The Catholic Church is the Source of the most abundant grace

Incredible Divine Mercy Grace

The Catholic Church, the Church Jesus founded, is the source of the most abundant grace from God, much more that the other churches since the other churches, when they started to develop about 500 years ago, have mistakenly abandoned the help from the saints and the very sacraments God sent to purify our souls so we can receive His sanctifying (saving) grace and be saved. God blesses us, with the intercession of the saints, the Mother of God’s perfect prayers on our behalf, and most wonderfully an abundant of graces that are given in the sacraments of the Catholic Church, especial that of Confession and the Most Holy Communion. These blessings are so plentiful, so magnificent from God, they send, Catholics, who are can correctly open up their souls to receive God’s divine mercy grace, everything we need to convert into a saving faith to obtain sanctity and salvation. This grace is the most splendid of gifts above and beyond any other gift from God outside of baptism.

The other churches are beautiful and want to do good. Many souls there are even trying much more intensely to live the Word, to the best of their understanding, than sadly many Catholics do. But the other churches have been deceived into thinking the Church Jesus founded is somehow wrong in its teachings, and they were actually give more grace and wisdom over the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church that Christ Establi still maintains the same teachings and traditions that were passed down from Jesus to His apostles into His Church. Being deceived into breaking unity with the Catholic Church and removing the very sacraments that were given to us from God’s mercy to sanctify our souls is so horribly tragic. It renders a soul, longing for God, wanting God, running to God, trying to obey God, but never obtaining a saving faith because it is practically impossible to be moved into perfect contrition (perfect sorrow for our sins) without the unfathomable grace, God’s help, that pours forth from Jesus’ consecrated priests hands during confession, to purify our souls and  transubstantiation, when Jesus puts His actual body into Communion for us to eat and live.




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