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The Devil Has Deceived Us

Everyone thinks we know right from wrong. But, sadly we don’t. There is only ONE truth… one right… one greatest good. Yet, if we talk to people, we can clearly see everyone that has a different opinion of what is “good” or “right” on every subject known to man. Therefore, since we know there is only ONE good, out of all of these vast interpretations of “good” only one is correct, if we can even see what that is. This is the truth.

If we can approach this logically, we can look with humility at every decision we need to make, wanting to know the truth, but not assuming we know it nor assuming we are choosing it. To do this, we must not be careless and mistakenly follow the deception of the evil one, who is always looking to have us do something far from what is truly the greatest good. Therefore, we must discern the spirits carefully.

“Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God; for many false prophets have gone out into the world” (1 John 4:1).

If we approach every decision we need to make with humble discerning hearts–not proud hearts that think we know everything, but with a heart like a child, who wants to know what is best, we will be more able to see where we need to go and even how and what we need to do to improve, and where we have gone wrong. 

But sadly, for most choices we aren’t doing this. We follow the desires of our hearts and are not humbly seeking God for guidance. Yet, with out grace moving us, our desires are only that of sin. Sure, sometimes grace is moving at least some of our desires, but most of the time, we have rejected grace and our desires aren’t moved by God but our sinful selves.

Therefore, we need to learn how to reject our desires moved by ourselves (our will) and embrace God’s mercy so His grace can move us into making right choices (knowing right from wrong) and follow God’s perfect will. Truly, God can’t make us the beautiful creation He desires us to become if we don’t know what needs to change.

Therefore, unless we learn how to correctly see right from wrong, leave sin and accept grace, we will greatly struggle with knowing what we should do and stifle God’s transformation of us. This confusion, which is from our pride, is what keeps people from obeying The Word, the Catechism of the Church and/or the saints. We think we know what is right, when we don’t. 

Much of the problem stems from us thinking we need to understand everything in order to obey. Then if we don’t understand something or it goes against what we think is truth, since we have had different experiences in life or were taught something else, we continue doing what we please instead of what God, through His saints, has told us we must do. Tragic!

Please know, neither God, speaking through His true prophets nor His saints, is going to always give vast details as to why we need to do something (satisfy our pride). Frankly, if anything, a vague Word should be expected. That is why so few understand God’s Word. It only speaks to the humble.

If we want to find The Way to Life, we simply need to humbly submit to obedience whether we understand or agree with what we are told to do or not. This is the only way God can save us. Through humble obedience to His will.

But oh, how proud we are. If we don’t understand or agree with what the wise teach us, we think we are the one’s with correct understanding/wisdom. Then we do what we want. And from our pride, we remain blind and on the path to doom.

What Happens When We Can’t See

God has given us His Word, the Catechism and the direction from the saints to guide us to Life, not so we can proudly follow our own path thinking we know The Way. But when we don’t follow them, disaster befalls us.

If we could have the perfect wisdom of God in us, we would know what is the greatest good at all moments (the perfect thing we should be doing at all times). We would know the exact path we need to take (every moment know what to think, say or do) to obtain Heaven. But since nobody has that kind of grace, we need to use whatever wisdom we have and whatever wisdom we can obtain through obedience to make the best decisions we can.

Just know when the evil one gets a hold of us and causes us to sin, grow in pride (self-love) and not repent or atone for our offences against God, we lose sight of what is truly good (if we ever understood it in the first place). This makes God’s true wisdom less and less prevalent within us (pushing away His wisdom with our sins). 

Then from our lack of understanding, bad begins to look like it is good… and if not seen and amended, our illness grows and grows and grows. We will sincerely, wholeheartedly believe what is wrong is so very right. Oh, this is a horribly scary condition to be in… to truly with all of our hearts think something so wrong is right, is so debilitating and destructive. But horribly this occurs constantly within our lives, but we are just blind to it.

Since, we live in the time of great darkness, this is a huge problem for everyone. But we can’t see it, so we will have a hard time admitting to such an issue being within us. But today, sadly, we have very little to no sound wisdom at all. Now this wisdom isn’t the same wisdom that is the fear of the Lord, the “beginning of faith” (the beginning of knowing we need to seek a saving faith). 

“Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom [the beginning of faith]” (Proverbs 9:10).

No. This wisdom is the one that brings knowledge of the Truth (knowing right from wrong). And sure this knowledge, when it grows into true wisdom gives us knowledge of our need to be saved. But everyone can have some amount of regular wisdom within us, even if we are clueless of our need to grow into true hatred for our sins (true contrition) to be saved. And we can have knowledge of our need to be saved and have very little regular wisdom (knowing right from wrong).

But this regular wisdom varies from person to person. Some might understand a truth for one subject or part of the truth on another subject, but sadly we all live vastly blind to bounds of truths across the board, which again, is because we are living in the time of great darkness with many unrepented, unchanged, unatoned for sins.

If we knew how little wisdom we really have, we would seek guidance from God at all moments to hopefully make the best choices we can. But sadly, most don’t. If we do seek God’s wisdom to guide us, our sinfulness is still preventing most of us from accepting His grace and knowing His will (what is truly good). Then we wind up not understanding Truth and still justifying bad as good. 

If we have been reading this website, we hopefully have noticed that the right judgement we thought we had really isn’t there. This is from the great blindness we suffer from, making our judgement so dreadfully off. We need to understand this. It isn’t only off with the issues I have brought to the light on this web-site, but with EVERYTHING. Really, there are just too many items to address. Beware! Carefully discern everything… looking for God to guide you to truth.

Even with seeing that we have been deceived on many truths of the faith, the devil doesn’t want us to understand just how deceived we are, so we can still remain proud and blind and die. 

Horrible Atrocities from Our Blindness

This great blindness–lack of wisdom–isn’t hard to see within all of our lives. We see fantastic blindness to the Truth—not knowing what is the greatest good—in a huge way through the Holocaust. 

One evil man was able to confuse so many people into believing a lie was good. Then these deceived people, with hearts created to love, tortured and mass murdered millions of God’s children. Looking back on this, we think, “How… how could people do this to other human beings… men, women and even children?” It is just so horrible beyond our comprehension. But this is what has happened. 

Even many Germans, who never even became part of the SS just watched it all occur in their backyards, doing nothing to stop it… ignoring it… just focusing on living their own lives, while scores of others lives were taken from them. Unfathomable! 

Yet, do we think we are any more caring… less gullible to deception or less cruel and selfish than those people? I don’t think so.

When we are deceived into thinking a bad is good, we, like the Germans, can/will do many many very wrong things… fully believing they are right. Or we, like the Germans, can/will be so selfishly involved in our own lives, we just won’t care enough to do something about stopping a horrifying evil which is occurring right before our very eyes. 

Sadly, we see a similar kind of crime against humanity going on today, but instead of it be localized only to German-occupied Europe, it has spread throughout the world. 

We all have seen the images from the holocaust of the mass graves with dead bodies piled one upon another, as if these people are trash. How can humanity do that? Oh, it may seem almost impossible to see how someone could justify that as good. But it has occurred and is actually occurring today as well.

Yes, this confusing of right from wrong–lacking wisdom–is so intermingled in our life today. Sadly, it deceives us not only with huge issues of humanity and morals but all the way to our everyday life choices. This is a great problem that we just don’t see. Please don’t think we aren’t suffering with this ailment, we are. 

Truly, we have become greatly deceived and will swear what is horribly wrong, is actually good… the right thing to do. Oh, the devil is so tricky and cunning. He has us deceived into committing great crimes against others and God.

For example: Have you ever seen a pile of dead babies… like from the holocaust? Little arms, legs, and heads piled one upon another? Have you ever seen such a horrific sight of little babies ripped from limb to limb, or poisoned to death or having their brains sucked out and heads crushed? If you haven’t, well then you need to know, this exists in abortion clinics throughout the world, in your back yard (your own town). This is true.

It parallels right with the devastating atrocities of the holocaust. Yes, these murdered (mutilated or poisoned) babies are also disposed of as if they are trash or the human parts are sold for profit through-out the world. Unbelievably this is happening right now; today.. and everyday.

As horrific as the holocaust was, with it’s 6-20 million murders, around the world this legal slaughter of the innocence has robbed 40–50 million babies of their lives EVERY YEAR.  

Yes, we have decided these people/babies don’t have a right to live… just like the Jews and others were decided they didn’t have the right to live. This legalized murder–abortion–is being done through the notion of it being “good.” Yet, how can we justify taking the life of another as being good? But this is what has happened… the holocaust continues.

Abortion has taken the lives of an unfathomable amount of babies. Babies God created for a reason, (no matter what circumstances they were conceived in)… not for us to murder… also, not for us to try to figure out what God’s plan is either. But for us to trust in Him. But we don’t trust. We live in a time of darkness when we murder our own children… and it is legal. And we mostly just sit and watch…. doing NOTHING to end it.

Really, what have you done to put an end to abortion? Oh, you might think it is horrible and perhaps you have said how “bad” it is, but how do our thoughts help the babies from being sent to the gas chambers (abortion facilities)?  Honestly, what have you really done to help end this atrocity? 

How many people have you helped to educate about the horrors of abortion? How many prayers do you pray every day to end the murders of your neighbor’s children… of God’s children? How often do you pray outside of an abortion facility to help bring awareness to this slaughter? Have you even done this once? Really, we can and should do so much more. What has the devil done to us? Where are our priorities? We are deceived.

How about when we vote. Have we been so deceived, we have actually voted to have these poor deceived supporters of the SS (abortion) put into office? Sure those against the murders might not do much to change it, but at least they aren’t open supporters, wanting to see the murders continue, making new, more horrific laws to continue its propagation. 

How have our morals and ethics become so distorted that we actually freely choose to vote for and/or elect those who support and make it possible for the mass murders to continue. How could we do that? How could we support those who are in favor of the killing God’s children? Oh, without grace we do many many very wrong things, thinking they are good… choosing to ignore what is really bad.

Please tell me, what have we been deceived into making a greater priority than putting an end this horrific crime against humanity? What have we been deceived into thinking is of greater importance? 

How can we do that to those people/babies? Oh, what has happened to our understanding of right from wrong, or knowing the greatest good over a selfish want? We need to seek Mercy to change and save us; we don’t know what is good from evil, what we should be doing from what we shouldn’t. We are without so much wisdom. We are allowing mass murder to legally continue. Yes, we are guilty of enabling the murder. Horrific! It is time to repent, or we will die guilty of these vast crimes.

This is what happens when we no longer have the wisdom of God in us. We think we are right, but in reality we don’t even understand right from wrong…. and/or we have become so selfishly involved in our own lives (full of blinding pride)… we won’t make the time to take action to help end even grievous atrocities which are occurring right before our very eyes. Yet, we have more than enough time to watch some senseless show or the news, or whatever it is that we do instead of serving God and seeking justice. What has the devil done to our sense of priorities and values? He has stolen them from our lives. Oh, we are like the Germans and the SS; we have justified something so terribly wrong as good or not worth our efforts to help stop. God help us!

Please tell me, what is more important that putting an end to the legal murder of the youngest among us… to ending this holocaust which is occurring throughout the world? Besides, watching practically all of humanity being damned for all eternity and doing nothing to warn and help them obtain true contrition for their sins, which is of course the GREATEST atrocity of all time, which we should be working even harder, using our time and resources, to end, but what priority can there be right below that other than ending the legal murder of God’s innocent babies?

How do we have the right to tell these people they don’t have the right to continue to grow, so they can live lives just like us? Are we somehow greater than them? What have we done? We are just like the Nazis… are we not?

How can we tell a person, “Sorry, I’m not going to do anything to end your murder; what I want and desire is more important. I’m just too busy.” But tragically, blindly, this is what is occurring every single day. We are allowing God’s children to be destroyed from the pride and selfishness that lives in us… 

Oh, sure some will try to make aborting their child seem like it is an act of mercy… what is better for the child, as if we can see the future, as if the cross is bad, and as if we are the one to determine one’s life or death, but please know that is the evil one deceiving us. There are a million justifications we can come up with as to why sin could be good. But bad never equals good. Offending God is never good. Murder is murder. 

Yes, the devil has confused and distracted us away from seeking justice and stopping one of the most grievous crimes against humanity of all time. This must end! 

Mercy is waiting to change and forgive us. He loves us, despite our fantastic sinfulness. That is the kind of love God has for us, but we MUST seek Him with, at least, real repentance and do what is necessary to change. Then little by little God’s grace will envelop us and wisdom will begin to flourish. Praise God!

Moral Failure

But of course our blindness doesn’t end there. Sadly, there are endless truths we are either completely blind to or blind to some degree, which is causing us to not be able to lead others or follow Christ to Heaven. 

Outside of souls perishing into Hell without true contrition for their sins and abortion, there is also a complete moral failure in the understanding of right from wrong with our sexuality. This is the next runner up from abortion as being the greatest violations we commit against God but most don’t know it. 

Tragically, we don’t understand what is pure and holy. We have justified immorality–and gross immorality–as acceptable.


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