Redeemer – Save My Soul – Retreat


Redeemer - Save my soul

Learn how to go from no faith or a lukewarm faith into a saving faith.

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Type: This retreat is for anyone who isn’t continuously growing and growing wonderfully in their faith (virtue-Christ like qualities). This is for someone who has tried to obey God’s word and become a saint, but does’t know what they are doing wrong.

Length: 2 night 3 day sleep away retreat 

For Who: This retreat is for anyone who is not in a strict religious (an order who decides when and what someone eats, when we awake, pray (dedicated prayer) and sleep). All other religious, and lay people (non-vowed religious) can partake.


When we leave the distractions of the world and do like Jesus did as He, “went off to a deserted place, where he prayed” (Mark 1:35), we will find God. 

We don’t all have the ability to go off for 40 days in the desert to pray, but surely we can leave the hustle and bustle of life and find just three days for God alone. If we aren’t growing in our faith like we should, if we are pretty much the same person today as we were yesterday, not growing in true sanctity, then this retreat is for you.  

to  even though it could be one in groups, for those who aren’t self-motivated, don’t follow directions well and need guidance. However, it is best if we are alone with God.


Retreats are a wonderful gift from God to help move our souls from a 



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