God’s voice can understand… so it is hard at times to comprehend what they really mean if we are still greatly lacking grace to hear The Way. 

Therefore, if a saint says we need to be in a state of grace to do something, the saint isn’t proposing we judge the state of our soul and presume we are saved–living constantly in a state of grace–and live proud self-righteous lives not seeking Our Savior to save us. But rather that we examine our conscience to see if we have any unconfessed unamended mortal sins and/or if we still bear any habitual venial sins or worldly pleasures or ourselves we are attached to (that we don’t truly hate)… and if we don’t find this guilt in us, we can HOPE we are in a state of grace… but that doesn’t mean we don’t need Our Savior to save us… for we MUST continue to seek Christ to help us grow in faith to save and sanctify us if we are to remain in such a state (if it is truly in us) and to grow into perfect sanctity. 

Also, when we are reading the saints works and we see what looks like two saints contradicting each other, it isn’t the saints that are confused. It is us, who don’t have eyes that can correctly see yet. It is our blindness that is the problem. All we need to do is humbly (knowing we must be blind) ask God to enlighten us to The Truth. Then wait for Grace to give us wisdom.

I know this can be a lot to take in, so please don’t be discouraged, simply look with discerning eyes… not with blind gullibility for the truth. Just keep all of this in mind and pray to the Holy Spirit to enlighten us correctly. 

To gain understanding of The Way, always pray for the Holy Spirit to enlighten us before we begin reading. Plus, please re-read any of the saints works if we have read them once. We might not have had the grace to understand something when we first read the book, or God might have not opened up our minds to understand something, but with time, perhaps after we removed much sin, we will see a great measure that we missed before.

Then implement the saints direction and examples into our own lives accordingly, one small step at a time, as you “work out your salvation with fear and trembling” (Philippians 2:12).

The list of the saints’ works below is of course just some of the wonderful works by the saints. They have many more books. But hopefully this will help move you along to correctly understanding the way to a saving faith and then sanctity.

“It is good and necessary to read religious books, especially those written by the saints. Yes, one must read them and re-read them.”           
—St. Maximilian Kolbe


St. Bridget of Sweden

  • The Prophecies and Revelations  pdf

St. Anthony Mary Claret

  • Autobiography pdf
  • The Golden Key to Heaven pdf
  • La escala de Jacob (Español)  pdf

St. Francis de Sales

  • Introduction to the Devout Life   pdf
  • Treatise on the Love of God   pdf
  • Finding God’s Will for You   pdf
  • Practical Piety   pdf

St. Bernard of Clairvaux

  • The Steps of Humility and Pride   pdf
  • Selected Works   pdf
  • Sermons for Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter   pdf
  • On Loving God   pdf
  • Sermon on the Song of Songs
  • Letters
  • Lectures

St. Alphonosus

  • The Way of Salvation and of Perfection  pdf
  • The Way of Salvation pdf
  • The Incarnation, Birth, and Infancy of Jesus Christ;   pdf
  • The Holy Eucharist   pdf
  • Victories of the Martyrs   pdf
  • Dignity and Duties of the Priest   pdf
  • The True Spouse of Jesus Christ   pdf
  • How to Converse with God  pdf
  • Sermons for Sundays of the Year   pdf
  • History of Heresies   pdf
  • Preparation for Death   pdf
  • Uniformity with God’s Will   pdf
  • Maxims for Obtaining Perfection in the Love of Jesus Christ   pdf
  • Visits to the Most Holy Sacrament and the Blessed Virgin Mary   pdf
  • Way of the Cross   pdf

St Teresa of Avila

  • The Way of Perfection   pdf
  • The Interior Castle   pdf
  • Autobiography   pdf
  • Concepts of Love   pdf

St. Jean-Marie Baptiste Vianney

  • The Sermons of The Cure of Ars   pdf

St Maximilian Kolbe

  • Will to Love -Reflections for Daily Living   pdf

St. Robert Bellarmine

  • Art of Dying Well   pdf
  • Spiritual Writings   pdf

St. Catherine of Sienna

  • Dialogue with God the Father   pdf
  • Letters   pdf

St. Vincent Ferrer

  • The Spiritual Life pde

St. Josemaria Escariva

  • The Way  pdf
  • Furrow  pdf
  • The Forge  pdf
  • Friends of God  pdf
  • Christ is Passing by  pdf
  • In Love with the Church  pdf
  • Holy Rosary  pdf

St. Ignatius of Loyola

  • The Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius  pdf
  • The Autobiography of St. Ignatius  pdf

St. Faustina Kowalska

  • Diary

St. Peter of Alcantara

  • Treatise on Prayer and Meditation

St. John Henry Newman

  • Selected Spiritual Writings

St. Benedict Joseph Labore

  • The Life of the Venerable Benedict Joseph Labre pdf

St. Louis de Montfort

  • Friends of the Cross
  • Love of Eternal Wisdom
  • True Devotion to Mary
  • God alone (all books)

St. Therese of Lisieux

  • Story of a Soul
  • Letters Vol. I & II

St. Ignatius of Antioch

  • The Seven Epistles
  • Letter to the Ephesians
  • Letter to the Romans
  • Letter to the Smyrnaeans

St. Francis of Assisi

  • Writtings
  • Rule

St. Boneventure

  • The Journey of the Mind Into God
  • The Mind’s Road to God
  • Mirror of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Work

St. Teresa Benedicta

  • The Science of the Cross
  • Collected Works of Edith Stein

St. John Baptist de La Salle

  • The Spirituality of Christian Education
  • Letters

St. John of Avila

  • Treatise on the Priesthood and the Love of God
  • Letters
  • Autobiography

St. Justin Martyr

  • SelectedWritings

St. Leonard of Port Maurice

  • The Hidden Treasure – Holy Mass
  • Counsels to Confessors

St. Margret Mary

  • Revelations of St. Mechtilde
  • Autobiography

St. John Chrysostom

  • On the Priesthood
  • Divine Liturgy
  • On Marriage and Family Life
  • On Wealth and Poverty
  • Providence of God
  • Letters to St. Olympia
  • Homilies on the Gospels
  • Homilies on the Old Testament
  • Complete Works

St. Vincent Ferrer

  • Treatise on the Spiritual Life

St. Anne Catherine Emmerich

    • Don’t read the works that are claimed to be hers…
    • There is no proof they are authentic; some of what is said is not in line with the other saints’ writings (proving they aren’t all hers) and are not The Way to Life. Plus, the books said to be hers were not even used when determining her canonization for that very reason.


St. Theophan the Recluse (not canonized as a Catholic saint) but his books are something I highly recommend reading. Normally, I would never recommend reading a book not by a Catholic saint, but he is a Catholic by how he lived and what he wrote about the faith is true. His teachings about the way to Heaven are the correct interpretation of the Catechism (the Catholic faith) and are in accord with the other true saints. Perhaps God didn’t enlighten him during his life to how important it is to join the one faith that Christ founded, so the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church that Jesus established can become united in bring souls to Life, even if its leaders were gravely sinning. But  (as far as I can tell from what I have read) he has written the epitome of perfection of The Way to Heaven. His works are the fulfillment of the Catholic faith.

     The Path to Salvation: A Manual of Spiritual Transformation
     The Spiritual Life and How to Be Attuned to It
     Turning the Heart to God


Thomas a Kempis (the only book I recommend, which is not authored by a saint–but saints have approved of this book)

  • Imitation of Christ

Most of the books are available on Amazon or from other book sellers. All links to saint books are from websites outside of Lifting Our Values in which we are not affiliated with. By creating these book links that in no way is meant to represent that Lifting Our Values is in approval or necessarily disapproval of any material on other web sites. The links are only intended to direct us to a free or paid source for such books. If the link expires simply search the web for the book title in “pdf” format and that will surely come up with other sources. Also, this isn’t a complete listing of any saints work, for example: St. Alphonosus authored 111 books. These are the more popular works of the saints, which are avaible. 

I want to send one more warning. I have actually found a publisher claim that the writings in their book are that of a saint, when it is far from it. It is fraud. Beware!  Yes, the evil one is everywhere. We must be alert.

Plus, no matter how many books we read, if we don’t amend our life out of love for God and grow into a saving faith, we will still be damned. Books don’t save. We must change our life.

“Of the making of many books there is no end, and in much study there is weariness for the flesh. The last word, when all is heard: Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is man’s all; because God will bring to judgment every work, with all its hidden qualities, whether good or bad” (Ecclesiasties 12:14).

Therefore, please don’t get carried away with reading books… most knowledge and true wisdom comes from prayer and striving to live God’s Word (do His will), not books. God will use books to help motivate and enlighten us for us to grow. They are good, but please read them sparingly and spend the rest of our time learning how to love God through prayer, living His Word and doing His will perfectly. Personally, I only read about 30 mins a day or less for enrichment… some might be called to read more and some less, but too much of a good thing isn’t good any more. 

“[Looking at a library of holy books, St Therese de Lisieux stated to her sister] I should have only broken my poor little head and have lost the precious time which I have spent [if I read these books], instead, in loving God.”