misguided love



Have we ever heard the expression, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions?” This is oh so true. The expression actually came from St. Bernard of Clairvaux, who in his wisdom, knew we lie to ourselves all of the time to try to convince ourselves what we do or want to do, which is bad, is actually good. If we aren’t trying to do something bad convincing ourselves its is good, we are trying to help someone else, when we really aren’t.

If we look at the great atrocities in the world, we can easily see that most of them are directed from the misguided love of others not some sinister plot of evil. People simply think (try to justify) what we are doing is good (love); when in God’s eyes, it is far from it.

We don’t only misguide ourselves or others with large atrocities. Sadly, our entire lives of guiding and helping others, from our lack of grace, much of the time, is from misguided love. We just don’t know it. Horribly, we love, guide and help others, right to their death not Life. Tragic!

Let’s learn how to stop this.

Why Does God Do What He Does?

We want to do good. If we see someone struggling, we want to help. We love and care for others by seeking to make their lives on earth happy. But Christ loves differently. Jesus loves by seeking our eternal happiness. That is His underlining goal for everything He does.

The reason we misguide ourselves and others so much is because our reasoning for why we do what we do isn’t the same as God.

We do things mainly to remove our crosses, as we seek to make ourselves and others happy: to feel loved, to be comfortable, to be healthy, to be successful, to have fun, to make peace, to bring justice, and to remove burdens, etc.–but God ONLY does what He does with the intention of it helping to save our souls.

Sometimes the things God does and allows do cause us to feel loved, comfortable, healthy, relieved of our burdens, and brings peace etc., but He NEVER does them with the intention of providing those gifts just to make us happy on earth.

Everything God does is with the intention of it leading us to salvationhelping us grow into a saving faith/sanctity–not to give us a better /happier life on earth. That isn’t love how Christ loves, but that is how the world loves.

Upset?…Suffering?…that is OK

Most of us hate to upset others or to see others suffer, which is good. If we aren’t completely self-absorbed (have some natural love within us), our human nature should cause us to feel badly or have pity for another struggling and want to help them. But, what determines if our help (love) will lead souls to Life or become misguided and lead souls to death is found in how we help them.

If we don’t allow God’s Spirit to move us and we seek to help others not by using God’s wisdom and understanding, but if we operate based on our own knowledge and desires, we can go about helping others all wrong.

If we put our focus on removing or preventing another’s suffering, so to bring or keep them in happiness, we might greatly error, since not all suffering is bad. Frankly, the cross is The Way to Christ. If our goal is to remove all of our or others crosses (suffering), we won’t find The Way.

We can clearly see in The Word how God doesn’t seek to make us happy.

For example: When God told the Pharisees they were lairs and hypocrites, do we think Jesus said that to make them happy? Of course not. God said that to awaken their and others very prideful hearts to their great need to repent and change, so they can be saved (find eternal happiness).

“Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites. You are like whitewashed tombs, which appear beautiful on the outside, but inside are full of dead men’s bones and every kind of filth. Even so, on the outside you appear righteous, but inside you are filled with hypocrisy and evildoing” (Matthew 23:27-28).

Our happiness on earth isn’t God’s driving intention for anything He does or allows.  Seeking The Father’s will, which is salvation–true eternal happiness–of His children is. That is how we TRULY love others.

This–not seeking to make us happy (on earth)–in which Christ possessed can be harder to see and understand when God cured the sick or feed the hungry. We might think when Jesus had pity on people who were suffering, He cared for them strictly to relieve their earthly burdens. But that just isn’t true. 

Yes, God cured the sick and feed the hungry. He did that because He saw their need and wanted to help. But He helped not just to assist them with their worldly problems, but MOSTLY so they could see His love for them and then want them to love Him in return by leaving their life of sin and follow Him, so He could give them the greatest gift of all Eternal Life. 

For example: God fed the 5,000 and then when the people came to Him the following day looking for more food did He feed them again to bring them more earthly happiness? No. After they saw His love and power and gained some trust in Him, He told them how to obtain true Eternal Happiness. But since many wouldn’t believe in something they didn’t understand, from their lack of faith in Him, because of their pride, many left God–the guide to Life–to wonder in darkness.

“[After He fed the 5,000 God taught the people] Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him on the last day…As a result of this [not trusting in God and refusing to believe something good could come from something that seemed so gruesome], many [of] his disciples returned to their former way of life and no longer accompanied him.” (John 6:54 & 56)

If helping someone, with their worldly concerns or saying the “kind” things they want to hear, won’t help lead them to Life, God won’t speak gently or help them. That isn’t how we truly love someone. Sometimes, becoming angry, being in darkness or even receiving no help at all is the greatest help we can receive from God. 

We need to love like this, and only do what is truly good for a soul…what will help lead them to Eternal Life. 

Want to Make the World a Better Place?

A lot of the time we will do good, because we want to make the world a better place. We will become involved in all sorts of ministries and organizations to do just that. It feels good to do good. Some of us will even hear God’s calling for us and go off and do it. But if we are truly following Christ and wanting to truly do good, then we must operate under a greater calling. 

For example: If we work hard to save babies from being aborted because we can’t stand such an injustice occurring, because we can’t bear that it is legal to murder innocent babies, that is good. But that isn’t why God wants us to stop abortion. Well, what I mean is, sure God wants us to “seek justice” (Isaiah 1:17)–to seek what is right–but our reason WHY needs to be in accord with God and His will, since plenty of non-religious believe abortion is a great injustice too. Our intentions for doing what we do must be above an athiest, who does good and wants to make the world a better place too. 

Christians, who love like Christ, who have The Spirit greatly guiding their works, want to stop evil not only because it is wrong, but mostly because it offends God and if we continue to violate God’s law we will perish from loving sin and not God. But most never think of this. We just want to do God’s will and help others…thinking we are doing it. 

But, what is God’s will…what really helps others?…saving souls….not stopping bad from happening just for the sake of stopping bad.  We can save people’s earthly lives, but what good will any of that do, if they still perish into Eternal Anguish? We MUST guide others towards a saving faith in all we do.

We must love like Christ…without this kind of true love, we are nothing (nothing truly good is being done). We can do all kinds of great and wonderful things for others that seem like true love and think we have given our lives to God to love Him and others, since our hearts really want to love, but if we stay blind to the fullness of God’s call, and don’t grow enough in our faith to love like Christ, what have we really done? Nothing. 

“[I can do all of these seemingly righteous things] but [if I] do not have love [like Christ], I gain nothing.” (1 Corinthians 13:3)

Everything we do must be so we can love or learn how to LOVE GOD for the salvation of our souls…that is what Christ came to teach us and why all the commandments exist–to teach us how to love God through loving our neighbor, so we can come to hate sin and embrace His saving forgiving mercy: to obtain a saving faith (salvation) and perfection (become a perfect saint). 

Yes, we must have: 

  • faith [belief that Christ is Lord–that IF we follow Him, He will be The Way to Heaven], 
  •   hope [that, if we sincerely seek to live the faith and humbly implore God for mercy, Christ will give us the grace needed to change us so we can obtain a saving faith], and 
  •   love [the desire to love God and our neighbor (like Christ loved us)]…and the greatest of these is love [which should drive all of our thoughts, words and deeds]” (1 Corinthians 13:13).

Conscience Intention

A lot of people will “say” we are doing things for the salvation of souls, but we don’t really understand what that means. Therefore, we can’t love with the same intention as God. Then we wind up doing things, thinking we are truly loving others, but it is just for the sake of doing “good” or for some other reason…as we try to care for our fellow man like any person of faith or no faith does. 

If we sincerely wish to love like Christ and save souls (which is how we love God), our conscience intention, for all we do must be to love, doing all for God’s honor and glory, so others can ultimately want to convert and/or convert more greatly towards leaving their life of sin–desiring to become perfect saints–so to obtain true love for God and true contrition for their sins…so they can obtain a saving faith and then sanctity. To learn more please read, “How Can I Save Souls.”

If we help another for some other reason, it is driven from worldly love. Therefore, if we want to stop misguiding others, we need to love like Christ…focusing and making our reason for every thought, word and deed that of leading another towards a saving faith.  

Therefore, no more smiling at others just to make them feel loved or so they can think we are a nice person. No more saying something nice to someone just to win a friend or helping another just because they need help. No, everything, even every thought, needs to be filled with seeking Mercy (help) for others souls, so they can see GOD’S love and want to repent and change.

“What we should seek is their salvation…no advantage for ourselves [should be sought] when we aim to please men.” 

–St. Augustine

Even when we pray for God’s assistance for ourselves, not matter what it may be, it should be so we can obtain what we need to do a better job and not offending God, so we can go off serving God and more perfectly saving souls (bring others to a saving faith and then sanctity) like Christ did for us. 

If we allow God’s grace to consume us, every instant of our lives can be that of loving God (saving souls). Let’s make this our goal.

Don’t Seek To Offend

Of course please, don’t go around and call everyone a liar and a hypocrite (even if we all are) thinking that is how to truly love others. Jesus didn’t do that for everyone. God, from His true love and wisdom, picked and chose who to say the harsh words to (who really needed it) and who to say the more gentle words to. If we are going to speak in such a way, or in any way at all, we need God’s wisdom and grace to do it correctly. To learn more please read, “How to Preach the Truth and Save Souls.”

Sure we must still criticize/correct others, like Christ…not to put others down, but to enlighten and correct them of their wrongs to show them The Way to Heaven, for if we don’t come to know that we aren’t living the faith correctly, we will die. Trying to protect what we say to keep others happy, will kill them. 

Therefore, we shouldn’t intentionally or through our neglect to truly love, make others upset either. We want people happy (if it is good for them) and to keep peace (if it is God’s will). But we must speak like Christ, as God wills, with words inspired by His grace…for the greatest good to occur. 

When we don’t respond to our sinful impulses but allow God’s Spirit to speak through us, then our criticizem won’t be too harsh or too weak. We won’t speak from anger or a lack of tolerance (lacking understanding of another’s weakness). And we surely won’t shy back from a fear of being ridiculed. Then, since we have allowed God’s grace to move us, we will correct another’s failures from a heart, which bears the fruits of the Spirit, that can really help.

“The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control” (Galations 5:22).

Please know, when allow God’s grace to speak through us, we won’t speak correction so soft that no body will even know what they are doing anything is really wrong either…sure it might be veiled (if that is God’s will), sometimes God only wants those who have ears to hear to understand, but if God has given us the grace to speak clearly, then WE MUST.  To learn more please read, “What Does Evil Look Like.” 

Especially today, since God has given the wisdom and grace for clear preaching, if at least some people aren’t concerned with their salvation and desire to seek their Savior to save them (to remove their desire for sin–take away their self-love), then we have not spoken well enough (pray for more grace) or everyone is just so blind and deaf it is beyond tragic. 

Yes, enlightening others to our failures is essential or we will die blind and perish forever.

“Proclaim the word; be persistent whether it is convenient or inconvenient; convince, reprimand, encourage through all patience and teaching. For the time will come when people will not tolerate sound doctrine but, [will] following their own desires and insatiable curiosity, [which we must correct. They] will accumulate teachers [of the lies] and will stop listening to the truth and will be diverted to myths. [We must try to save them.] But you, be self-possessed in all circumstances [don’t follow the false teaching]; [to help save them] put up with hardship; perform the work of an evangelist; fulfill your ministry” (2 Timothy 4:2-4).

Have Courage — Carry the Cross

But of course, many, or should I say, most people won’t love us for trying to save them, unless we are seen as a holy and knowledgeable person (revered)…and even then some prides are offended.

Sadly, we are very proud people. We tell others to mind their own business…or if you don’t have anything thing nice to say, be quiet, if we try to help those who don’t want help….sadly, most don’t see our words of enlightenment/correction as kind. It is very hard to speak to us proud souls. Or they will blurt out “stop judging me.” but of course, helping others to not sin and perish is far from judging. 

But that is the kind of love Jesus showed us…so that is why love in that way…we just need to learn how to do it in the most effective way possible. To learn more please read, “How to Preach the Truth to Save Souls.”

We like to be told how great we are; which is the major part of our problem. We have never learned how to desire to see our sins. Who likes having someone tell us we are doing wrong? Oh, very few are humbly seeking God to enlighten us to the truth, so we can change.

But that anger which people will have towards us is the kind of “good” anger that occurs from being a true Christian, who preaches the truth out of love for the salvation of souls. God can use that anger to crush another’s pride (which will help save them); especially if we pray and sacrifice for their conversion. Oh, we must have courage to truly save souls. 

But that courage is needed mainly for speaking directly with someone. If we are speaking to a croud, most people are less offended and can more humbly reflect upon themselves with gratitude for any life saving words, especially if they come from someone with authority.

But ask yourself, what kind of love would we have for others if we were too afraid to preach the TRUE Gospel…and neglected to tell others they would choose to go to Hell if they didn’t change. Doesn’t everyone have the right to know they are killing themselves to give them a chance to seek Mercy to change them?

How can we have any love for another (love like the world or love like Christ) and not tell others what they really need to not die? Even an athiest would tell someone if they saw danger about to fall upon someone to prevent them from injury. Love like that is within our nature. Do we have that much love? Or are we completely self-absorbed (worried about what others might think)? 

Oh, we must love others enough to tell them that they MUST repent and change and strive to live The Word perfectly (seek to become a real saint) if we wish to grow into true love for God and obtain True contrition each sin, so to be able to accept God’s saving forgiving mercy if we want to Live. 

Neglect to love others means we are very dead. We wouldn’t be truly loving one another at all…now would we? We would be misguiding them to their doom by our silence.

…Then You Will Be A Disciple

“I give you a new commandment: love one another. As I have loved you, so you also should love one another. This is how all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another”(John 13:34-35).

When we can finally accept enough of God’s grace and start loving one another like Christ loves us, then we will know we are finally Christ’s disciples (truly saving souls) and walking towards Eternal Life. 

Everything God did and does is driven from perfect love. He didn’t leave Heaven to show us how to have a great life on earth, but to show us The Way to Heaven…how to love. 

Where as, we, descendants of Adam and Eve, who are tainted with original sin, can’t do anything truly good without God moving us, which makes our love quite different (unless God changes our hearts). 

Even though we are all tainted with original sin, which greatly draws us towards selfish love, naturally, we all still feel a desire to love and help those in need. 

For example: when an atheist sees a homeless man struggling and his heart is moved with compassion and he helps him, is he loving how Christ loves? No, of course not. He doesn’t have God’s Spirit guiding him so he can’t do anything truly good and love like Christ. 

Without The Spirit working through us, it is impossible to do good for others, like Christ, with the ultimate intention of our acts of love, being a means to help lead them to their salvation.

This is why we must learn how to allow God’s grace to move and guide our every thought, word and action…so everything we do can be truly loving God and our neighbor and be truly good. 

Please fully understand, because of our mortal frailty (original sin), we can do nothing truly good on our own. That is right…nothing. It is all tainted with original sin pulling us towards selfishness.

Oh but, if we only invited God’s Spirit into us to guide us (through learning how to humbly pray unceasingly) and if we just thought “What is best for their Eternal Life” (what can help another grow into a saving faith the greatest) before we decided to do anything to help anyone, then our thoughts, words and actions would be much different. Our priorities wouldn’t be so drastically far from God’s like they are for most. To learn more please read, “How to Pray Humbly.”

A Different Way For Everyone

When we want to bring others to salvation (help them to obtain a saving faith) that is done differently for each person, since each person is at a different place in their spiritual life and needs different guidance.

Some people will be very far from The Way, and sometimes we will need to guide them to the Light using much of the world (which in the end we should run from). We have seen St. John Bosco even invite men to a bar–not that he drank and not so they could indulge in the evil that was killing them, but to allow the men to feel like they could be loved for who they are. Then after St. Bosco gained their trust, he lead them away from that life into a life of desiring to sanctify their souls.

While there are others, who we will desire to save, that we will need to pull back from the world’s pleasures (not give them what they desire) since it is mostly only are feeding their great addiction to the world…and then there are others, who know Christ and want a saving faith, that we will treat as souls striving to walk towards The Path of Life and help them run from their will and the worlds’ pleasures to bring them more strongly towards source of true happiness: God alone.

Deadly Praise

One of the great ways we misguide others is through praise. We like to see others happy and doing good things, so we praise them. But oh, what damage we are doing much of the time! Most of the time, our praise isn’t guiding souls to a saving faith, but to worldly happiness of living for self-love (praise: attention, approval, complements, etc.). To learn more please read, “How to Find TRUE Happiness.”

Now, praise, in and of itself that isn’t evil, but what we do with it much of the time most certainly is.

Praise is so horrible, it is regarded as the poison of poisons…and filler of one’s pride. The saints have warned us to run from it like the killer it truly is. Some saints, who knew their weaknesses, have turned down advancements in the priestly service all to avoid this deadly allurement. 

When one advances in faith and is working to obtain a saving faith–that of removing our self-love–we will know how horrible praise really is and will do all in our power to flee from it.

But even though praise can be so deadly, sometimes we need to use praise to lead souls to Christ, because without it our hearts are hardened shut from our pride.

If we have ever worked with people of no faith or little faith and have tried to get them to do their job well, then we most likely have found the greatest means of obtaining that is through praise. People responded very well to praise. Sure criticizem has it’s place…but placating one’s pride (praise) produces far greater results much of the time.

This is because those of weak or no faith don’t do all for God’s honor and glory–the salvation of souls–but rather for their own happiness. Therefore, since they feel happy when they are praised, they crave praise and perform to receive it.

Frankly, we all crave praise in some way or another and will even correct our wrongs, not to love God or to do our best for Him and our neighbor, but to obtain praise (self-love) for ourselves. Either we will praise ourselves or seek others praise. But praise is what we seek. This desire for praise, that lives in us, is part of our desire for sin (our inclination towards sin/self-love) that we acquired from original sin. It is part of who we are.

Until we seek Mercy to banish our desire for praise from our lives, even if we don’t see that it consumes us, we will be greatly controlled by this self-glory (seeking praise). Prior to learning how to reject responding to our natural desires, which are that of self-love (not love of God), and learning how to allow God’s grace to work through us, we will naturally run to what makes us feel happy in the world. But most of us won’t even know our desire for self-glory is controlling our lives, which is why, this filler of our pride–praise–is so deadly. 

So our ultimate goal with guiding ourselves and others to Life is to learn how to leave our desire for praise. To learn more please read, “Deadly Complement and Success.”

Hate Yourself

We live in a world that seeks happiness through coming to love themselves, but that isn’t the way to Life. We actually want to guide others not to love themselves, since we are nothing, but to hate ourselves. Yes, coming to perfectly hate ourselves (our sinful self)–completely removing our self-love (pride)–is the ultimate goal. 

“These are the holy and sweet works which I seek from My servants…reliance on the affection of love [rely on God’s love to move and change us], with a holy hatred of herself [so our pride won’t prevent grace from working in us], accompanied by true humility [knowledge of our nothingness] and perfect patience [with God’s transformation of us]…with a hunger and desire for My honor and the salvation of souls.”

–God the Father to St. Catherine of Sienna

Hate yourself. Yikes! That sounds just terrible, doesn’t it. That is the cause of many people’s depression and low self-esteem. So, why would Our Lord and the Saints tell us we need to come to hate ourselves?

Many have been tricked into thinking we are helping others to not feel unvalued or depressed by building up their self-esteem (pride) with complements, since we have been deceived into thinking to become truly happy when we gain self-love and feel great about ourselves….so we seek to build up another’s pride.  To learn more please read, “How Can I Find TRUE Happiness.”

And sure we must love ourselves, the part that is made in the image and likeness of God, but not our sinful self…which are the part that drives ALL of our thoughts, words or actions. (unless grace is moving us).

So coming to know and understand our nothingness is The Way to Heaven. The is how we can allow God’s grace to consume and move us. And when we truly come to understand our misery, we most certainly will hate ourselves…but no depression will be found in us. No, our joy will not be found in how “great” we are, but in Christ working through us.

But when we are seeking to convert someone of little faith we can carefully choose complements to help move them to Life….but as one advances or if ones is highly addicted to complements, they should be removed so to not lead them to their doom.

But even if we begin our relationship with someone with a complement so their pride will drop and trust in us can develop (so eventually they can hear the real Way to Heaven), that doesn’t mean we continue to fill them with complements leaving them dead.

Complements are only meant to be used to help motivate others towards a saving faith, not to prevent them from obtaining one…like happens for so many of us.

Attention, complements, notoriety, etc. are all horrible and fill our blinding pride…leading us, who can’t trample them underfoot, to our doom. We want to wean others off of this drug, whether they realize it is harming them or not, because it is. We must learn how to “destroy self-love” (St. John of the Cross).

Misguided Family Love

Misguided love happens mostly with the people we love the most, because we never obtained true love for them but were stuck in worldly love. And who do we love the most? Our family.

Because we feel so much love for our family, we don’t want to see them unhappy and suffer, so that is where the major source of our misguided love exists. We wind up loving them for all of the wrong reasons…being deceived into believing earthly happiness is the goal.

We have seen this with endless things in our lives especially with people when their parents die. Most are not focused on our parents eternal happiness. We have been deceived into believing they are saved, and/or we don’t understand the cross. So we spend our time trying to remove all suffering for our dying loved one thinking that is the greatest good for them. But is it?

Did you know there is no greater blessing from God to someone dying than for them to suffer–and the greater the better (as long as we can tolerate it)? This is the truth. It is even a greater blessing than the fantasic sacrament of the anointing of the sick or the Eucharist. I tell you the truth. Suffering is the greatest good. Did the criminal who died next to Christ, who was saved, receive the sacraments…no. He received the healing cross of Christ. Suffering.

Tell me, what saint just died bearing no cross at their death? Is there anyone? No. Plenty died without the sacraments but not without the cross.

Sadly, from misguided love, we desire to remove our loved one’s healing cross of Christ, with pain killers, instead of teaching them about the wonders of the cross, how to carry it and how to obtain a saving faith through their suffering. To learn more please read, “How Can I Save Souls.”

Removing our loved one’s suffering actually greatly diminishing their chance of Eternal Happiness. It is quite tragic. I know this can be devastating for us to hear if we have done this to our loved one, but even if God’s greatest blessing was taken from them, there is still a chance they can be saved. There is something you can do, even today long after their death, to help them obtain the grace they need to move into a saving faith. To learn more please read, “How to Save the Soul of the Dying.”

Addicting Love

But the reason we misguide our family so much is because most of us don’t even know why we have a family. We think it is to have a great time together on earth. But that isn’t God’s plan for family or friends.

With our confusions, what winds up happening is our family and friends become our idols (what we need to be happy) as we seek to bring them earthly happiness.

Some say, “I couldn’t live without my family and friend’s support…I used to live a life of depression, never feeling I was good enough, until I found someone to really love me as I am.” Oh, that sounds lovely…to those who don’t know any better…and that could be lovely if that was how someone felt at the beginning of their faith journey. But for most that is just someone’s declaration of their great addiction to their family and friends, since they seek them for their happiness and not God alone.

What happens is we want to love others and help them to feel loved, but instead of bringing them to God to be their source of happiness, we fill up their pride with human love in which they become addicted to. Then we have made ourselves their idle…preventing them from obtaining a saving faith.

From not knowing The Way, because of all of the misguided love being given, we aren’t learning how to let go of the world and seek the Lord to give us true happiness. If we did God would fill all of our needs, but He can’t, since we have made our family and friends our “gods”–those we run to and need to find our life of joy and sense of worth.

“I [St. John] do not accept human praise; moreover, I know that you do not have the love of God in you [since you accept praise]…How can you believe [with a saving faith], when you accept praise from one another and do not seek the praise that comes from the only God?” (John 5:41-44)

We are not becoming nothing (truly humble) so God can be our everything through us. We are tricked into thinking happiness comes from thinking we are great.

Reality is, we are wretched sinners–a great misery–that truly need God to do everything good through us.  However, because of the mis-guided love of others most refuse to see their misery and lie to themselves all day to find happiness with themselves and not with God working through us.

Sadly, if our hearts–while looking for happiness–don’t fill up completely from lying to ourselves or from getting others affections/attention with social media, Church groups (yes, even things which are meant to be good, the devil can use to make bad), socializing, family time, etc., then we run to things of the world to complete us (to fill our void) like: drugs, alcohol, smoking, good food, shopping, hobbies, accomplishments, pampering, vacations, video games, TV, internet, etc.

What we seek to bring us happiness is different for everyone, but we should be spending our lives trying to know our great sinfulness and need for Mercy, working with God’s grace, to leave all of those things we seek for happiness and SEEK GOD ALONE AS OUR SOURCE OF TRUE JOY. Oh, the things we long for to bring us happiness that aren’t God and His will. Oh, our idols! To learn more please read, “What are the Mortal Sins” and How to Reject the World and Live for Heaven.”

Yet, our family and the things of the world are supposed to lead us to God, not become our gods. Truly, longing our families love/attention or anyone’s love/attention is a most deadly attachment, which is so very hard to let go so we can embrace God’s true saving love for eternal life. Again to learn more please read, “What is God’s Plan For Family and Friends.”

The Word and the saints tell us to “flee from socializing” (idol chatter), but since we are so deceived, we run to that and give that kind of love to others, when it isn’t the greatest good. Sure praise and attention has its place sometimes, but we don’t know what that is…since we live deceived. We just want to make others happy and from misguided love. For some of us, if we see the slightest good or detect someones need to feel loved or even if we want to feel like we are a loving person, we lavish praise and attention upon others, thinking that is love, but that isn’t what Jesus did–not even one time.

We have made the building up of our pride our god (what we long for and need for happiness). But what happens when success, complements, attention and praise runs out, or when someone is angry with us, or we make a huge mistake, or others treat us badly or even leaves us, well, when our “god” leaves, we live with self-pity and/or despair since we don’t make LOVING GOD our source of happiness.

Destructive Thinking to Correct Thinking

There is a godly–correct–way in which we can help each other move from destructive thinking/desires and towards thinking which leads to Christ’s Sacred Side of Perfect Love. And if we are careful, we won’t become someone’s god in the process. But tragically, we don’t know how to do that nor know how to gain the humility–self-hatred of our sinfulness–to do that, so we fill our void of love with seeking it from the world instead.

Truly, instead of our loved ones leading us to Life–so we can find the most perfect satisfying love and joy God wishes to give us–we are making our family and friends, our gods…our source of happiness. So, tragic! We have lost The Way. We don’t even know what the goal is anymore. God help us! To learn more please read, “How Can I Find Happiness.”

But no matter who we want to help, we can’t force ourselves upon anyone. If they don’t want help, it is time to leave and try again later, if that is God’s will.

If we really understand the faith, we know loving God and saving souls is done by running from what we seek to make us happy, and running to the cross. To learn more please read, “How to Love the Cross.”

But, since we have a natural desire to seek happiness, we do what we do in the pursuit of that self-loving goal. But if we didn’t have original sin driving us, we would peruse happiness by seeking to please God, but from original sin, unless Mercy changes us, we peruse happiness by seeking to make ourselves happy.

We are selfishly focused on ourselves and our happiness by either seeking the world (people, power and possessions) to make us happy, or even seeking God to make us happy, but neither of them is how we love God, but how we love ourselves.

However, the only way to true happiness, is to stop seeking happiness for ourselves and start seeking to love God. It is by focusing our lives on loving God, that true happiness is found. To learn more please read, “How Can I Find TRUE Happiness.”

How do we love God? by obeying Him…living for His will…doing all for the salvation of souls, like Christ did for us. God showed us how to love correctly. We just need to realize how wrong we are, so we can stop thinking we can do anything on our own and seek God–His grace–to guide our every thought, word and actions…so original sin won’t lead us to misguided love, but God’s grace can guide us to true love.

When our intentions aren’t like God’s–doing all for the salvation of another–we are guaranteed to falter and do things thinking they are for the benefit of another, when really they are not.

Reality is, most of our mind frames aren’t focused on doing all to love God and save souls. We love doing good because we think we are loving God and doing the right thing. But if we don’t have enough grace to realize we aren’t loving God if we aren’t seeking the salvation of souls with everything we do, then our lack of grace is blinding us from knowing what true love really is. 

But, when we are correctly following Christ, we are loving our crosses, which is the result of living the faith correctly and find true happiness, even on earth, especially during our suffering. Then we know we have the grace needed to guide other to Life too…since we have found The Way.

Therefore, since few love our crosses and seek the salvation of another with all we do, most of what we do isn’t even close to being what Jesus would do. So even what seems to be good–sadly, it is really sinful. 

Even if we did do what was good (what Jesus would do), if our intention wasn’t seeking God’s will (done according to God’s priories and His intention–the salvation of another), then what was good for another, won’t be good for ourselves (won’t merit us any reward)…for it will be sinful for us, because anything done not according to God’s will is not truly good.

If we want something to be truly good, it must be driven by seeking to love God and do His will for the salvation of souls…helping to bring others closer to a saving faith and sanctity.

There is Only One Truth

Hopefully, we know there is only one Truth. In everything we do there is a greatest good (what Jesus would do in each situation) and a bunch of lesser goods (things we do that have some good but are also tainted with evil) and even false goods (things that are all bad that we try to make good).

There are two types of false goods. One is where the thought, word or deed we have done itself is sinful, in which we seek to make it into something good (like with the atrocities that are written above) and another false good is where the action itself isn’t necessarily sinful but the will in which it was done in was not following God’s will but our own.

For example: Let’s say, we need to do our laundry. The greatest good would be to do it after our morning prayers, since starting our day praising God and asking God fro grace to guide us is one of the most important things we must do.

But the evil one, tries with all of his strength to get us to avoid prayer, so we can fall into temptation and place our laundry above prayer. If we do fall into temptation and do our laundry before our prayers, it isn’t our laundry that is “bad” but rather our priorities that are tainted with evil, making our doing our laundry a false good, which is a sin, since we made laundry more important than God . 

The greatest good would have been to not follow our sinful desires, and to pray first, then if time allowed, to do the laundry.

This kind of wrongful thinking (having our priorities not in accord with God) can happen with anything. It takes much grace to even come to know what God would want us to do first and even more grace to want to do it. To discern God’s will, we need to look into WHY we want to do what we do, which can help us to see our tainted thinking.

Why do I want to do my laundry? Is it, because I can’t stand coming home from work with a house full of laundry; because I want to feel like all my chores are done…oh, beware, the devil will try to trick us into justifying how doing the laundry before prayer is just fine since we are serving God and doing it for His glory and we can just pray later, but it is the laundry that needs to be done later, not the prayer. That is just another trick to get us to fall to our desires and not stay discplined and do what Jesus would really do.

Tricks….is what misguided love is founded on…nothing but tricks.

What is A Lesser Good?


What is Good?

Like was said, we suffer from misguided love, when we think we are doing good, but it isn’t.

Now, with many things in life, we all have a different understanding of what we think is “good.” We clearly see this in the diversity of our thinking, with what is mentioned above and with everything in life. One person thinks we should do things one way and another person will think another, but there is only ONE correct/best way of doing anything.

For example: Let’s look at politics. We all have different opinions, priorities (what we value above something else), and approvals (what we think is good). But there is only one opinion, priority and approval that is truly good (the greatest good) with any thought or action. Yes, there is ONE truth…and when our opinion, priorities and approvals (what we find good) isn’t the greatest good, we are following a lie or at least part of a lie.

If we all had our thoughts in line with God’s our political views would be alike. But as we can see, we all very greatly in what we think is the greatest good.

But even though this logic is relatively easy to comprehend, many still think WHAT EVER WE BELIEVE IS TRUTH IS THE TRUTH. Most of us are not humble enough to think we can be in error, with many things we believe…but yet the opinions of everyone are so diverse. How can this be? What are the chances that we have perfect understanding about everything? But pride keeps many thinking this way, with many things, if not all things….leaving us very blind and unable to change.

If we think about this logically, we should be able to come to understand that there is a fantastic chance, we are with a less than perfect understanding regarding many things. Frankly, during this life, it is impossible to have perfect understanding with anything, because the dynamics of every situation–things invisable to us that only God knows–will preventing us from understanding the whole truth.

Therefore, there is great chance we are wrong with much of our thinking, which should humble us enough so we can seek to grow, by accepting grace, in greater understanding of the Truth.

Two Kinds of Greatest Good

There are really two kinds of greatest goods. The first is what is the best most perfect thing to do
(our goal) and the other is what is the best for us to do right now to hopefully obtain the goal.

I Know Nothing

For most of us, what is the greatest good, is quite different than what we think. However, it is possible we can come to know what God wants us to do for a particular situation in life. We won’t fully understand “why” but we can be given enough grace to know what we should do, so we can do it.

For those of us who are humble enough to realize we don’t know what to do, we will pray to God for guidance, and IF we are able to receive God’s grace, we will know what is the greatest good: what God seeks for us to do…at least with a certain event.

With the more grace we have, our opinions, priorities and what we approve of will be more in-line with God’s as well, since it is by grace that our thinking becomes more in agreeance with God. 

But the deceiver will try to close our minds so we can become self-reliant, proud and unable to see or error or change. He will convince us that we know for certain what is the greatest good. Oh, that pride of ours BLINDS us.

When we have humility, we know we know nothing…we don’t think we know what is the greatest good. We are sure we don’t know. Confused? Didn’t I just say we can come to know what is the greatest good. But what I really mean, is we–sinful beings–will never know anything. If we are so blessed to be able to come to understand what is the greatest good, we must know that knowledge isn’t ours but Gods. 

That is when we allow God to enlighten us to what is the Truth. When we are with humble with our thinking, even if we possess much grace guiding us to the Light and are the teachers of the faith, we are constantly looking for God to teach us even more.

We know, we know nothing, and anything we do know isn’t our knowledge anyway but God’s.

“For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, my thoughts higher than your thoughts” (Isaiah 55:9).

Then, even if we are teaching and guiding others to the Light, if we have humility, we are open to God’s grace  further enlightening us and are far less likely to mis-guide another.

As we can see even with the very few sins that I mentioned above, the reason we commit them is because we have been tricked into thinking something good will come out of sinning. People in general want to love and do good, but sadly, we take sinning so lightly that we actually fool ourselves into believing evil is good…since we see a seemingly “good” immediate outcome of our wrong doing. That devil is using us are his tool to destroy souls, but we don’t even know it. To learn more please read, “What Does Evil Look Like.”

Seeking self-glory, for most, is constantly in our thoughts and actions; we would be shocked so see how this infects most of our lives. What a detriment living for vain glory is towards obtaining a saving faith. Sure some are more infected with this illness than others, but most are blind to the vast ways we desire to glorify ourselves (with complements, friends, success, etc.) and not knowing our nothingness, giving glory to God. This is the source of happiness for countless souls. Oh, how rare it is for someone to have stamped out this evil from within…how much work it is to remove this deep sin of our pride. Yet, vain glory keeps us loving ourselves over God (idolizing ourselves) and it is deadly. 

The greatest way we die today is from presuming we are saved…and what incredible ways the devil has us suffering from presumption of salvation.

The ultimate way we reject saving forgiving mercy is when we lack contrition for our sins. It is when we feel God will forgive us no matter what sins we commit, even though we are lacking a true horror for that sin.

The reason we lack sorrow and presume we are saved is because we spend our lives lying to ourselves…thinking good will come from bad.

Oh, I could go on and on with every trespasses. Tragically, we aren’t concerned with loving God, since we are not focused on not offending Him; We are focused on wanting ourselves and others happy, and we have been deceived into thinking we can do it through sinning. But breaking God’s law, even the smallest, is sinful and causes so much damage…damage we simply don’t understand. 

When we lack grace and are being deceived, we will think breaking God’s commands is somehow good or better than the possible consequences that might come from not breaking the law. Then, we ignore the fact that we should be loving God and chose to do what we desire–which is sin.

“The sinner has conceived pleasure in the idea of sin [tried to justify sin as good], and hatred of virtue [rejecting good for sin]…which has deprived him of the affection of love which he ought to have towards Me, and his neighbor [prefers to harm God and neighbor, not love them, so to sin].”

–God the Father to St. Catherine of Siena

With anything in life, even when we do things that aren’t “technically” violations of God’s law, there are things which are good, things that are better and others which are the best. With every thought, word or deed, there is a greatest good (the best) and a bunch of lesser goods, but of course, the greatest good–what is perfect–is what we should be striving to do. However, the devil deceives us, and then we become all confused as to what is good and what isn’t, what is the best and what is far worse. That is when our choices become all wrong.

Since God made us with hearts of love, most people want to do what is best–what is loving–but from our pride and lack of grace, we wind up lying to ourselves so we can justify doing what is wrong–what we really want to do–yet truly believing it is good.

Confusion from the Devil

Let’s look at the very tragic evil of abortion. Now those of us, who are blessed with grace and not deceived by the evil one, understand the intentional termination of a defenseless unborn life is gravely wrong. However, lets look at those not so blessed with grace, those who support abortion.

Have you ever talked with someone who works in the abortion industry, or someone who wants an abortion, or someone who votes pro-choice? Well, if you have talked with any of them, with a heart of great love for them, not condemnation or ridicule, but a heart who desires to love, understand and listen to them, then you will come to know they are guided in their belief that killing an unborn child is the “right thing” to do, at least in certain circumstances, from what they consider to be LOVE. 

Truly, these people, who support abortion, aren’t some wicked monsters who love slaying babies, not at all. Most of them, from a lack of grace, are simply very confused as to what is right and wrong and have justified abortion as the greatest good. 

You see, the devil is very cunning and if we aren’t careful, he will use our pride to whole heartedly convince us, we are right and what is a violation of God’s law is truly loving others and good. We won’t listen to those who God brings before us to enlighten us; we will do what we believe is good. Then we will lose sight of what is sinful and what isn’t. Next, from the rejection of grace, God’s law will even become a blur. Yet, as simple as this is: bad = bad…always. To learn more please read, “What Does Evil Look Like.”

Bad = Bad

Therefore, no matter how we try to convince ourselves that something wrong is good, if it is against God or His Churches’ laws, it is always a sin…no matter how well intentioned we may be. Not obeying, even the slightest law, is most certainly, every time, harming Our Beloved Lord, others and ourselves; it is sinful.

So why does God, sometimes allow, what seems to be good, come out of the “bad” we do. Well, I have to tell you, we sin in every act we do. Yes, there is some motive of self-love in sadly everything we do (unless we have obtained the fullness of God’s grace). We can’t love God perfectly in anything (with no self-love) if we are still with imperfect love (not with the fullness of God’s grace). To learn more please read, “How to Love God.”

Therefore, just because we can’t “see” the sin in our thoughts, words or actions, that doesn’t mean it isn’t there and yet, as deceived and sinful as we are, God, from His unfathomable love, still blesses us even when we do wrong and scourge Him over and over again.

When good seems to come from bad, does that mean now bad = good? No way! Bad (sin) is always wrong and always harms God, others and ourselves–every time. However, God will tolerate our sins and still bless us sometimes, so we can turn from our sinful ways…not to stay in them.

God is Longing for Us

Why would someone turn to God, wanting to change their life, after reading a book written by a heretic? Why would God heal someone of a great illness after visiting a false apparition site of the Blessed Mother? Why does God allow what He allows? Aw…love and tolerance.

You see, God is constantly calling us, longing for us and will use any means available to try to soften our hearts so we will desire ever more greatly to seek Him and stop offending Him for our Eternal Life. And if we are open to hear Him talking to us, we will have a chance to convert a little and hopefully into a saving faith.

Now does that mean we should promote or supply people with books written by those who are preaching some false truths, of course not. God would be greatly offended. There are plenty of books written by the saints, who we know have the correct light to guide us. If we have read them once, read them again, as God is constantly enlightening us more deeply to The Way.

Sure some of the saints’s books might be challenging to read, but if false preaching leads to our doom, then what is the greatest good? False preaching or a challenging book? Of course, if for some reason, there is truly nothing available to inspire and enlighten us to follow Jesus correctly, that is written by saint, then something, might (and I say this with the greatest of caution) be better than nothing at all if it isn’t written too far from The Way. But we must be oh so careful as St. Alphonsus says, “A single bad book will be sufficient to cause the destruction of a monastery.” 

Books Can Kill

Those who don’t yet have the wisdom (grace) to recognize the truth from a lie–which is sadly most of us–will think a book is written according to the truth if it “sounds” correct to them. And the book might possess much that is correct, but tragically most books not authored by saints will be lacking what we really need to hear (the fullness of the faith) or even be preaching a wrongful truth (heresy). 

These books, will either keep us lukewarm or steer us away from God, leading souls to their doom. And if we can’t yet tell what is the truth, why read anything except that which is from a saint? Do we want to be lead astray?

Truly, if from reading other articles on this website, God has blessed you with enlightenment and you have now come to realize, you have been deceived, then please know you don’t have the correct light of truth yet and I can assure you, if you have been deceived in one recognizable truth of the faith, you have been deceived in many non-recognizable truths too. It will just take time and grace to enlighten them to you. Please humble yourself. 

Therefore, to not continue to unknowingly feed yourself poison, please only read The Word and the works of the saints. It is hard enough to not mis-interpret what they are saying, never mind having to recognize the truth from a lie. Plus, God will have a much easier time penetrating through our wall of sins, to guide us to salvation, if we hear the correct truth. Please see our list of books written by the saints on this web sight.

But if greatly imperfect preaching is all we are given to hear, then God will use that too…just not as effectively, as much of the time, we can go one step forward, but from the falsities that are unknowingly being intermingled with the truth, we never obtain rich soil and our seed, that God planted, doesn’t grow or dies altogether. Tragic!

Miraculous Healings

There are some non-approved apparition sights of the Mother of God, which people flock to for healings, since there are healings occurring there, but the “sightings” or “visitations” are from the deception of the devil, not God. Yes, “Satan masquerades as an angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14). We see this clearly in the life of Sister Magdalena of the Cross – who was described as the most miraculous saint for 40 years of her life but she actually was given–what appeared to be–fantastic graces of a mystic from a pact she made through the devil.

Now, why would God allow His miraculous healing love to occur in someplace that is derived from evil–like false apparition sites? The answer is: because that is what is the greatest good for the salvation of our souls.

Now, we might have a hard time understanding why God allows what He does as being the best for us, but we must trust in Him–of all perfect wisdom–who has a perfect plan for our salvation (if we change and follow His will).

You see, God doesn’t so much look at the location of where we are as a reason for healing, even though sometimes that is a consideration. However, what God looks at most is the DESIRE OF OUR HEARTS or our need to “SEE” His love. We people tend to open our hearts so much more when we believe God heals in a certain location (and certain locations some times do have even more grace dispensed for healing like at healing Masses or even true apparition sites–especially for those of weaker faith).

Now most of us will say, “I believe God heals,” and we do this with some amount of faith, but our faith and desire, for most, increases substantially when we are in a place where we believe is of great healing.

Therefore, in a place like the approved apparition site of Lourdes, France, with its true healing waters….God wanted to show His love through these specific waters. However, God doesn’t only heal there. Not at all; in other locations throughout the world…actually anywhere…God heals. But He does so, if it is His will. All we need to do is simply ask Him with a heart of real faith. That is it.

So if we go to a false apparition site and with all of our heart believe God can heal…since the location has moved us into greater faith, and if God wills it, God, from His great love, will heal us, even if we are in a place derived from evil. If we seek, we will find. And many many have found God…because they really wanted to find Him even in unholy places.

But, should we go to false apparition sites hoping to find God, no. If we know better, we most certainly should not support the spread of deception…even if God intends to use it as good. Remember the evil one intends to use it to lead us towards death, and God always wants us to support only what is good.


If we think because of God’s great love for us, He is all sweet, gentle and tolerant all of the time, then we don’t really know God. That isn’t the God the saints know. Oh, how many people are living blind thinking they are following Jesus but from their mis-guided love they are actually guiding others to their doom because they don’t truly know who Jesus is.

Sure God is sweet, gentile and patient, that is, when we are truly trying to sanctify ourselves–and even with them He shows himself harsh at times, to motivate us, but He is also quite angry, direct, and intolerant (ready to punish), much of the time, when we simply don’t listen. We can’t remove God’s anger thinking that is love….when love is mercy and justice combined.

God doesn’t expect little of us, but for us to obey Him and be constantly changing towards perfection. When we don’t, He isn’t just fine with that. No, He wants us to stop our sins and change. Don’t be deceived. To learn more please read, “What Does Evil Look Like?”

“When I took off those accursed liveries [clothes] of Satan, namely all of the worldly attire [fashionable clothes], the instrument of his [the devil’s] malice, [then] my Sovereign Master presented Himself to me torn and disfigured as at the time of His scourging, and with bitter reproaches [disapproval] He said that it was my vanity which had reduced Him to that state, and that I was wasting most precious time [meant to come to know, serve and love Him] of which He would demand a rigorous account from me at the hour of my death. He added that I betrayed and persecuted Him, regardless of the many proofs He had given me of His love and of His desire that I should render my self conformable to Him.” 

–St. Margret Mary

Guiding Others to their Doom

Sadly many people think we are loving someone, when in fact tragically, we are killing them. How many spouses or parents refuse to see the sins in each other (to help save them) because we don’t want to think of our loved one as a sinner or hurt their feelings with the truth? 

For example: “Oh, my son would never do that,” the proud mother–who thought she raised her child well–tells the teacher, as she refuses to open up her conscience into seeing that her son is far from perfect. Or the poor wife who says, “My husband does’t lie; he hasn’t lied since he has been a child,” as she prefers to stay deceived and tries to cover her husband’s crimes. Or, “You poor thing; you suffer so much from your children’s abuse,” the seemingly supportive husband tells his wife when she complains about a lack of love and respect from her children…yet, he is unaware that he is actually pushing his wife away from loving her cross (peace) and into self-pity/self-love (despair/sin).

When someone tells us of our or our families’ sinfulness, many people from the hardness of their hearts, find others attempts to enlighten us an insult. These poor insulted people do not listen to the voice of the Lord, its God [speaking to them through others], or take correction. [True] Faithfulness has disappeared; the [true] word itself is banished from their speech” (Jeremiah 7:28). Unknowingly from their pride, they are speaking and living a false truth from misguided love. 


However, when God sends us someone to bring awareness of our misery, we shouldn’t be insulted or offended at the correction of others. We should be grateful for such enlightenment and feel wonderfully encouraged to repent and change or help others to change. But when our pride gets a hold of us, we defend ourselves and others sinfulness, loosing site of reality and trying to justify many sins.

Sure, perhaps, the person correcting us is incorrect in some if not all of their judgement but regardless, we should rejoice and humbly, honestly look to see if their is any merit in their speaking. What a shame to miss God speaking to us through others! We don’t want our pride to miss such a blessing. Those words were meant to guide us to The Light, to help save our souls. We should be wonderfully grateful for the opportunity to look deeper into our conscience. Then we will come to see where we or our loved one is failing at perfection, so we and others can repent and change and grow to offend God no more.

Truly, family is supposed to help lead one another to Life, not death. So tragically, from mis-guided love, many are mistakenly trying to keep each other “happy” with support and complements…at the same time as they keep each other blind to their unrepentant/unchanged sins…nor are they providing them true words of love and guidance towards peace. To learn more please read, “What is God’s Plan for Family and Friends?”  

“Those who speak flattery to their neighbor cast a net at their feet [to fall into the devil’s trap of self-love]” (Proverbs 29:5).

Tragically, many of us are simply so proud, which makes us so closed, that we don’t want to see our sinfulness and prefer to stay blind–since the truth hurts much of the time. Plus, it is hard, very hard to help others grow in faith with the truth, since our loved ones, much of the time, lack the grace to have gratitude for hearing the blessing of the truth and respond with words of anger instead.

So we lie to ourselves, thinking we righteous and loving others, when in fact, to avoid conflict and from the deception of the evil one, we are only telling people what they want to hear to keep them happy. We are building others up (the wrong way)…not actually loving how Christ loved us at all. We aren’t guiding others, with true love, to The Light, by the truth, but keeping them happy with the world (praise, complements, buying them material things, placating their self-pity and increasing their self-glory)…not leading them away from all of that and into seeking God alone as their source of joy.

Many instead of loving those they care for, by helping to humble themselves, and then guiding them to Jesus so they can repent and change–teaching them how to obtain salvation, which is actually loving them how Christ loves us–we are actually, from misguided love, helping to build up each other’s pride, cover their sins, providing horrible guidance away from The Truth and leading them to their eternal doom. Oh, how tragic!

“He that shall lead into captivity, shall go into captivity” (Revelation 13:10).

We Must Change

We are here in this world to help each other obtain salvation, with the truth. Only the truth saves. Of course we must first learn the truth and then after we learn it ourselves, we are never to go around intentionally insulting each other with the truth to prove how knowledgeable we are. That isn’t love. That isn’t what Jesus did. 

When we speak, our humility must be great (knowing our own wretchedness), and our hearts must burn with love for others (for their salvation) then, with all grace of God guiding our words, we should seek, with all courage, to do what Jesus really did and preach the truth. 

We can’t shy away from the possible conflict with others; we must seek to preach how Jesus would preach…sometimes it will be direct, sometimes indirect, sometimes with anger over the sin, sometimes with sadness over their loss of grace, sometimes with no words at all. Yet, each time we preach, it will be different for each different situation, just like Jesus did for us. To learn more please read, “How to Preach the Truth and Save Souls.” 

Please remember, no matter how well intentioned we are, if we aren’t guiding others to The Light, the way Jesus really has done, by teaching others how to stop sinning and truly love God for the salvation of our souls, with the truth in our words and actions, we are failing and dying. 

Run to Jesus, He wants to teach us how to really love God and others for the salvation of our souls.

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Temptation has much good for our souls even though it can cause us to sin. Let's learn why this true.

What Are the Consequences of Sin?

How hard it is to grow in hatred of our sins, if we don't really understand what the great consequences are for our sinfulness!

How Can I Pray Humbly?

Without praying humbly our prayers will be fruitless. There are clear steps to humble prayer.

Why Our Good Works Can Damn Us

Sometimes our good works can cause great blindenss, and lead us to our doom. Let's learn how.

How Can I Find True Happiness

How many live life in false happiness...being deceived into thinking it is true, but true happiness is found in the cross. Let's learn how to obtain it.

How Can I Make a Good Confession?

Without making a good confession, we can't benefit from this sacrament of great mercy.

How Can I Gain Humility?

Without gaining much humility all of our judgements will be darkened and we will be lost.

How Does Our Pride Kills Us?

Our Pride is the most deadly, hidden killer of our souls. Let's rid it from our lives.

Why Did Jesus Die for Our Sins?

Let's learn the many reasons why Jesus died for our sins. It is much more than most realize.

Why So Few Accept God's Saving Mercy

God's mercy is waiting for us, but sadly most reject it.

Believing in Christ as Lord is the Beginning of Faith - Not a Saving Faith

Learn how we need to grow from some faith in Christ into a true saving faith in Jesus.

What is God's Will?

God's will is perfect and diverse; it leads us to Heaven. Let's learn how to live it in our every thought, word and action.

What is Desiring to Sin?

Within all of us is a great desire/inclination to sin...actually three desires to sin with in us, but one of them must be taken away by Christ's mercy if we desire to Live.

Who Suffers the Most in Hell?

Let's learn the shocking reality of who suffers the greatest in Hell so we can be motivated to change.

What is God's Mercy and
How Can I Obtain It?

The key to obtaining Eternal Life...Without much of Christ's mercy we can't learn how obtain a truly humble contrite heart of love for God so to embrace His forgiving mercy. Therefore, let's learn exactly what it is and how to accept it.

How to Overcome Despair Against Hope for Salvation?

For some, when we learn the truth of how hard it is to be saved, the evil one can cause us to despair. Let's learn how to despair no more.

Can I be Forgiven of Some Sins but Not All Sins?

Not all of our sins are forgiven all of the time...let's learn why.

How Can Trust in God and Remain in Peace When Things go Greatly Wrong?

If we only knew what God has planned for every moment, we would never despair again. Let's learn how to gain that trust.

How Can I Really Trust In God?

When we grow in true trust in God all of our worries will be gone and we will live in great peace.

How Can I Over Come My Scruples?

Most people who think they suffer from scruples simply need to learn how to use God's gift--the fear of sin--correctly, to live in wonderful peace.

How to Desire God Alone?

If we desire/long for anything other than God, we reject God's saving love. Learning how to desire God alone is essential to Eternal Life.

How Can I Be A True Follower of Christ?

Christ taught us The Way to Heaven...let's learn how to really follow Him.

How Can God Help Me Carry My Cross

Sometimes we don't have the strength to carry our cross but God is here to help. Let's learn how to run to God for strength to bear well all He allows.

How to Be Happy Suffering and
Love the Cross

Oh, the cross what wonders it holds. To learn how to embrace our cross as God's perfect will and be filled with God's joy to suffer. It is a gift waiting for you.

Why Should I Deny Myself of the Pleasures of the World?

Let's learn the incredible value in obeying Christ through self-denial.

Why Our Good Works Can Damn Us

From our pride, our good works can strip away any merit from our works and make them full of self-love...let's learn how.

Stop Judging...Really? Are We Confused?

There are good judgments and rash judgments; every moment we make a choice we are making a judgement, so let's learn where our judgments go wrong, so we can judge without sin.

Why Does God Allow Temptation?

Oh, we might hate temptation, but God allows it and intends to use if for our good, if we allow Him. Let's learn about the gift of temptation.

How Can I Obtain a Miracle from God?

Our Lord has many miracles waiting for souls who approach Him correctly. Let's learn how to ask God for the help we need.

What is God's Plan for Marriage?

God has man and woman become one for a very specific reason and if we don't know it, it will be hard to have a happy marriage.

How Can I Save Souls?

After the fall of Adam and Eve this is the entire reason for our existence to save our and others souls by doing God's will. Let's learn how to do just that.

Deadly Complements and Success

Learn about the hidden deadly traps that linger in complements and success, so we can flee from them so to not be destroyed by them.

What Makes Someone A Saint?

The deceiver has gotten a hold of us so greatly, most of us don't know what it takes to become a true saint anymore, which makes it really hard to obtain this goal.

Will God Punish Me and Others for My Sins?

We might not like God's punishments, but they are real and even effect others. Let's learn about God's just justice.

Heaven, Hell and Purgatory

Heaven, Hell and Purgatory, for most, is quite different that we might expect.

How Can I Console Someone Grieving?

What a tender time in life, but we don't want to lie and lead someone to death, when we try to console them.

How to See My Sins?

Since most of us have spent out life covering our sins, it is very hard to see them. This article is here to help.

How Can I be Saved?

God has provided us with clear direction on how we can accept His saving mercy so to not reject it.

How Can I Regain My Faith?

Losing our faith or falling backwards is very hard to over come but there is hope.

Misguided Love

Oh, how many times we think we are doing good, but in God's eyes it is quite bad.

How Can I Preach the Truth to Save Souls?

There is a clear way to preach that will help save souls, so the lukewarm can hear and have real hope for Eternal Life.

How Can I Save the Soul of Someone Dying?

There is no greater hour, than the hour of our death; let's see to it we don't waste a moment; there is much we can do.

What is God's Plan for Marriage?

God has a perfect plan for marriage without lust. A plan that is to help each other leave sin and grow towards sanctity.

How Can I Become a Real Saint?

God calls us all, yes you, to become a saint. This is the path to Heaven.

How Can I Perfectly Love?

Oh, there are many different kinds of love...lets learn what they are so our love for God can grow from some love into perfect love.

What are the Requirements for Salvation?

God's requirement are clear, but sadly most don't know them. Let's learn what they are.