What are the
requirements for salvation

These requirements are easily misunderstood

Lost Understanding

In this time of great darkness that we are living in, it is very important we learn the requirements of salvation, as the saints teach, for their wisdom far surpasses ours a hundred-fold. We need to do this, because the darkness that we are living in, as The Word and the saints are warning us, has blinded us from correctly understanding what is needed for salvation. 

“How many poor person there are… who do not know what is necessary for salvation; who do not know the fundamental principles of our holy religion, who… will be lost… Oh my God, what blindness! Who can comprehend it?” 

—St. John Vianney (Homily, Forth Sunday of Advent)

Horribly, from being greatly deceived by the evil one, so many people are unknowingly rejecting their Savior and dying while in the state of damnation. It is just tragic!

“A great many persons live constantly in the state of damnation [but don’t even know it]!”

–St. Vincent De Paul (Voice of the Saints)

Yes, the saints are telling us that instead of God’s children going to Heaven after we die, from being so deceived, the world is perishing. 

“The world is on the road to perdition [Hell].”

–St. Padrie Pio (Letter to the Seers of Garabandal, 1962)

God’s saints, from their Holy Spirit guided judgement, can clearly see what we, Christians and non-Christians, are doing and want to save us from being condemned to “eternal punishment” (Matthew 25:46)… so we can become part of the few who are saved. 

“‘Lord, will only a few people be saved?’ He answered them, ‘Strive to enter through the narrow door [into Heaven], for many, I tell you, will attempt to enter but will not be strong enough [they won’t have the strength of My grace to be saved]'” (Luke 13:23-24).

The saints want us to know that the devil has greatly tricked us, and we have lost comprehension of the true faith and the requirements of salvation, but not only us, the leaders and teachers of the faith as well.

“In the year 1864, Lucifer, together with a large number of demons, will be unloosed from hell; they will put an end to [the true] faith little by little, even in those dedicated to God.  

-Our Lady of La Salette

Yes, “[the] beast… [came] out of the sea [Hell]… [and] the whole world followed after the beast” (Revelations 13:3).

I know it is hard to believe that the true faith has been put to an end by the deceits of the devil and that we are following him and not really Our Lord, since many of us feel we and plenty of those dedicated to God correctly understand the faith, know the requirements of salvation and are leading us to Jesus.

But as we will clearly see, what the saints and The Word have been telling us has become reality. We have, unknowingly, turned away from The Truth–away from the true Way to Eternal Life and are dying.

“For the time is coming when people will not put up with sound doctrine [the true faith]… and will turn away from listening to the truth [but won’t see themselves doing this]” (2 Timmoy 4:3-3).

I know most of us will have a hard time seeing how we have turned away from The Truth. It will take a lot of humbling of ourselves to see, but that is because we are suffering from the effects of being in darkness. But if we can hear God’s plea for our souls, speaking to us through His saints, we can change and have real hope for Life.

For, the saints aren’t trying to deceive us, so we stay asleep and die. “Oh soul, arise. Until now you have been asleep” and blind to the path of doom you are walking on, as St. Boneventure has tried to warn us in his “Spiritual Psalmer #100.” The saints are trying to enlighten us, so we can wake up and see what has happened, so we can change and begin obtaining God’s requirements for salvation.

“Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead [from not seeing how you are failing to live the faith that saves], and Christ will give you light [show you how to change so you may live]” (Ephesians 5:).

Of course, some of us cannot see how the world is in great darkness and dying; we think the world is great, but many of us can. Yet the real problem is, we can’t how we are in darkness. We can’t see the parts of our own lives that are leading us astray and not fulfilling God’s requirements of salvation. Most of us only see a little bit, and we think we are doing well, at least well enough.

However, God wants to come to us (again) to enlighten us. We just need to hear Him speaking through His saints, those who became His image while on earth, so we won’t continue to sit in darkness and follow any false doctrines (false teachings) that have consumed our land.

“The people who sit in darkness [through God’s mercy] have seen a great light [coming through Him and His saints], on those dwelling in a land overshadowed by death light has arisen [again, to lead us to Life]” (Matthew 4:16).

Therefore, to see just a small glimpse of how we have been greatly deceived, before we learn the requirements of salvation (as the saints teach), let’s look at our life of penance. 

“Oh, blessed penance, which has merited so, great a reward!”

–St. Peter of Alcantra to St. Teresa of Avila (Life of St. Teresa, Ch.27)

“Do penance: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Matthew 3:2). Do we “do penance”? Do we really even know what that is? Are we performing all of its facets correctly? Please know, penance is far from simply praying a couple of Our Fathers.

True penance (the fullness of repentance) is a THREEFOLD process of: confessing and atoning for our sins and the mortification of our bodies to amend our sins. 

But please tell me, who performs real penance anymore… even one part of it correctly (which is explained more in depth later and throughout this web-site)?

But to just touch on the subject, how about the humble and contrite confessing of our sins. If we confess our sins [with a humble contrite heart], he who is faithful and just will forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:9)? Do we do this? 

“For in the grave there is no confession nor repentance. But as long as we are among the living… it [our soul] is allowed to renew by [true] repentance the part rotted by sins. “

–St. John Damascus (Barlaam and Ioasaph, Ch. 11)

Do we also choose and accept “sack cloth and ashes [unpleasant and unappealing things in love for God and neighbor]” (Ezekiel 7:18)–the cross–in sorrow for one’s sins and those of the world, so to try to atone/to make amends for them (to love God and send grace to help sinners), like the real saints have done

“My Jesus, to atone for blasphemers [those who preach a false faith] I will keep silent when unjustly reprimanded and in this way make partial amends to You…

[One day during adoration] the Lord demanded that I give myself up to Him as an offering, by bearing certain suffering in atonement, not only for the sins of the world in general, but specifically for transgressions committed in this house [mine and others]…

O Jesus, that I may be a living sacrifice and pleasing to You. I desire to atone at each moment for poor sinners.” 

–St. Faustina (Diary #81,190, 908)

Do we do this? Are we trying to make right our and other’s wrongs (satisfaction)? Are we like, Zacchaeus [who] stood up and said, “Look, Lord! Here and now [from my sorrow for my sins] I give half of my possessions to the poor, and if I have cheated anybody out of anything, I will pay back four times the amount.” (Luke 19:8).

Or do we do nothing and reward ourselves (or desire to reward ourselves), us sinners, with pleasure upon pleasure… looking for a good comfortable life for ourselves, thinking we sinners deserve this… as we follow the world, not really following Christ or His saints, in sorrow for our sins, by way of the cross, at all? 

Whoever wishes to come after me MUST deny himself [of what he wants], take up his cross, and follow me” (Matthew 16:24).

How about mortification? Do we do what is necessary to not offend God? Are we willing to suffer to avoid the passing pleasure of sin, like the true Christians have done, who chose to be ill-treated along with the people of God rather than enjoy the fleeting pleasure of sin” (Hebrews 11:25)? Do we suppress and control (with grace and our free will) our desires for self-love, so we can move away from seeking what we want (our will), the world and sin, so we can come to truly love God and not evil? 

“Mortification [penance]… is a precept and necessary to salvation. This is not only true of the self-inflicting pains [of punishment, self-denial or resolutions] which are sometimes of obligation in order to overcome vehement temptations… or in order to avoid sin; but a definite amount of fasting and abstinence [to train the body to follow Christ]… imposed by the Church on all her children under pain of eternal damnation [is necessary]…This expresses penance for its own sake [for souls to impose upon themselves] and the necessity of it, as one of the functions of the Church [to impose on souls], as a souls saving institute.” 

–St. Francis De Sales (Treatise on Mortification)

This is real penance (repentance), at least a short explanation of it. But sadly, we aren’t doing this nor even trying to live this kind of piety (holiness). Yes, we are very confused and NOT correctly being taught the faith nor truly living it. We have been deceived. 

Many of us believe in Jesus and some of us want to serve Him, and even a few of us want to be or think of ourselves as holy, but we are doing this with greatly deceived hearts and most of us are not obtaining salvation. It is just horrible! 

“For there are MANY Christians who seem pious [holy] by praying to God, assisting at the adorable sacrifice [going to church/the Mass], by hearing sermons, and [doing good works]; but in the meanwhile… [are] impious at the same time [they see their lack of holiness but ignore it (justify it as not a big deal) or don’t even perceive that it exists (are blind to it)]… 

Wherefore, it behooves those who desire to live well that they may die well [that they may go to Heaven], so to worship God as to deny ALL ungodliness, even the very shadow of it.” 

–St. Robert Bellamine (The Art of Dying Well, Ch.6)

It is time we correctly learn The Way to Heaven (what a true Christian does) so we can stop our ungodliness and the spread of false doctrine. Then after we learn what the true requirements of salvation are, we can begin living them for the salvation of our souls. Eternity is FOREVER!

“They who believe in the Lord MUST first do penance according to the preaching of John and of our Lord Jesus Christ Himself; for they who do not penance now will receive a harsher sentence than those who were condemned before the time of the Gospel [for they are rejecting a much greater gift].”

–St. Basil the Great (The Morals, Rule one)

Experienced and Skilled Deceiver

The devil deceiving the “faithful” (us and the shepherds) into not truly following Christ and into not understanding the requirements of salvation has always been a problem from the beginning of Christianity. Frankly, the devil has been deceiving souls since Adam and Eve. He is an expert. 

Confusion about The Way to Heaven (the true faith) even existed right after Jesus began the faith and His apostles went off to teach it.

Yes, when Jesus’ apostles “were all filled with the Holy Spirit” (Acts 2:4) at Pentecost and embraced enough grace from God to sanctify their souls–that is, when they had enough grace to become saints–with correct knowledge of The Truth and the strength to live it, they went off to teach the true faith for the salvation of souls. Yet plenty of people still didn’t correctly understand it and instead of the people going and speaking the truth to others about The Way, they actually became false apostles and taught a false doctrine in the name of Christ. 

“I am afraid that, as the serpent deceived Eve by his cunning, your thoughts may be corrupted from a sincere [and pure] commitment to Christ [from following the lost]… For if someone comes and preaches another Jesus than the one we preached [avoid them]… For such people are false apostles, deceitful workers, who masquerade as apostles of Christ (2 Corinthians 11:3-13)..

History shows that despite the saints proper teaching of the faith, many Christians: people, priests, bishops and even popes didn’t accurately understand The Way nor even come close to living or preaching it. Horribly, some even committed crimes in the name of God. Many people broke away from the true faith and even started their own religions. The deception became so great, countless people began preaching something different, which of course, is all from their lack of grace, but from being so deceived, they swear it is truth and have convinced others of it too. 

“Some, indeed, have a wicked and deceitful habit of flaunting the Name [of Jesus] about, while acting in a way unworthy of God [but they think they are doing good]. You must avoid them like wild beasts.

For they are mad dogs which bite on the sly [who speak with convincing words seeming to be logical and right for those who lack grace to know the truth from a lie and then we become bit and infected with the lie (believe the lie)]. You must be on your guard against them, for it is hard to heal their bite [to stop believing the lie]… Let no one mislead you [discern the spirits].”

–St. Ignatius of Antioch (Letter to Ephesians)

Therefore, after so many heresies unknowingly being spread as truths, from endless people being sucked into believing many blasphemies, with the anti-christ using us to spread the falsities (from our lack of grace), from year to year, from one person to another, with everyone thinking we are doing right, when we are really doing very wrong, now “the whole world has thus become corrupt, they [the teachers of course] being much more guilty than seculars [the non-religious],” as God the Father told St. Catherine of Sienna (Treatise of Prayer), but we are all still very lost and countless souls are perishing.

“For He said… that many false prophets and false Christs would appear in His name, and deceive many: and so has it come about. For many have taught godless, blasphemous, and unholy doctrines, forging them in His name.”

–St. Justin Marytr (Dialogue with a Jew, Ch. 82)

Yes, we have been tricked by endless false prophets (false teachers), since we didn’t recognize them because they are lovely, talented people, who seem to be greatly wise and knowledgeable. Please know, the devil doesn’t come to us as some scary monster. No; the anti-christ deceives and uses US, as beautiful and well intentioned as we are, to be his instruments of doom.

“Satan masquerades as an angel of light. So it is not strange that his ministers also masquerade as ministers of righteousness” (2 Corthians 1:14-15).

Yes, as horrible as this is, God’s “holy” ministers are being used by the evil one and are unknowingly leading God’s children to our doom.

The saints and The Bible have warned us that there will be many “false teachers among you, who will introduce destructive heresies… (2 Peter 2:1). But we were NOT alert and looking, not well enough so to not be deceived. Therefore, from us not noticing a false faith being spoken to us, we have believed and followed the lost, who, again, fully think they are preaching the truth and helping us, but now we are dying… for we don’t know The Way to Heaven. 

Oh, “many will follow their licentious [sinful] ways, and because of them the way of truth will be reviled [denounced].” (2 Peter 2:1). Yes, THE WAY OF TRUTH–THE WAY TO HEAVEN–IS LOST.

Yet, since we are being deceived into thinking what we are doing is good–the truth–and not sinful, we can’t see our errors and are unknowingly running away from Heaven instead of towards it.

“Man’s salvation consists in knowing the truth, so that the human mind may not be confused by diverse errors [leading him astray].”

–St. Thomas Aquinas (Shorter Summa, Ch. 1)

Truly, the devil’s schemes are so convincing and widespread that today even wonderful, kind people, who seemingly do great things for others: feed, clothe, preach, prophesy, heal, and other mighty deeds, simply don’t know the requirements of salvation and are doing all this “good”, but it benefits them nothing for their eternal life, and they are dying.

“On that day [of judgment] many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ And then will I declare to them, ‘[Even though you thought you knew Me and were correctly serving Me] I never knew you; depart from me, you evildoers’” (Matthew 7:22-23).

Yes, not knowing God’s requirements for salvation has led to the most horrible consequence. Even the kindest people, who have done great acts of love for others, are not obtaining Eternal Life. Countless souls are dying. It is more than tragic!

“Countless people…[are] in awful peril and very few of them ever reach their proper haven [Heaven].”

–St. Ambrose (Revelations to St. Bridget of Sweden, Ch.5)

But from believing many lies and thinking we are going to a better place after we die (surely saved), we are blind to this reality and are doing nothing to obtain God’s requirements of salvation. Truly, if we aren’t working hard to obtain salvation, like the saints have done, then we don’t know how to be saved.

However, to help us understand the way the saints obtained Eternal Life, which is of course the only way, since there is only One Truth… only one way to Heaven, we will find in this article a detailed description of the requirements of salvation, as the saints teach, who we know obtained eternity with Jesus. 

“We [who truly know The Way] wanted to present ourselves as a model for you, so that you might imitate us [the saints/the true Christians]” (2 Thessalonians 3:9).

Before we learn the requirements of salvation, please know, The Word and the saints teach there is really only one requirement for salvation. But this one requirement is composed of many parts, and it is these parts that have been greatly misunderstood. 

To help us correctly understand the one requirement we need to be saved, it is broken down in this article into two main parts. These two requirements, which are part of the one, are then broken down even further into many other requirements that God and the saints say we need to embrace God’s saving forgiving mercy for the salvation of our souls. 

Eternity is Everything

Our eternal happiness or eternal misery depends upon us correctly fulfilling these requirements of God. And boy has the devil been busy. We have a lot to learn. It won’t be easy. The world has been in darkness for hundreds of years, and it has only been getting worse. Now is just its pinnacle.

Oh, the devil has deceived us so greatly that endless truths of the faith are lost, even the most important thing we need to know in our entire lives–how to save our souls.

[Yes], “fascinated [by its lies], the whole world followed after the beast… ALL the inhabitants of the earth will [and do] worship it [adore the world and its pleasures and have lost The Way]” (Revelations 3:3 & 8).

Therefore, let’s call upon Our Lord to help us learn how we are following the beast so we can stop. Let’s call upon Him to teach us what the requirements of salvation are and adopt every means available that He has given to help us acquire them, so we can secure a happy eternity for ourselves. 

“To know that you must die [like the rest of us]… that on death depends your eternal happiness or eternal misery, and with all this before your eyes, not to think of… adopting every means of securing a happy death, is surely the extreme of folly.”

–St. Alphonsus (The Certainty of Death)

We MUST change our lives. Let’s not lose it all. Let’s call upon God to save us. When Our Lord answers us and we learn what is right and wrong, then teach others our errors, so we don’t continue in them and show others The Way to Heaven, so our loved ones and all of God’s children can accept Jesus’s saving forgiving mercy He died to give us. This is supposed to be our life’s goal, what all our hours are toiling for.

Oh, there is nothing more important than ensuring when we die, which can be at any moment, that our eternity will be a joyous one. We have no time to waste.

We are supposed to be helping our families obtain this goal of salvation. This is why we really have each other. This is what life is all about. But we haven’t been doing this. The devil has deceived us into seeking endless other things instead.   

“Family life is in a disturbed and wavering condition… The family received from God a threefold mission: the care of the material life, the spiritual life and the supernatural life…. The two last [spiritual and supernatural life]… this great duty [is] being neglected [causing] the ruin of the family… bring with it a miserable eternity for parents and children.”

–St. John Vianney (Third Sunday after Epiphany, The Holy Family)

Horribly, for many of us, we have been deceived into thinking family is about having fun with each other with the things of the world… oh, we are so lost. We are not helping to save each other’s lives. This is not our greatest concern. Our parents, our children and ourselves are dying. We are not living to obtain God’s requirements of salvation. We greatly need to change!

As the saints are telling us, today FEW understand this (if there are any) and even fewer want God to transform us so we may possess the requirements of salvation (we are not seeking His assistance). Most are unknowingly picking our sins instead of Our Savior and are choosing the punishment we deserve for our sins instead of God’s forgiving saving mercy. 

“He [Our Lord] wishes that we should all be saved by Him… [yet] there are FEW who wish to receive Him [His grace to change us] and to be saved by Him [most reject Him, His grace, and choose our sins instead].” 

–St. Francis of Assisi (Letter to the Faithful and the World)

Saving Faith

The saints (who obtained Heaven) teach, for us sinners, to accept God’s perfect forgiveness of our sins–the requirements for salvation–aren’t as simple as just confessing our sins, praying a prayer of repentance, becoming baptized or simply “believing” in Jesus, as most have been deceived into thinking; even though we do need those things.

“You are now saved by a baptismal bath” (1 Peter 3:21).

Yes, baptism saves… without that we would not have been redeemed from the guilt of original sin or our actual sins; we would not have received God’s free gift of Life from Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins or welcomed into His Church. 

“The death of Christ is applied to us in baptism in such a way that it is as if His death were our death and we were crucified with Him. In virtue of His death, all our sins are cancelled in terms of guilt and punishment.”

–St. Padre Pio (Letter to Raffaelina Cerase, Sept. 1914)

But The Bible and the saints also say to enter into Life, we must keep or re-accept our saving grace from baptism after we reject it. 

“The grace-filled Christian life is supposed to begin in baptism. But those who preserve this grace are rare; the majority of Christians lose it.”

–St. Theopan the Recluse (The Path to Salvation, Part 2, Ch. 1)

Our rejection of our baptismal gift happens after we become mature enough to know right from wrong and desire/choose to sin, for if we sin willfully after having the knowledge of the truth, there is now left no sacrifice for sins, but a certain dreadful expectation of judgment, and the rage of a fire which shall consume [us]” (Hebrews 10:26-27).

“[Oh,] how many there are today who, having reached the age of reason, pull the reins on the horse of baptism and ride it off on a false path!

The baptismal path is true and rightly followed when people [children] are instructed [correctly in the faith] and upheld in good moral habits [taught good habits of the faith so to live them] before reaching the age of reason and when, upon reaching the age of reason and carefully considering what was promised at the baptismal font [to reject sin and choose good so to love God and not evil], they keep their faith and love for God intact.

However, they [mankind] ride away from the right path [by desiring sin and not good]… [becoming] worthy of damnation.”

–Blessed Mother to St. Bridget of Sweden (Revelations, Book 4, Ch. 74)

Yes, desiring any evil (sin) instead of good (God), after we are baptized, rejects our life of grace for that sin. If we are honest with ourselves, we can see how we do this all day long. Until we seek the grace of God and work hard to change, this horrible desire–will to sin–exists within us. If you can’t see how you do this, hopefully God will enlighten you after reading this article, so you too may have real hope for Life.

“Do you reject Satan [reject sin]?… And all his works [evil deeds]?… And all his empty promises [of pleasure and obtaining what we want from our will/sin]?” (Baptismal Promises)

Also, please don’t be deceived into thinking our saving grace from baptism leaves only if we commit the typical mortal sins (what we know them to be). That is the devil trying to trick us.

Please know, we reject God’s saving grace, if we commit/desire any sin (don’t reject sin), while lacking any of the requirements to be forgiven. For any sin easily becomes mortal “deadly sin” (1 John 15:16),  if we don’t meet any of the requirements of salvation for that sin, as explained later in this article and throughout this web-site. Please don’t be deceived.

But to briefly explain, how we reject our saving sanctifying grace and now deserve Hell all over again from our actual sins, this is because “from the moment man sins [since one sin is of infinite offence against Our Infinitely Perfect God] he incurs a debt–a debt to be paid by eternal damnation” (St. Anthony Mary Claret, The Golden Key to Heaven; Med. 7), and if this debt isn’t forgiven, we lose it all. 

Therefore, to restore us to Life–so we can re-accept God’s perfect forgiveness of our sins that He died to give us that we received at baptism (so our debt can be paid)–God requires one thing from us… BELIEF IN GOD.

“Believe in the Lord Jesus and you and your household will be saved” (Acts 16:31).

Frankly, even without the help of baptism, if we could believe so greatly, through a baptism by desire, we could still be saved (still accept God’s saving forgiving redeeming mercy). “Baptism of desire would supply the lack of the sacrament [if one were to have the faith to obtain it]” as St. Thomas Aquinas teaches in his Summa Theologiae (Q. 100, Art. 2, Reply Obj. 1).

But the bottom line is we are “saved through faith” (Ephesians 2:8). This is the one requirement.

“It is faith that maintains our salvation.”

–St. Irenaeus (Proof of the Apostolic Preaching, #3)

But what kind of belief must we have to be saved? Is it a belief that only “says” we believe? Or is it just some half-hearted faith in Jesus?

God tells us to be saved, we need a “sincere faith [in Christ]” (1 Tmothy 1:5)a SAVING FATIH.

We can’t be a half-hearted “Christian”; we must become a TRUE Christian.

“They cannot be saved unless, they be baptized and be true and spiritual Christians.”

 –St. Francis of Assisi (Hugo of Digne, Ch. 12)

But this faith–becoming a TRUE CHRISTIAN–is quite hard to obtain, for “the road is HARD that leads to Life” (Matthew 7:14). Yes, the “righteous one is barely saved” (1 Peter 4:18); it is that hard.

So, the “faith” that we tend to think of–just “believing” that Jesus is Our Lord and Savior–is not the kind faith that saves. For there is MUCH more belief and faith we must possess in our hearts to have a sincere faith in Christ

“You see that a person is justified [brought into a saving faith] by works [doing what God wants] and not by faith alone [not just “believing” in Jesus alone]” (James 2:24).

Yes, a “saving faith” is FAR from just saying or thinking we believe in Jesus as the Son of God. If you want to have a saving faith, you must give your whole being towards obtaining it–striving with “all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind” (Luke 10:27), which is quite hard to do.

“‘[Teacher] what must I do to inherit eternal life?’… ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’ and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’…  ‘Do this and you will live.'” (Luke 10:25-28).

Oh, it is very hard to become a true Christian… to truly love God; plus there is a lot more involved to this than meets the eye, which is why we are so lost. Even though we do need to confess our sins, pray prayers of repentance, become baptized and of course believe in Jesus. 

Truly, we should be greatly concerned for we are dying and far from a saving faith. But our fear should not be to the point of despair (loss of hope), but cause us to wake up, since God wants to save us great sinners. This is His intended purpose for everything, if we can only learn and change.

So, from His mercy, He has provided us not only with His Word to guide us on what to do but also with His saints, correctly interpreting and living The Word, to show us The True Way to Life, that is, if we want to follow them.

“The path to Heaven is narrow, rough and full of wearisome and trying ascents, nor can it be trodden without great toil; and therefore wrong is their way, gross their error, and assured their ruin who, after the testimony of so many thousands of saints, will not learn where to settle their footing [won’t learn the correct path and still follow the wrong way to their doom].”

–St. Robert Southwell (An Epistel of Comfort)

We Presume We are Saved

Please know, the devil fully understands we need a sincere faith in Jesus to be saved. Therefore, he does everything in his power to confuse us as to what is needed for salvation. 

Before recent history, the faithful at least knew they NEEDED to spend their life “tending to [their] salvation” (St. John Chrysostom, Homely on Matthew). They lived their life for that goal. 

“I press on toward the goal for the prize of the heavenly call” (Philippians 3:14).

Today, we have mostly worldly goals (daily and long-term goals), seeking want we want to better our earthly lives, since we presume we are saved. Seeking salvation isn’t an interest.

Look at every funeral… we proclaim everyone is happy in Heaven with Jesus after they die, even though they didn’t even work hard to change their life to obtain the goal: a saving faith. They didn’t seek and seek God to leave their will to sin (to leave their habitual sins) to truly follow God, so to become a true Christian (someone who truly hates/rejects sin and loves God) and were far from real saints.

We just presume the dead are not only saved but even sanctified (in Heaven)… Yes, most proclaim everyone who dies is a real saint in Heaven, so to make those left behind “happy”, as we actually hurt the living and the dead (as explained later) and propagate our blindness so we die too.

“There are but few who are saved… [The Lord says] ‘I know that there are ‘many,’ who hear Me, yet but ‘few’ of you hear to obey’…. Few then are saved in comparison of the many that shall perish.”

–St. Augustine (Sermon 31, CXI Ben)

But to help us not be distraught over the loss of our loved ones, please know, it isn’t hopeless for them who have died without seeking God for saving faith. There is something we can do to help the dead obtain a faith that can save at the moment of their death, so they can embrace God’s saving forgiving mercy, like the true saints have done for others, as spoken about later and in other articles. Yes, it is so horribly difficult for them to accept His sanctifying grace at their death without spending their lifetime humbly seeking it, and the fewest of the few can accept it, but it isn’t impossible, as we will learn later. So, there is hope, IF we help them.

But we must know, ONLY saints are in Heaven. Heaven is not full of people, who still have a will to sin, who still don’t truly reject/hate evil, like we are blindly living with today. Heaven is full of people who have grown in faith to truly love God–who would rather suffer anything than offend Him with the slightest sin (have a saving faith)–who have a true hatred for sin/evil, at least at the moment of their death. 

“But how will I conduct myself in the future [now that I know The Way]? I will sin no more. If I cannot avoid sin except by dying, I will gladly choose death, even the most cruel death, rather than sin. If I can avoid sin only by bearing insult and contempt, I will gladly suffer being despised and abused by everybody rather than sin. I want to die rather than sin. 

Therefore, with this aim I will us all my days and all my hours and moments in loving my Supreme Good and keeping closely united with Him. O my Jesus, engrave deeply in my heart these resolutions; keep them there so that I will never forget to practice them [so I may truly love You].” 

–St. Anthony Mary Claret, (Golden Key to Heaven, Med. 6)

We don’t have this mind set, since we don’t know The Way nor have the grace begin to live it. We don’t understand what saves and think think little of our sins, and sadly, put forth little if any effort to not commit them. We just continue in our lives day after day pretty much just the same. Frankly, we are still blind to most of our transgrssions against God. God must enlighten us to what is killing us.

But the people in Heaven, not only grew into a saving faith: have true love for God, from gaining a sincere willingness to suffer anything rather than offend God and put their desires into practice (are leaving all their sins and becoming saints), but those in Heaven, after acquiring a saving faith, grew to love God so greatly that they made satisfaction (atoned) for all the sins they committed after their baptism, by way of the cross. ”   ”  (  ).

From this love for God, their recompence (punishment they deserved) for their actual sins after baptism was wiped out, by picking up their crosses (happy acceptance of penance/God’s will), which allowed God to sanctify their souls, which sadly is not what is occurring today.

“All of us must appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each may receive recompense [reward or punishment] for what has been done in the body, whether good or evil”  (2 Corinthians 5:10).

The people of old, wanted Heaven and knew there was a certain way they needed to live (to really follow Jesus) to obtain salvation: to obtain a saving faith and then sanctity. So they paid careful attention to their life and sincerely strove to follow Christ, so they could obtain true devotion to Him and did not conform themselves to the ways of the world. 

But, beside a few “religious” acts, today, the “good” atheists and the “good” Christians act, dress, eat, watch and do pretty much do everything the same. We are both just trying to be “kind” good people, who do what is right and beneficial for others. But from being greatly deceived, we are really lost as to what that is and are far from truly doing what Jesus would do and being true self-sacrificing saints, who love the cross (penance)–sacrificing and suffering–for the salvation of souls (trying to bring ourselves and others into a saving faith). We are far from truly following Jesus, His real footsteps: doing all for the ultimate goal of the salvation of His children… far from true Christians.

“Since God bestowed on us such a favor in coming down to show Himself to us as our way, let us travel to heaven in the footsteps of Him who is the Truth, and not run in the treacherous path of the world, which would lead us to Hell.”

–St. John of Avila (Letter to a Friend)

In times past, the Christians knew they needed Jesus to change them, so to help them walk The Way to Life, so they wouldn’t perish into Hell. They knew it was a hard way to live and that they needed to change to live it. “Unless you change… you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 18:3). Today, if we seek God to help us, it surely isn’t to help us avoid Hell. We presume we are saved.

Sure, most, even in times of old, were confused as to all of the faith’s aspects… and very few understood God’s full requirements of salvation (how to obtain a saving faith), so few were being saved.

“[There are] VERY FEW who attain to the knowledge of this saving faith.”

–St. Hilary of Pointiers (On the Trinity, #11)

But at least they were humble enough to know that they needed Jesus’ help to be saved, which of course resulted in more being saved than is occurring today.

“Save me and strengthen me, unworthy thought I be, to walk the way of thy holy commandments, for I am weak and miserable, and not able to do the thing that is good.”

–St. John Demacus (Barlaam and Ioasaph,  Ch. 22)

Today, we don’t “seek and beg salvation of you [God]” (St. Theresa of Avila, Soliloquies, #3). Today, we blindly presume we are saved. 

Oh, we are not only ignorant as to what the requirements of salvation are; we don’t even know of our NEED for God’s grace, so to help us live the faith (correctly), so to gain TRUE faith in Him in order to be able to accept His forgiveness of our sins for the salvation of our souls

The devil has stripped us of this understanding, so we won’t be concerned or even try to obtain a saving faith. The devil wants us to live complacent with our lives having no thought about our eternity, presuming we are saved, so we belong to him.

“[One of] the sins against the Holy Spirit… [is] the presumption that one will attain eternal salvation.”

–St. Robert Bellarmine (Doctrina Christiana, Ch. 20)

This is why we all live assuming we are going to Heaven after we die. The devil has blinded us and caused us to live in sin… sinning against The Holy Spirit: proudly presuming we are saved

First, we do this by thinking we can read our own souls, as if we, mere mortals, have the power to know if our souls are in a state of grace (saved).

“O God! my soul was in the state of grace [at my Baptism], it was Thy friend; but by sin it became that slave of the devil, and Thine enemy….

O my God! am I in Thy grace or not?

I certainly know that at one time I had lost it [when I sinned without having a saving faith], and who knows whether I have regained it [since I can’t read my soul]?

O Lord! I love Thee, and am sorry for having offended Thee; make haste to pardon me… I hope I have arisen from my unhappy condition, but if I have not, hasten, O Jesus! to rescue me from it.”

–St. Alphonosus (The Way of Salvation and Perfection, Med. 96)

We aren’t humble like St. Alphonosus. Sadly, we have been tricked into thinking if we don’t “see” mortal sin (as we understand them), we are in a state of grace. Tragic!

Secondly, we suffer from the presumption of salvation by being deceived into thinking we are saved by our own power. Yes, we have been actually fooled into believing that we don’t even need Jesus to save us. Let me explain.

We like to say “Jesus has saved me.” And we all have different kinds of interpretations of what that means. For some, that means we have gone from no faith in Jesus into some faith in Christ. For others that means Jesus took us away from a horrible life of destruction, so we can live a happier more fulfilling Christian way of living. For others that means, Jesus died on the cross to take away the consequence/punishment of our sins. 

Those are great ways that Jesus has saved us. And they are good. But they also show the different meanings to the expression “Jesus saves.”

But please know, Jesus saves us–keeps us from Hell–by two means:

  • His passion on the cross: which He took our consequences we deserve for our sins, and
  • Giving us a saving faith: teaching us The Way to Heaven (correctly) “I will instruct you and show you the way you should walk” (Psalm 32:8) and giving us the strength to live it, for “the Lord is faithful; he will strengthen you” (2 Thessalonians 3:3), so we can acquire all the requirements of salvation and accept His saving forgiving mercy from His suffering and death, IF we correctly and humbly seek Him. This is why the entire Bible is written, so we can obey it and grow into a saving faith, so to save us from eternal punishment in Hell we deserve because of our sins.

Of course, we all know we need faith and Jesus’ saving mercy from His sacrifice on the cross for our sins to be welcomed into Heaven. But from being so horribly tricked by the devil, in this time of great darkness, we don’t even realize we NEED to turn whole-heartedly to God and seek and seek Him to save us, to change us, to “increase our faith” (Luke 17:5), not just to have a better happier “Christian” life, but to lead us into a SAVING FAITH: a faith that can accept His saving grace He died to give us, so to save us from the fires of Hell. 

“Save us from the fires of Hell and lead all souls to Heaven.”

–Our Lady of Fatima (Prayer)

Many have been touched and changed by Jesus; we have been drawn to Him and have felt His love and that is great. But from there, the devil has gotten a hold of us and has led us to being “assured” that we are saved. As if now, since we have some belief and knowledge of Jesus and since He has helped us in our lives, we can now read our souls and know if we are in a state of grace.

This lie has caused us to live sinning against the Holy Spirit proudly presuming we are saved… rather than humbly HOPING for forgiveness, if we continue seeking God to give us greater knowledge and strength to live the faith, which will transform us into a saving faith, that can accept His perfect forgiveness of our sins.

“Prepare your minds for action; discipline yourselves [so you can live The Way]; set all your hope on the grace [the help] that Jesus Christ will bring you [to teach and strengthen you, so you can live the faith that saves] when He [His power] is revealed” (1 Peter 1:13).

After we receive God’s grace and have correctly learned The Way (which is what the devil has stripped us from understand today) and are growing stronger beginning to live it and continue to improve/change, then we are to HOPE if we persist in growing and changing until our end, will be saved, since “the one who perseveres to the end will be saved” (Matthew 24:13). That is if we are truly striving to perfectly follow Him, to become a perfect saint, then our hope in Him won’t be in vain and we will be saved by His mercy. This is what we trust in and believe. This is the real faith.

But we are never to presume we have accepted enough grace for our hearts to already be transformed into a state of grace, no matter how “holy” we think we are… for we can’t read our souls. Frankly, the prouder we are the further away from a saving faith we are. 

“Spiritual men [suffer from] occasions of vanity or presumption [of righteousness]… [from] a certain secret self-satisfaction [self-glory] and conceit [from their works]…

All this is the fruit of secret self-esteem [not knowing their nothingness] and pride [not knowing their need for God], and they cannot be made to understand that they are steeped in it up to their very eyes [since they think they are so holy].”

–St. John of the Cross (Ascent of Mount Carmel, Ch. 8)

Tragically, many of us live being tricked into thinking being assured that our sins are forgiven is what “faith” is. But that isn’t faith in Jesus at all, but faith in ourselves: in our belief that our wishful thinking saves. That is faith in believing if we convince ourselves our sins are forgiven, they are.

But Jesus, transforming us into a saving faith (or at least into a state of grace at our death) is what saves. Believing He can do this for us… that He wants to do this for us, no matter how sinful we are, IF we surrender our will for His and truly follow Him, is faith in Him. This is what we hope for.

Thinking we need to be “assured” we are forgiven is a lie from the devil to deceive us into presuming we are saved, so to keep us from seeking Jesus to save us, so we don’t work for salvation, so we never obtain God’s requirements of salvation and die.

“One’s lifespan is the time in which one works for salvation or damnation… [To work for salvation] one has to live in fear of God [fear of sinning against God/it consequences], work on the delicacy of conscience [coming to know what one does and why one does it]. One needs to keep God’s law, commandments and the mystery of justification [Christ’s atoning sacrifice] always before one’s eyes.”

–St. John Paul II (Diary, July 12)

Oh, how many think living the faith is to just help us have a better life on earth or so we can have a better relationship with God and become “holy” (as we understand that to be)… to help us in our journey in this life.  

We are being greatly deceived! We do not understand our unfathomable NEED for God to transform us, our lives, not just into a better person or the best version of ourselves, but into fulfilling all of the requirements of salvation (a saving faith) or WE WILL DIE. 

For, we are still polluted by plenty of sins and lusts of the world (we still have many idols) and are far from a saving faith. Please don’t allow the devil to continue to deceive you. God wants to save you, if you allow Him to bring you there.

“The minds of men are, through the pollution of sin and the lust of the flesh, so blinded [and don’t know The Way]… [yet] by the truth Himself [in our hearts], and being the manifestation of His Person on the earth, should by perfect teaching and divine acts move men to [a] saving faith.”

–St. Augustine (Letter to Dioscorus, Ch. 5)

Yes, we have been tricked into thinking if we are just baptized or if just “believe” or “want” to be saved, we are. Well, technically, all we need to be saved is to just “believe” or “want it”. But we must HONESTLY, WHOLE-HEARTEDLY want it; want it enough for our free will to do what is necessary to stay on the narrow path, so to allow God to change our hardened hearts. Then we can accept His grace and fulfill all of God’s requirements of salvation, so to obtain a saving faith. 

“I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh [that grace just falls off of] and give you a heart of flesh [that can accept all kinds of grace]” (Ezekiel 36:26).

Sadly, by sinning against The Holy Spirit (presuming we are saved), we have not been “[seeking Him] to break down every obstacle to salvation” as St. Anthony of Padua teaches (Sermon, Nativity). We don’t even know there are obstacles. 

We are being deceived into thinking God’s mercy will surely save us without Him–without the Holy Spirit’s grace changing us into a saving faith–which has caused us to neglect our salvation–to NOT SEEK GOD TO SAVE US.  

“[Tragically, we] almost entirely neglect our eternal salvation… the devil is most diligent in his endeavors to bring them [us] to eternal ruin… after this short life, another life awaits us, which will be either eternally happy or eternally miserable. [Where are you choosing to go?]”

–St. Alphonsus (The Way of Salvation and Perfection, Med. 31)

Yes, tragically, our pride has us thinking we are saved by our own power, by thinking we can accept God’s forgiving redeeming mercy on our own, for we have not spent our lives seeking and seeking Jesus (His mercy/help) to save us (to transform us) so we can amend our ways to fulfill His requirements of salvation. This is not our greatest concern, nor the goal we are running continually towards. Horribly, it is not even a thought in our minds. We are utterly blind!

I tell you, we can’t accept God’s salvation–His saving forgiving mercy–without us knowing we need to embrace it (by thinking we already have it).

“Oh Christian soul… where are you going?.. so that you may gain salvation I [your Lord] have given you laws and Sacraments, helps and special graces [to assist you in getting there. Use and obey them].”

–St. Anthony Mary Claret (The Golden Key to Heaven, Med. 1) 

Also, please know, partaking in the sacraments that God gave to help save us, with proud hearts (or partaking in any prayer or work or anything), thinking they are helping us for salvation but doing so not knowing how dreadfully sinful and needy we really are, won’t lead us to Life. Yes, without being greatly contrite for our sins, which is what the devil has stripped us from knowing and having today… and just presuming we are going to be saved through the sacraments (or anything) is the devil lying to us again. 

The evil one does this, so we won’t seek Mercy to increase our humility (knowledge of our sinfulness) or contrition, to where we can accept grace (God’s help to move us to Life), which are two of the needed ingredients to be able to accept His saving mercy or grow into having a continual saving faith, as we will learn later. 

“A humbled, contrite heart you will not spurn” (Psalm 51:17)

Without us HUMBLY approaching God, truly knowing our great sinfulness, and wanting true contrition (true sorrow) for our sins… all of our prayers and sacraments we partake in trying to prepare ourselves for our death, will be in vain. Without a miracle, we will receive little if any grace to help move us into a state of grace at the moment of our death through them.

Sadly, this is what happens to endless poor souls, who think they are so “holy”, when they die. From focusing on their knowledge, prayers, works and experiences with God, they lose sight of much of what is sinful and forget about the infinite offence just one sin has against our infinitely perfect Lord and don’t understand just how horribly sinful and needy of God’s mercy they really are and from their pride, they reject it all. Tragic!

“Do you not fear, or do you not observe that ‘God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble’? Does not that very passage in the Gospel startle you, in which the Lord said, ‘When the Son of man come, will He find faith in the earth?’ [Luke 18:8]. Immediately thereafter, as if foreseeing that some would proudly arrogate to themselves the position of this faith, He spoke to some who trusted in themselves that they were righteous, and despised others [the ones they thought were without faith], the parable of the two men who went up to the temple to pray, the one a [proud] Pharisee, and the others a [humble sinful] publican [Luke 18:9-14].

In the words which follow, I leave for yourself to consider and to answer. [If you are the self-righteous proud person or the humble proclaimed sinner, who needs the faith from God]… For so widespread is the havoc wrought among souls by the plague [of this horrific blinding pride of self-righteousness].”

–St. Augustine (Letter to Vincentius, Ch. 11)

We Are in a Race for Our Lives

To gain this saving faith–to grow into the humility and contrition that can embrace God’s saving mercy–God tells us we are to run the race to Life so to win. This isn’t something anyone should put off until the end of our life. For most of us, to make the huge change we need… to let go of our will (that leads to death), it takes much time (since our will is so strong)… for many all of our life to do this. 

For if we live a bad life (a life full of pride, not humbly striving to perfectly live the faith), how can we expect to obtain a good end (where the humble contrite people, who truly want to be perfectly faithful, who sincerely want to perfectly love, God go)? 

Oh, the hours and hours God has given to us that are supposed to be used to seek salvation–to seek a saving faith–but we have squandered our time away seeking earthly benefit… some great life on earth, that the devil has tricked us into wasting our precious time with.

God warns us in such a way, because if we don’t put forth our best efforts, disciplining ourselves, and working and working for the goal… we most likely won’t obtain it.

“Every athlete exercises discipline in every way. They do it to win a perishable crown, but we [exercise discipline in every way for] an imperishable one” (1 Corinthians 9:25).

We cannot think we are on this race fighting against the evil one and are going to win, if we aren’t struggling and giving our all to obtain it. A lukewarm effort proves we are’t truly running. For the saints weren’t sloth like in their efforts.

“I do not fight as if I were shadowboxing [not even fighting someone real]. No, I drive my body and train it [to win a real fight], for fear that, after having preached to others [The Way], I myself should be disqualified [from the prize, for not living it]” (1 Corinthians 9:26-27).

Oh, we haven’t heard God speaking to us through His Word, for we aren’t working hard to become saved. We don’t really understand.

This race is so hard to win (salvation is so hard to obtain), since our desire for sin–our attraction/attachment to sin and not Our Savior–is so great. We must give our all and strive for perfection, first place, so God can change our will–our desire, or we can easily fall short and lose it all. We must “run so as to win” (1 Corinthians 9:24). This isn’t a race we can lose. If we do our ETERNITY will be in torment… the torment we deserve and have chosen, because we refused exert the effort and the discipline and accept God’s assistance that we needed to win.

“In seeking eternal salvation, we must, according to St. Paul, NEVER REST, but must run continually… So run that you may obtain it. If we fail, the fault will be ours.

–St. Alphonsus (True Spouse of Jesus, Ch. 4)

Oh, many presume we are saved, and don’t work hard to win the crown of Life, since we have been deceived into thinking since God’s gift of salvation is free and not from anything we have done, we don’t have to do anything to be saved. And yes, the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 6:23) that we received at our Baptism. And it surely wasn’t given to us because of anything we, sinners, have done. 

And yes, Jesus died to redeem us of original sin and our actual sins, not because of anything we great sinners have accomplished, for nothing we, sinners, could possibly do could be worthy of such a gift. It was strictly from God’s great merciful love for us poor miserable souls.

However, to restore that gift we received at our baptism after we rejected it, we still MUST, work hard to change (using our free will) and seek God, His grace, to transform our lowly bodies, who don’t have a saving faith, working towards obtaining a glorified body, which has a saving faith, which can ACCEPT His free gift of saving redeeming mercy that He died to give us, or we will reject His gift from having a lack of faith. 

“[If we allow Him] He will change our lowly body to conform with his glorified body” (Philippians 3:21).

From our lukewarm faith, we certainly aren’t like an athlete really seeking to win the gold (so we can love God for eternity)–having that be the all-consuming thought of one’s mind: disciplining ourselves, training ourselves to become a real self-sacrificing saint (to follow Jesus), running from the world and all of it’s pleasures, so God and His will can be all we desire… constantly learning and changing, from our discipline and God’s grace, so to win the prize of Life.

No, we are not in true training for the crown of Life. Sadly, we don’t understand we need to be and what a struggle it is against the devil to obtain it.

“This contest [for the crown] which the prophet Isaiah of old predicted, saying, ‘It shall be no light contest for you with men [being deceived], since God appoints the struggle… This struggle of our faith in which we engage, in which we conquer, in which we are crowned [is waiting for us.]”

–St. Cyprian of Carthage (Complete Works, Letter 8)

Oh, we have endless presumptions of salvation instead of working for the crown of Life (a saving faith). Some think from just believing He is Our Savior, we are saved. Or maybe we believe since God’s mercy is so great, God will forgive us no matter what we do, so surely, we are saved. Or perhaps, we believe since we are such good people, who do so much “good”, who have changed so much and have made such great sacrifices, we are without a doubt saved. Or maybe, we think since we have such a great relationship with God and since God does awesome miracles and mighty deeds through us, we are obviously saved. It is all tragic! Our pride is great! The devil has us!

“There are many Christians… who are virtuous men, and who do great things, but their virtue and good works are utterly useless in the matter of eternal life…” 

–St. John of the Cross (Ascent of Mout Carmel, Ch. 26)

Frankly, because we have been taught so many lies, again, we don’t even know what a saving faith is. But do you know who does correctly understand what a saving faith is and how to obtain it? You guessed it, the saints. 

But sadly, most of humanity is so far from understanding all Jesus needs to do for us to save us (and it is a lot), we are so far from having the wisdom of the saints, we are miles from the goal. Do you know what it is? So how can we seek or obtain salvation when we don’t even understand the goal. 

But not only do we not understand the goal, again, we don’t even know we need such a faith. This is what the evil one has done. He has silenced and stupefied us. He has removed our greatest concern, our concern for our salvation, so we won’t “work out your salvation with fear and trembling” (Philippians 2:12), seeking our Savior to teach us and save us: to help us obtain a faith that saves. The devil wants us to assume we are saved by doing nothing.

“To be faithful to God [so to obtain Life] requires a constant battle. Hand-to-hand combat, man to man–the old man [who loves sin] against the man of God [who hates sin]–in one small thing after another, without giving in.”

–St. Josemaria Escriva (Furrow, Struggle)

But as we can see, the devil has us concerned about everything else in life, even good things; as long as we aren’t concerned about our eternal life, then he has won our souls. 

Oh, some people have even spent their lives–not seeking a saving faith–but trying to do good, making huge impacts on the world and have done great acts of charity for others. Those things are great for others, but sadly since they were done from proud hearts, they benefited nothing for their soul (for their eternity), since their pride confused them, and they presumed they were saved. 

From their pride, they didn’t really understand their great misery (sinfulness), since they were focused on the “good” they were doing, and never gained sight that they needed God to save them, to give them a saving faith. So, all of their great prayers and works, were prayed and done from hearts with great pride and in the end, they never helped them obtained Life. Tragic!

“That praise wounds My heart… souls full of egoism… souls full of pride and arrogance… My Heart cannot bear this. All the graces that I pour out upon them flow off them as off the face of a rock.”

–Jesus to St. Faustina (Diary #1702)

Oh, the devil has deceived us so greatly, we think we have won the race–have God’s saving mercy within us–without even beginning, without even HUMBLY seeking God to save us. Yes, the devil has killed us through our pride; we think we have it all by our mighty deeds we have done or by our power of just wishing it. When it is God’s mercy–His helping grace that transforms us–that saves… not our almighty wishful thinking or works. We must humble ourselves.

“I have fought the good fight [worked hard against the devil], I have finished the race, I have kept the faith” (2 Timothy 4:7).

I tell you, if we have sought God during our lives for anything, sadly, we have only gone to Him for worldly help, to help us or others improve so we can have a better life on earth, not for help to save us… not to run the race to Life because we know we desperately need a faith that can save. Horribly, we live proud, self-righteous lives… not even knowing we need Jesus to save us. The entire purpose of our lives is lost. It is tragic!

But now, if we can hear God speaking to us, it is time to HUMBLY start the race to Life.

“Do you not know that the runners in the stadium all run in the race, but only one [who is stronger than the rest] wins the prize? Run [as hard as you can against the devil and his minions] so as to win [they are out to destroy you].” (1 Corinthians 9:24).

Yes, the devil wants everyone blind, not running the race to Life and oblivious to the “eternal punishment” (Matthew 26:46) that awaits us if we don’t repent and change, if we don’t grow into a saving faith. 

Perhaps, we think since we don’t seem to have “mortal” sins or since we have “confessed” our sins, we are fine and in the state of grace. But as we will learn, that simply isn’t true either. Again, can read our own souls and know the sincerity of the contrition of our hearts? Yes, we are being deceived and dying. The elect are so few.

“The elect [those who obtain Heaven]… are few in number. It would cause us to faint away from grief to learn how surprisingly small is their number.”

–St. Louis De Montfort, (A Letter to the Friends of the Cross, Part II, #14)

If we want a saving faith, we must persevere and work hard, seeking Our Savior to transform us so we can run the race correctly against the evil one to win the “crown of Life” (James 1:12).

“It will avail a man little to have been a religious… if he continues not to the end. He must persevere to win the crown. In the race of the spiritual life all of the virtues run, but only perseverance ‘receives the prize’ (1 Cor. Ix, 24)… ‘he that shall persevere unto the end that shall be saved” (Matt. X,22). ‘What is the use of seeds sprouting if afterwards they wither and die?’”

–St. John Chrysostom (Homily 33)

Tragically, there are so very many, who are without a saving faith, but are deceived into believing we are saved. 

But God surely isn’t deceived; “The Lord, who weighs hearts” (Proverbs 21:2), knows many of us are deceiving yourselves” (James 1:22). Yes, God sees the truth and knows we are deceiving ourselves and being horribly deceived by others and are dying, which is why He is coming to us today trying to save us from ourselves and those who are leading us astray… determined to enlighten and bring us, who can hear His voice and follow Him, to a saving faith.

“Thus says the Lord God: Look! I am coming against these [proud/deceived] shepherds. I will take my sheep out of their hand and put a stop to their shepherding my flock [with lies], so that these shepherds will no longer pasture them [I will].

I will deliver my flock from their mouths [so the sheep will no longer adore these shepherds] so it [the sheep’s praise and admiration] will not become their food [how they feed their pride, so My shepherds will gain humility].

For thus says the Lord God: Look! I myself will search for my sheep and examine them [find how they are sick]. As a shepherd examines his flock while he himself is among his scattered sheep, so will I examine my sheep [being close to them to see all the ways they are deceived]. I will deliver them from every place [from all their deceptions] where they were scattered on the day of dark clouds [in the time of great darkness]” (Ezekiel 34:10-12).

Yes, we are in the day of dark clouds–the time of great darkness–where we have been scattered/deceived from walking on the correct path to Life by God’s most blessed priests, whom God loves, but is disgusted with. God is so repulsed, because they can’t see, even though they have been clearly shown The Way and are living in great sin–far from the self-sacrificing saints they are called to be–and are leading His sheep (us) to our doom.

Of course, the priests want to help us, but from the darkness they are suffering from, they can’t. It is so unfathomably horrible, but this is the reality we are living in today. To learn more please read “Fallen, Fallen is Babylon the Great.”

“[There] is MUCH wandering away from the truth… we must beware of all such men [who preach or live a false doctrine], and flee their ways, if we really desire to be well-pleasing to God and receive from Him salvation.”

–St. Irenaeus (Proof of the Apostolic Preaching, Beware of Heretics)

But now it is time for this darkness to come to an end. Our Lord is coming to us; He wants to lead us to a saving faith and heal His Church.

Follow the Saints

God wants us to stop following the lost–the lost of the Church–and start following the saved–the saints, who lived the true teachings of the faith… the only Way to Heaven and obtained the goal, for the shepherds are not leading us to salvation.

“Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great! [The mighty leaders of the Church] Come out of her [leave the lost of the Church], my people, so that you do not take part in her sins” (Revelation 18:1 & 4).

Yes, the Church has fallen–not The Way to Heaven (not the Catechism), not the way the saints walked to obtain Life “for Hell shall not prevail against it [the Church Jesus established, The Catholic Church’s: the teaching of The Way to Salvation (the Catechism)]” (Matthew 16:18)–but the shepherds are very lost.

And, of course, all of the other Christian religions that others, through their pride, have decided to establish because they thought they knew better, they are very lost and dying too. Some are much more blind than others, but all are greatly needing Our Savior.

Therefore, Our Lord wants us to follow Him and hear Him talking to us through His saints, who correctly know The Way to Life and speak His true Words… the true faith and follow them. 

Because up until now, “there are many who arrive at the faith [Christianity, for they received some grace], but [from so many lies being spread there are] FEW who are led into the heavenly kingdom” as Pope St. Gregory the Great and countless other saints throughout the years have been warning us (“On the Gospels,” Homily 19, Sunday Sermons of the Great Fathers). 

“Many, I tell you, will attempt to enter [into Heaven] but will not be strong enough [we won’t have a saving faith]” (Luke 13:24).

Fortunately, today, we are at the time when The Word states that the evil one’s reign is coming close to an end (at least for a 1000 years). To where “the Devil or Satan… [will be] tied it up for a thousand years and… [thrown] it into the abyss” (Revelations 20:2-3), so our constant temptations from him will end, and we and God’s priests will begin to see and grow in True holiness.

“[Then] nations shall behold your vindication [how the Church is made right again] and all the kings your glory [will see God in you]; you [the Church] shall be called by a new name pronounced by the mouth of the LORD.

You shall be a glorious [humble] crown in the hand of the LORD, a royal diadem held by your God. No more shall people call you “Forsaken,“ [like we are today]  or your land “Desolate,“ [without anyone of faith] but you shall be called “My Delight,“ and your land “Espoused” (Isaiah 62:2-4).

To see that this happens–that the devil, his lies, are put to death–so we can more easily become people of true faith again, we need to humbly allow God to enlighten us to all the deceptions that are living within us, that are preventing us from growing into a faith that saves and stamp them out; for these deceptions are killing us.

Truly, simply “saying” we believe, or going to church, or doing “good works” won’t save us, if at judgement, we haven’t advanced into TRUE faith–a sincere faith in Jesus.

“If you confess with your mouth [with true faith] that Jesus is Lord and [truly] believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved” (Romans 10:9-10).

Yes, confessing that Jesus is Lord and believing God raised Him from the dead doesn’t mean much, if what we say and believe isn’t TRUE. True faith alone saves.

We are Dishonest with Ourselves

The problem is, we are people that “say” many things, but what we say really isn’t true. We “say” we believe; we “say” we are sorry for our sin; we “say” we are doing our best to amend our lives. But God, who knows the truth, understands clearly most of what we “say” simply isn’t true. We are living a lie. 

We GREATLY lack honestly and self-knowledge, since our unrepented/unchanged sins have blinded us (made us very proud).

Reality is, we believe only a little; we are only a little sorry for our sins, and we are only trying a little to amend our lives… if at all. Our love for ourselves and sin is still too great. 

Many won’t even admit our sins… we simply can’t humble ourselves enough to do that. Yet, that proves a lack of contrition and humility which are both deadly.

“There are millions of souls… we are wallowing in ignorance of the things necessary for our salvation and in the sins we have never dared to confess, and for want of your help [to teach The Way] we will certainly be damned.”

–St. Vincent de Paul (Letter to Francois Du Courday, in Rome, July 25, 1634)

Oh, some of us might even confess our sins (what we are willing to see and admit), but we are not sincerely striving to stop them. If we were, they would be leaving, and we would be becoming like Jesus–saints.

How many of our sins have we been committing our entire lives? How about our sinful personality traits our: complaining, worrying, impatience, anger, lying, self-pity, frustrations, anxieties?… I could go on and on. Oh, how many sins do we just ignore, like our impurity or vanity? 

Are we even trying to not sin or do we just live our lives doing whatever we want? This is how little our contrition (sorrow) is. So sad. These aren’t the qualities of someone with a saving faith.

We might think we are wanting to aviod and leave our sins, but if we were truly striving to leave all our sins, since we really hate them (were truly sorry for them), from receiving God’s grace (having humility), we would be working hard to leave ALL of them, holding on to none of them, so we can be attached to Our Savior (not sin), GROWING INTO TRUE SAINTS, but we aren’t. 

“To go on gaining and advancing every day, we must be resolute, and bear and suffer as our blessed forerunners did. Which of them gained heaven without a struggle?”

–St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton (Conference to her spiritual daughters)

After a lifetime of being “Christians” we might have perhaps changed some, but from not growing into a saving faith, we are pretty much same day after day. Now, that doesn’t mean we aren’t doing “good”… perhaps we are doing really good things, but we are still FAR from growing and growing into becoming perfect self-sacrificing saints (which is what happens when we correctly live the faith). 

If we aren’t currently growing, no matter how much we have grown, we are dead. A lack of true progress–a lack of a living growing faith–towards sanctity clearly proves we are doing something very wrong

“If we say, “We have fellowship with him,” while continuing to walk in darkness [not following the Light becoming saints], we are liars and do not act in truth” (1 John 1:  ).

We don’t want to be liars. We want to fully acknowledge that we aren’t living the faith correctly and need Jesus to teach us and save us. Only the humble (non-liars) will obtain Life.

But up until now, we have proved, from not becoming like Christ–true saints–our belief, sorrow and efforts to live the faith are NOT TRUE. They are not producing the correct fruit: saints. They won’t save.

“Poor blind persons, who imagine that they can see clearly and distinctly, and all the time their eyes are closed by sin. In spite of all the grace which God in His goodness gives them, they [from their pride reject it and] intend to go to perdition [hell].”

–St. John Vianney (Sermons of the Cure of Ars, Third Sunday in Lent – Indulgences)

Our Pride Loves to be Good

Now of course, some of us aren’t even trying to be good. We just do whatever we want, not caring about right from wrong, simply doing what we can to get a head, not even considering God’s commands… and for us with this condition, if we learn the requirements of salvation, and come to believe we need to change or we will perish into eternal punishment, it is actually easier to be saved than the proud “religious” person, as explained later. 

But there are plenty of us, who want to be good and live to be kind. And that is good, but we have allowed the devil to make that into something very bad.

Please know, the devil tricks us into believing that we are so good and surely saved (blind), even though we are not living our baptismal promises of rejecting sin, since we still continue in many sins and are not truly following Jesus (not becoming saints), because we have spent our lives finding our happiness through our pride and not through LOVING GOD, which has caused horrid blindness.

“You have broken the faith you pledge me both in baptism and subsequently [and don’t reject sin]… I created and redeemed you to be a Christian. I did you every good. But you are like someone out of his senses, because you do not know what you are doing [you don’t even know you aren’t being a true Christian]. You are like a blind man, because you do not know where you are headed [to Hell].

–Jesus to St. Bridget of Sweden (Revelations, Book 1, Ch.41) 

Our pride just loves to think of ourselves (us sinners) as “good” people, who are doing everything well, or at least well enough, even though we are far from having true faith in Jesus, far from truly following Christ, far from people who hate the world and all of its pleasures, (that pull our hearts from knowing, loving and serving Him), far from people who live for the cross so to suffer and sacrifice for the salvation of other’s souls, like the true saints have done. 

“For that among many called few only are chosen (Matthew 20:16)… since none of us knows how few the elect may be… once should look steadily forward and anxiously ask himself, whether he is walking as well as those of whose election [into Heaven] no one doubts [the saints].

–St. Anslem (Letter of Spiritual Counsel)

Therefore, not only are we not leaving our sins, most are clueless as to what the true faith: hatred of the world, love of the cross/suffering and working for the salvation of souls is, but since we consider ourselves “good” people, we have never looked for how we are failing, never sought what the true faith is (we think we are living it). Then our pride causes us to praise God with our thoughts and words, saying we love Him, but our hearts are far from sincere. We don’t truly want to love/follow Him.

Our Lord has cried out trying to get us to understand that many “people honors me with their lips, but [from being deceived] their hearts are far from me [they really honor and love themselves and sin… thinking they are great Christians]; in vain do they worship me, [unknowingly] teaching as doctrines human precepts [not teaching the true way to Heaven].” (Matthew 15:8-9). 

I know it is hard to admit we do such a thing, or even that we have been deceived by such a thing. But not only do the “teachers” preach lies, live a false faith and love many sins, which is why they aren’t leaving them, nor becoming saints and are perishing; we do tooWe are just the same. 

“[How insincere man/woman is] People think he[she] is a well-dressed, strong and dignified man[woman], active in the battle of the Lord [a true Christian]. However, when his helmet is removed, he is disgusting to look at and unfit for any work [loving sin and the world]…

On the outside he is the kind of man who seems to be decked out in good habits and wisdom and active in my service, but he[she] is not like that at all… If he were shown to people as he is, he would be the ugliest man of all…

[Unknown to him] he only wants to hear his own praises and glory [he loves to know how good he is and how great are his accomplishments]… his thoughts is for the present and not for eternity [he concerned about his worldly needs, since he thinks he is saved]…

He thinks about how to be pleasing to men [since he finds his happiness in pleasing other and having other like him] and about concerns of the body… but not about how he might please me or about what is good for souls [salvation]…

He has lost discretion by which he might distinguish between sin and virtue [and can’t tell good from bad]… he is ashamed to sin [to do wrong] for fear of human embarrassment but not at all out of fear of me [for he loves to be seen as good and doesn’t consider the consequences that God imposes upon us for our sins]… involvement in worldly affairs [parties, socialization, the media, success, sports, popularity, etc… are] altogether wholesome and appealing.

[Instead of a] remembrance of my passion [focused on My love and the consequence of sin against Me and ending it].. there is only a concern for temporal affairs and worldly desire [focus on worldly gain]… he[she] does not care if the church he[she] represents gets destroyed, so long as he can carry out his selfish will [he doesn’t even think of the loss of souls nor recognize the heresies being spread, thinking he/she is doing God’s will, since if seems to be  “good” when it really is his/her own]…

[Yet,] he thinks he stands upright [from being CLUELESS that he is doing such things]… none of the saints can bear him… and in this condition he stands before me [drowning in guilt, punishable of the worst torments in hell].

However, so long as his soul remains in the body, he can [if he can see his condition, admit it and repent] obtain my mercy.”

–Jesus to St. Bridget of Sweeden (Revelations Book 1 Ch. 23)

Yes, we are guilty of many, if not all of these. But most don’t want to hear this. We can’t even bear to hear how we aren’t faithful Christians. This is how many of us pride ourselves. We don’t want to know that we aren’t really living the real faith and dying. We don’t want to be honest with ourselves. We prefer the lie. 

How many of us become angry at someone’s correction of us (weather right or wrong); our pride is full of complaints and denial of their accusations as we try to prove we aren’t guilty. We aren’t trying to see our sins so we can stop them and love God. Someone trying to enlighten/correct us is considered offensive to our pride. 

Yes, most refuse to hear or see reality, even if it is told directly to us or should I say, especially if it is told to us directly. That is when our pride is the greatest (least humble) but it is the easiest to see through our complaints and anger at those who have corrected or complained about us. Sadly, we would rather love and live in our sins and perish…. thinking we are great people than admit we are wrong and change. 

Oh, we like what we like and want to keep on doing what we enjoy or feel is best, as if we, in this horrible state of darkness, know what that is. But the truth, as the saints teach, is ready to save us IF we can humbly accept it and change

Yes, sadly, our pride prefers to think we truly love God and are doing what is right, but as you will learn, we are not even close to fulfilling the requirements of salvation and are actually doing many things that are hurting our faith, even though we think they are helping us…. shocking but true.

If we continue to stay blind, thinking we are doing everything well and surely saved, we will surely die. That pride will kill us. We miserable sinners in need of Our Savior. Or we will suffer an eternal loss. Really, it is unfathomable the loss we will experience for eternity if we can’t come to hear Our Lord and His saints crying for us to repent and change. “The kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the gospel [enough to truly live it].” (Mark 1:15)

“The huge dragon, the ancient serpent, who is called the Devil and Satan, who deceived the whole world, was thrown down to earth… Fascinated [by his lies, thinking they were the way to happiness], the WHOLE WORLD followed after the beast [and lost The Way to Heaven]… whoever has ears ought to hear these words” (Revelations 12: 1-9).

We Must Grow into a Saving Faith

We must come to understanding that we need to GROW, through God’s grace, into a true belief in Jesus. We don’t automatically have it. For most it is a life long process.

“[We must] long for pure spiritual milk [God’s helping grace] so that through it you may GROW into salvation [a saving faith]” (1 Peter 2:2).

We need honesty and humility about our faith–knowing we are broken and needing Our Savior to help us truly love Him and not our sins… to give us a saving faith–or our pride will reject God’s helping grace, which wants to help us grow into salvation.

“Oh, the reason I act so sinful is because I was mistreated by others”, we say; “I suffered this great loss… I this and I that”. Yes, all of our lives have had different struggles. But no matter what they are or why we sin, we have a Savior, who can heal us of everything, that is IF we humbly correctly seek Him. But we haven’t. 

Our lack of hatred for our sins (love for them) has kept us living in them from year to year to year… and they are killing us. We can’t love both God and sin. We will reject God for our sins.  That isn’t a saving faith.

Therefore, if we want to grow into a saving faith, we must correctly learn The Way the saints walked to obtain Heaven and become like the humble man in The Bible, who cried out to Jesus, “I do believe, but help my unbelief” (Mark 9:24). Then we can humbly seek God to help us GROW into a mature saving faith… a faith that truly hates all of our sins and truly LOVES GOD. 

“[Only] those who have GROWN TO MATURITY [into a saving faith] in the grace of God will find the joy of adopted children in the kingdom of heaven; those who have not grown to maturity will become God’s enemies and, even though they were once his children [from baptism], they will be punished according to their deeds for all eternity.”

–St. Andrew Kim Taegon, (His Final Exhortation Letter)

Yes, we must through our free will, by accepting God’s grace, “come to maturity” (Wisdom 3:16) in our faith, and not stay as “children [who are easily deceived and], tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine” (Ephesians 4:14), which is why we are so lost.

So, ask yourself what you do in your life that a real saint does. If you can find something, then you can keep that. But if you are like most of us, we do nothing that a true self-sacrificing saint would do. Therefore, we have to change everything or at least why we do everything if we are to grow into a saving faith. Yes, we have a lot of work ahead of us. We have to turn our entire lives to God.

Humanity Has Always Struggled with Blindness

This deception of thinking we are saves or truly believe when we don’t have that kind of faith is nothing new. Surprisingly, even with Martha and Mary, who thought they were greatly faithful from their relationship and experiences with God, we see during the raising of Lazarus from the dead, suffered from this issue as well, since they proved they still didn’t have the faith they thought they had, which is explained later.

Believing that everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved” no matter how we choose to live or how little we prove our love is for God, is what the devil has deceived us into thinking, so we will think our words are of value even if they are proven to be lies. Then we think it is easy to be saved. That deception keeps us from seeking God’s mercy during our lives, so we can grow from just some faith in Jesus into a mature saving faith

Please don’t be deceived; the “road is HARD that leads to life” (Matthew 7:14). Sure we will be saved if we call upon God’s name, but only if we call upon Him with true faith in Him.

Therefore, to be saved, we need to obtain true belief in Jesus, and that is done by spending our life seeking Mercy to help us “GROW in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18), from just some faith until we all attain to the unity of faith [become united with Jesus… not attached to sin]… to mature manhood [a mature saving faith]” (Ephesians 4:13). 

We don’t have time to waste. Really, we are running out of time. We don’t know when our end will be. Our eternity–in paradise, instead of in torment receiving the punishment we deserve for offending/rejecting Our Creator–is counting on us doing what is necessary to allow God to transform our hard hearts into natural ones that can embrace His forgiving mercy instead of rejecting it for sin.

“I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. I will remove the heart of stone [that rejects Me] from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh [that love’s and embraces Me]” (Ezekiel 36:26).

For by “grace you have been saved through [TRUE] faith” (Ephesians 2:8)… a saving faith.

What is True Faith… a Saving Faith?

True faith in Jesus is when we grow in faith to believe so greatly that Jesus is Lord, that He is The Way to Heaven, that we are willing to do or suffer anything, even death, so to follow and OBEY HIM (surrender our will for His), because we want to perfectly LOVE HIM. And this love for God drives us to truly repent (have true sorrow) when we fail (sin), which allows us to embrace His forgiving saving mercy for the salvation of our soul.

But how can we have a saving faith in Jesus, if we don’t TRULY want Him… if we don’t have a sincere will to obey and love Him… if we still have a will to sin? We can’t. We can’t want both good (God) and evil (sin). Our desire for evil reject’s God’s mercy for sin. 

“Let love be sincere; hate what is evil, hold on to what is good [God]” (Romans 12:9).

If we want Eternal Life, we must desire God and be fully attached to Him (want no sins) so we can be, “united with Him” (Romans 6:5), Our Savior.

“This loving cleaving to God [attached to God] is necessary for salvation.”

–St. Albert the Great (Cleaving to God, Ch. 1)

Desire God… Not Sin

Yes, if we want to be united with Our Savior when we die, we must truly want Jesus or we won’t have Him. We must cling to God not our sinsSure we might “think” we don’t want sin and only want God, but that is the devil tricking us again, so we won’t be honest with ourselves and die with a great hidden love for evil.

“Trust in Me, I have redeemed the, I have given My life for thee; if thou cleave to Me, thou shalt escape the evils which were about thee, and shall not fall into the pit… I will lead thee unto My kingdom.”

—St. Anselm (Devotions, Med. 4)

From the consequences of Adam and Eve’s sin, all of humanity is greatly inclined to sin and easily develops a desire for it, which needs mercy (God’s helping grace) to set us free from those chains. To learn more please read, “What is the Desire for Sin?”

“God has imprisoned all in disobedience [with a want for sin, especially idols], so that he may be merciful to all [who sincerely seek Him]” (Romans 11:32).

Unless we have spent our lives seeking Our Savior and His mercy to remove that desire (the deliberate wanting to sin), and have accepted His transforming grace, and now only desire Him in every thought, word and deed, it is there.

“Now those who belong to Christ [who have a saving faith] have crucified their flesh [put to death] with its passions and desires [for sin].” (Galatians 5:24)

Habitual Sins Kill

We can easily see our desire for sin in our visible habitual sins. The sins that we constantly return to, like our: impurity, anger, impatience, vanity, worries… and countless other things, you know our sinful personality traits are easy ones to see. The sins that we never sincerely sought God for help nor worked hard to remove. The sins we prove we are clinging to, since they aren’t leaving.

Yes, those horrible habitual sins, whom God is waiting to take away, that we just pay no or half-hearted attention to and continue in are very deadly.

“Those Who Return to Sin After Repentance

That person is a mocker and not a penitent [someone truly sorry] who continues to commit that for which he is repenting, and is not seen to beseech God [for forgiveness] as a humble person, but mocks him as a proud one. ‘Like a dog that returns to its vomit’ (Proverbs 26:11) so is the penitent who returns to sinning. For many people shed tears unceasingly, yet do not stop sinning. These people do not experience tears for the sake of penance [but from pride].”

–St. Isadore of Seville (Book 2 #16)

Sure, we all have different sins we are more inclined towards, but we must lose our desire for them all.

Yes, our habitual sins must leave and our desire for any sin (even if we don’t commit it) must become banished from our heart. Sin must no longer look like something “good” to us… we must come to truly hate them all, so our hearts will truly love and only desire God.

“[Those habitual sins] how slight soever their objects may be, any one of them, not over come, is sufficient to prevent this union [dying not united to Our Savior but to sin].“

–St. John of the Cross (Ascent of Mount Carmel, Ch 11)

Therefore, we must spend our lives, seeking Jesus to save us, to remove our great desire for sin, to give true love for Him: a great hatred for sin and the offence it has upon Our Lord, so that we will do or suffer anything rather than choose to offend The One we love. Then we will stop constantly crucifying Him in our hearts, over and over again, because of our sins.

“We must regard as guilty all those who continue to relapse into their sins. Since our sins made the Lord Christ suffer the torment of the cross, those who plunge themselves [habitually] into disorders and crimes crucify the Son of God a new in their hearts (for he is in them) and hold him up to contempt.” (CCC 598)

Habitual sins aren’t no big deal or just the way we are. They are deadly. They aren’t how we love God. We must rid them all. Please don’t be deceived.


“Those who love me [with perfect love] will keep my word [they will choose to not sin]” (John 14:23).

Those with perfect love for God (well, as perfect as one can get on earth) have enough of God’s grace within them to never choose to offend Him again, and they keep His Word. The same grace that strengthens us to not commit one sin, for those with perfect love, has become enough to prevent them from sinning at all. Amazing! And true. Please believe!

“May the God of peace make you perfect in holiness [to never do anything unholy (to never sin)]. May he preserve you whole and entire, spirit, soul, and body, irreproachable [perfect] at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

He who calls us [to perfect holiness] is trustworthy, therefore he will do it [for those who honestly/humbly seek Him and work with their whole heart to change]” (1 Thessalonians 5:23-24).

These soul’s, who allowed God to change them into becoming perfect, are the souls whom Our Lord has gladdened (wiped away our sins)… which we hope for too.

But, if we want to have a saving faith, we don’t need to advance in faith to have perfect love–to never sin.

“Perfection in love is reached when nothing of sinful infirmity remain in us.”

–St. Augustine (Letter to  Jerome on James #17)

Our Lord never said we needed to perfectly love Him to be saved.

Of course, we must want to perfectly love God, we must “walk in the way of perfection” (Psalm 101), and be working hard to obtain that goal for THAT IS THE WAY TO SALVATION. 

“God requires the completeness of perfection from Christians, that is, we must be perfect in every virtue.”

–St. Theopan the Recluse (Spiritual Combat, Ch. 1)

Who can have any kind of real love for God, if we are okay with offending Him at all, if we are okay with lacking in any quality of Christ (any virtue). That is an abomination of love…. and tragically what the devil has tricked us into having.

“Nothing is so common among Christians as to say, “O my God; I love thee,” and nothing more rare, perhaps, than the love of the good God…

We must not love the good God in word, but in deed. [But as we can see] there are very few Christians who TRULY love God… [Yet] it is the first of all virtues, a virtue so necessary, that without it we shall never get to Heaven.”

—St. John Vianney (The Little Catechism, Ch. 15)

Yes, most of us, from being so deceived, have thought little of many of our sins–little of our lack of virtue–as if they don’t even bother Our Lord. This has made us complacent with our offences against God, proving we still don’t have any real love for Him–no desire to stop all that is unholy (sin). Most have never even had a thought about trying to never offend God (to perfectly love Him).

Sadly, we aren’t trying to become like Christ, perfect. We just try to be good people or think since we have changed some of our sinful ways and become better people, now all is good. When from our lack of efforts towards sinning no more, we prove our great lack of love for God. If we aren’t GROWING towards becoming a perfect saint our faith is dead, no matter how “holy” one is. We MUST be growing, leaving sin one sin at a time, constantly changing into becoming the image of Christ, a true saint, if we are to have a true living faith.

But there are some of us, who want to become saints, but sadly, not only are we GREATLY deceived as to what that is, and we are not doing or desiring it for the right reasons or with the right heart.

First, we want to become saints while living in a state of prideful self-righteousness… thinking we are surely saved, by any of the number of justifications the devil has deceived us with, which of course won’t obtain us the goal. We must be humble. Therefore, our lack of knowing we are miserable sinners, who need to constantly seek Jesus to transform our hearts of self-love, so we can become a saint or even saved isn’t within us. Next, we want to become holy or a saint for self-benefit, not to TRULY love God… not to never offend Him, and we wind up wanting to become a saint for self-glory.

Of course, God does want us to become holy and to save our souls, but we must grow in faith and stop doing wrong just to benefit ourselves or others–so we will have a good happy life with God on earth and for eternity–and begin doing everything to BENEFIT GOD… to love God. But please know, when we are still with little grace, motivating others and ourselves to seek God and do good, so we don’t have a horrible life and eternity is fine and needed in the beginning, since when we lack much grace, we can only act on self-love.

But to obtain a saving faith, we must obtain enough grace that our true reasons for what we do (our faith) must change from mercenary love (loving/seeking God for self-benefit) into finial love (loving/seeking God to love Him–to never offend Him… to perfectly fulfill His will).

Everything we do must be for the love and glory of God… not ourselves. We must want to save our souls, because we don’t want God to suffer the loss of any of His children…. not because we don’t want to suffer in Hell. Yes, we have a lot to change.

If we want to embrace God’s forgiveness, we must work with all of our heart to stop offending Our Beloved Lord, to become “holy” because we desire to love Him (to not injure Him because of our sins).

True Sorrow for Offending GOD

As we are striving to never offend Our Beloved Lord (mortifying ourselves of our desire for sin) and working hard to save souls (atone for our sins), we MUST become truly sorrowful for sinning against God when we fail (gain a truly huble contrite heart for our sins). For, of course, forgiveness of our sins can’t be accepted if our belief in Jesus is so little that we aren’t even truly sorry we have offended Him.

“Thy death will not save me, if I do not on my part detest every evil [sin] and have TRUE SORROW for the sins I have committed against Thee.

–St. Alphonsus

However, that doens’t mean we doubt in God’s forgiveness. God desires to forgive us of each and every one all of our sins, no sin is to great for His unfathomable mercy. He wants us sinners in Heaven. But that surely doesn’t mean we presume we have accepted His forgiveness either. 

We MUST obtain a faith that can accept God’s saving grace. This it the whole purpose of the practicing our faith–to grow at least into a saving faith. So, God doesn’t have to suffer the unfathomable loss of His Children. 

This is why Jesus and John the Baptist came preaching repentance. Yes, “repentance, for the forgiveness of sins would be preached in his name” (Luke 24:46) for the salvation of our souls. The fullness of penance (repentance) is how we prove we truly love God and can accept God’s forgiving mercy. 

“I have… come to call the… sinners to repentance” (Luke 5:32). 

“Salvation comes from repentance.”

–St. Aquinas (True Repentance, Homily 24 Sunday after Trinity)

Therefore, TRUE repentance saves. 

“God’s will is to save us, and nothing pleases him more than our coming back to him with TRUE repentance. The heralds of truth and the ministers of divine grace have told us this from the beginning, repeating it in every age.”

–St. Maximus the Confessor (Divine Office, 4th week of Lent pg. 304)

Only those with true belief in Jesus can truly repent. Yes, there is a great “need to repent and turn to God [turn away from sin]” (Acts 20:26). For if we don’t truly repent before our death, our rejection of God (good) for evil, which is what occurs when we commit the slightest sin, will remain for ever.  

“Whoever neglects a single one of them [any of God’s commands] is a bad Christian, and will be cast into hell unless he is truly penitent [truly sorry] for his sin.

–St. Francis Xavier (Letter, Spring of 1543)

Therefore, mortal sins fully reject God and any sin we aren’t truly sorry we have committed against God the almighty, makes that sin mortal as well and rejects Good for evil. For it is an abomination of love to not be truly contrite for offending Our Creator with any sin.

Please know, when we grow in faith to finally possess true sorrow for our offences against God, and we can truly repent, we will want to suffer the most cruel tortures than fall back into the sin which he has just confessed [or committed]” as St. John Vianney explains. 

This is when we have finally become truly sorry for offending Our Lord, God the Almighty. Then we will be able to embrace his forgiveness of our sins, instead of rejecting it from still having some kind of liking for our sin.

“Repentance which excluded the love of God is infernal like to that of the damned.”

–St. Francis De Sales (The History of the Generation and Heavenly Birth of Divine Love, Ch. 19)

But sadly, we have spent our life caring little about our sins and how we have caused God to be “grieved” (Genesis 6:6) because of our wrong choices. Yes, we prove we have such little love for God.

“In your struggle against [removing your want for] sin, you have not yet resisted [temptation enough] to the point of shedding blood [to avoid offending God]” (Hebrews 12:4).

Yes, we are far from being willing to shed blood so to not offend God.  

Please tell me, who of us is willing to suffer, even something slight, so to not sin or turn from our sins, so to not offend God? Sure we might do something to stop a sin if it is hurting us or someone else, but what about stopping our sins simply to love God?

Sadly, we have been so deceived and are focusing mostly on getting mercy/grace from God, for self-benefit, not to help us LOVE HIM–not to help us work with all of our heart to stop ALL our offences against Him because we can’t bear to harm Our Beloved Lord. Therefore, our love for God has really just been a love for ourselves (to obtain mercy for self interest).

Therefore, if we want a saving faith, we must grow in faith to love God enough to desire to “be perfect as our Heavenly Father is perfect” (Matthew 5:48) and be striving with our whole heart (the best we can) for that goal… not striving just to be a “good or kind” person, as the devil has reduced Christianity into being… as most are deceived into thinking is someone of faith. But striving to be without the slightest offence against God… to become just like Jesus: a true self-sacrificing saint, who chooses the cross and lives a life of penance, so to send grace, for the salvation of souls: to help others obtain a saving faith.

“Blessed are they who die in penance, because they shall be
in the Kingdom of Heaven. Woe to those who do not die in penance, because they
shall be “the sons of the devil” (1 Jh 3:10)… they shall go “into the eternal
fire (Mt. 18:8). Beware of and abstain from every evil and persevere in good
until the end” 

–St. Francis of Assisi (The Regula non-Bullata, Ch. 21)


Please don’t fall into error and spend our life trying to make others “happy” in this life (people pleasing), as the devil tries to get us to do, convincing us that is “kind” and what Christians should do. We need to focus on loving God and saving souls.

We are called to truly follow Christ and help others with their corporal (bodily) needs and then spiritual needs, through helping them gain knowledge of The Truth and grace to move them towards true love of God and true contrition for their sins (a saving faith). Which sadly, as we now know, the devil has deceived the world away from doing and now endless souls, who could have been saved by our sacrifices–who could have obtained enough grace to move them into true contrition from our penances–are now dying.

“[Tragically,] many souls go to hell because there is no one to make sacrifices for them.”

–Our Lady of Fatima

Sadly, as we know, even though, we are not true self-sacrificing saints, most of us are not even working to become one. Even, for those of us, who do want to become saints, horribly, Satan has confused us greatly as to what a real saint is, (which can be learned in other articles on this web-site). Now, we are not correctly working for the goal… doing endless things we think are good, but from being blinded, we are actually loving evil (delighting in bounds of sins). Tragic!

To not live blind, please ask yourself, what are you, who isn’t a perfect saint and still sinning, doing today to turn away from even a single sin? Really, what resolutions do you have to avoid even one sin? Are you actually accepting God’s grace and leaving your sins…. and for the right reasons? What sacrifices are you making to carry crosses for the salvation of souls (ours and our neighbor)? Can we honestly say anything? 

Or do we just go about our day, thinking since we are good people we hardly sin, and then we don’t take seriously the sins (lack of living/acting like Christ) we do commit. Yikes!

Oh, we have no humility. We are far from living the saving faith and being truly contrite for ALL of our offences against God when we fail. 

And from being so deceived, we aren’t even seeking God to give us this kind for saving faith. This must change. We must come to know we NEED to seek God to save us (to transform us into a saving/sincere  faith/love in Jesus) or WE WILL DIE.

Frankly, most of us have become so blind, because of our unrepented/unchanged sins, we don’t even see the magnitude of sins (everything a real saint wouldn’t do) anymore. We don’t know right from wrong. Tragic! We greatly need Mercy to enlighten us, to what is sinful and what isn’t, for we are dying.

But please don’t be deceived into thinking since we don’t “know” right from wrong, we can’t accountable. Well that just isn’t true. For most of the sins we blindly commit, since we should know them, we are quite guilty. 

“Ignorance can often be imputed to personal responsibility. This is the case when a man “take little trouble to find out what is true and good, or when conscience is by degree almost blinded through the habit of committing sin.” (CCC 1791)

Also, please know, this willingness to suffer to love God (to not offend Him and save souls) is obtained by our free will and accepting God’s grace. To obtain it, we need to spend much time seeking His mercy so we can receive His help to grow in our hatred for sin and love for God. 

“[Our Savior’s] perfect teaching and divine acts [grace] move men to saving faith.”

–St. Augustine (Augustin to Dioscorus, #32)

There are endless ways God has for us to receive the grace we need for our hearts to become transformed into a saving faith, some of which we will learn about later.

But to actually accept the grace He sends, we just need to HUMBLY–knowing we are great sinners who need His Mercy–seek and welcome His grace or from our pride we will reject Him. But this is a lot harder than it sounds… for we don’t really want to be humbled; we really want to stay proud and blind. Oh, it will take a lot of grace to even end our self-loving desires.

But it is time to change… to begin to be honest with ourselves…. and stop pretending we are so good and humbly seek God to save us. For we have a lot to grow in our faith before we can honestly say we have a true love for God and true hatred for sin. We don’t want to live believing a lie and die an eternal death because of it.

Fear of the Lord — the Beginning of Everything

When we receive grace from God and begin to understand thatsin is of infinite malice (St. Anthony Mary Claret, Autobiography, Ch 2.) that was and is being inflicted upon Our Infinitely Perfect God and His Sacred Heart of Love from OUR SINS and those of the world, then we can begin to gain some Fear of the Lord (fear to sin against God). 

From there, we can begin to grow towards a faith that can save.

“Fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of [how to obtain] salvation quite as much as it is the beginning of wisdom [beginning of how to truly live the faith] .”

–St. Bernard of Clairvaux

But the devil, who wants us damned, doesn’t want us to obtain true sorrow for our sins. He doesn’t want us to have any fear of the Lord. The devil doesn’t want us to care about God… just ourselves, even though “He [Our Lord] was pierced for our sins, crushed for our iniquity” (Isaiah 53:5).

The devil tells us that our sins don’t injure God… that He already took our pain at His crucifixion… that our sins only effect us. The devil says this so we will only be sorry for hurting ourselves or others… so we won’t care at all that we are offending God, never mind grow into true sorrow. But don’t believe the lies. 

“My son, do not think that my agony lasted three hours. No, on account of the souls who have received most from me [my priests], I shall be in agony until the end of the [sinful] world.”

–St. Padrie Pio (Letter to Father Agostino, April 7, 1913)

Don’t follow the lost. Follow the true teachings of the Church and the saints (who correctly lived the faith), who have great meditations on Christ’s passion and how each and every sin we choose, even the smallest, increases the suffering of Christ at His crucifixion, since He bore the weight of all humanities sins (both past, present and future), how His Sacred Heart of Love is currently being stabbed in Heaven over every sin we choose to commit–from our unfathomable indifference towards sin… our lack of love and malice man has towards Perfect Goodness and how we re-crucify Him in our hearts because of our sins (as mentioned earlier). 

“He [God] thirsted for love, and He is more thirsty now than ever [since the world is greatly without love]. Indifference [towards our sins] and ingratitude [for all of His grace (for we aren’t trying to sanctify ourselves from His love)] are all He finds among the world’s disciples; even among His own, He finds so few surrendering themselves [their desire for sin/their will] without reserve to the tenderness of His infinite love.”

–St. Thérèse of Lisieux (The Story of a Soul, Ch. 11)

We don’t want Our Beloved Lord to thirst for love… to suffer more gravely at His crucifixion or today because of our sins. We must strive to sin no more! We must LOVE HIM! 

To do this we need to obtain a HORROR FOR SIN. Therefore to soften our hearts, that have spent our lives not caring about our sins, spend our time contemplating what our sins have done to God and are doing to Our Lord. Without gaining a great fear of offending God, there is no hope for Life!

“It is certain that without fear and the love of God we cannot save our souls.”

–St. Bernard of Clarivox (Sermon 37, On the Knowledge and the Ignorance of God and of Self)

“Conversion is first of all a work of grace of God who makes our hearts return to him: “Restore us to thyself O Lord, that we may be restored! God give us the strength to begin anew. It is in discovering the greatness of God’s love [for us sinners] that our heart is shaken by the horror and weight of sin [of its injury against God whom loves us so greatly] and begins to FEAR OFFENDING GOD BY SIN and being separated from him [on earth and for eternity]. The human heart is converted by looking upon him who our sins have pierced” (CCC 1432). 

Therefore, to begin to grow in true love with God and hatred for your sins (truly convert) look at your battered, bleeding, gravely wounded Lord on the cross dying in agony and suffering every day in Heaven because of what you have done and how He was willing to endure all that and continues to suffer, all with the hopes of saving you (if you want Him over your sins).

Keep Your Guilt (Feeling of Sorrow)

Horribly, the devil wants us to spend our time focusing only on God’s mercy, before we even obtain contrition to be able to accept it (being truly sorry for our sins), so we will think our sins will be forgiven no matter what, when they aren’t. Then we will never grow into a saving faith. Oh, the evil one wants us to commit great sins and live guilt free, so we won’t have any fear of offending God and belong to him in Hell forever. 

We see this attempt of others (trying to be kind) seeking to remove our guilt in the confessional, in our lives and even in the Mass (when the priest speaks). But WE CAN’T ACCEPT GRACE WITHOUT HUMILITY (sorrow and fear… knowing our great sinfulness and its consequences).

“God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble” (1 Peter 5:5).

Oh, the Mass, the greatest form of prayer, has many means within it of trying to bring us into the humility and contrition we need to accept God’s grace (help and forgiveness), but some priests have been deceived into neglecting to parts of the Mass like the Penitential Act and actually omit saying, “Brothers and sisters, let us acknowledge our sins, so to prepare ourselves to celebrate the sacred mysteries” and other imperative parts of the Mass. This is a grave error the devil uses, so we can celebrate the Mass with proud self-righteous hearts, which is sadly a general practice by some celebrants.

This is of course required (except sometimes at Easter, when our Baptism is remembered) but this Penitential Act is the first step, in the Mass, to prepare ourselves to properly partake in it (humbly). Before the Mass, we should have already spent our time examining our conscience and humbling ourselves, but the Penitential Acts is the first time in the Mass we seek humility, contrition and forgiveness of our sins. We always want to do this.

But, instead of contemplating our sinfulness and growing in a state of humility and contrition, adoring God’s mercy, so we can be able to receive grace from the Mass and to help move us into a saving faith, we think of whatever things the priest thinks is “good” to say at that moment ruining much if not all of our hope to receive blessing (grace) from partaking in the Holy Sacrifice of Mass. So sad.

But for many of us no matter if the priest celebrates the Mass correctly or not, or if we are even given a moment to think of our sins before the Mass moves on, we aren’t thinking of the words we are saying and contemplating our misery growing in sorrow and guilt because of our sins. No, we just talk like a parrot, repeating what is said, thinking of nothing, losing all benefit from attending the Mass. 

We need to change. Each word that is uttered during the Mass is a most valuable prayer to God to assist us, if we make use of it.

Please know, the desire to not focus on our guilt/misery or to remove our feeling of guilt because of our sins is the evil one’s desire to remove our contrition. I understand, naturally we want others to not “feel bad”, since we like to see others happy. But since we don’t know how to save our souls, we are going about bringing others happiness ALL WRONG. 

We should and MUST be mourning over our sins, feeling horrible for them, not pretending like they are okay… that mercy will forgive us no matter what we do. It tell you, Mercy will only forgive us IF we become truly sorry, which is sadly what we don’t have. The reason we are so burdened by our sins, is from our pride. It is our pride that must be crushed for our guilt to stop weighing us down. But guilt … mourning over our sins must remain, but for the right reasons.

“Blessed are they that mourn… He designed not simply all that mourn [are blessed], but all that do so FOR SINS [who mourn over our injury to God and loss of grace/God]: since surely that other kind of mourning [mourning over the loss of the created/the world/our pride] is forbidden… This Paul also clearly declared, when he said, The sorrow of the world works death, but godly sorrow works repentance [helps us grow] unto salvation.”

–St. John Chrysostom, Doctor of the Church (Homily on Matthew)

Sorry for Offending God

Oh, the devil wants us miserable sinners to live loving our pride, and mourning over nothing we do, so we, who have caused unfathomable injury to Our Beloved Lord, can pretend like we are really good people, so we will have NO HUMILITY (no self-knowledge) and no sorrow

“Alas, my soul! We are so blind! The thing we cherish most among ourselves is honor and worldly praise and glory [so we can think of ourselves as something great], and the Heavenly Father cherishes ONLY those who despise and humble themselves before men [because of our sinfulness. But we live to build ourselves up… we don’t know The Way to Heaven].”

–St. Anthony Many Claret teaches in his book “The Golden Key to Heaven” (Med 17).

Sadly, when we are riddled with guilt over our sins, we don’t grieve over our sins for how greatly we offended Perfect Goodness. Offending God isn’t what we are thinking about, if we have any sorrow at all, which is most of our problem for most of our sins.

But if we are guilt stricken it is because our pride can’t stand what we have done. We feel horrible about it. How we have hurt ourselves and others. We can’t stand who we are. But this guilt isn’t because of our injury to GOD and how we have unfathomably hurt Him. That isn’t a concern. We aren’t even close to being truly sorry for offending Him. We don’t even consider it.

We just run to Jesus in the confessional trying to get Him to remove our feeling of guilt, so we can move on with our lives. We care nothing about God and how much anguish inflicted upon Perfect Goodness because of our sins. We must change or we will die.

Therefore, feeling of guilt–grieving/mourning over the loss of God (since sin rejects God/grace) and the injury we have inflicted upon Him–should remain (we have sinned), but it shouldn’t crush us in self-pity causing us to live in despair and hating ourselves from our pride wanting us to be who we aren’t (without the sin or error). But our guilt should cause us to hate ourselves (our sinful/self-loving will) and learn of our great need for Mercy (help) to stop desiring sin so we can desire and embrace Our Savior.

Our peace should come by ACCEPTING WHO WE ARE, sinners, knowing, God still loves us and wants to change us into becoming the perfect saints He has called us to be, and so greatly wants us in Heaven despite our sinfulness. And if we have some real sorrow for the wrong we have done against Him, He will strengthen us to grow into true contrition and to sin no more, helping us grow into a saving faith.

This honesty with ourselves that we need and lack, this feeling guilty–acknowledging and accepting who we are, great sinners, whom have gravely offended God (contrition)–should cause us to feel horrible pain and grief from our and even others sins, and should move us want to sin no more and suffer (atone) for our and others sins. This is true love… this is The Way to Life.

“[In] loving Me she comes to know more of My truth, and the more she knows, the more pain and intolerable grief she feels at the offenses committed against Me. The increase of love [for Me] grows grief and pain, wherefore he that grows in [real] love grows in grief and pain [because of our sins]… Therefore, I say to you, that you should ask [for this grief] and it will be given you; for I deny nothing of him who asks of Me in truth [with a true desire to receive].”

–God the Father to St. Catherine of Siena (Treatise on Divine Providence)

Therefore, our understanding of the unfathomable injuries we have inflicted upon God, our feeling of guilt, and our grief from our sins should remain and grow and motivate us to trun away from the evil.. to change our entire life so we can stop offending God. Without it there is no true repentance. Please don’t be deceived.

“Interior repentance is a radical reorientation of our whole life, a return, a conversion to God with all our heart, an end of sin, a turning away from evil, with repugnance towards the evil actions we have committed. This conversion of heart is accompanied by a salutary pain and sadness which the Fathers called animi cruciatus (affliction of spirit) and compunction cordis (repentance of heart). (CCC 1431)

This grief/pain should also allow us to see how much God loves us and still wants to save us despite our great offences against Him. It should cause us to grow MORE IN LOVE with Him, who, from His unfathomable mercy, can forgive and even desire in Heaven someone so sinful, who has injured Him so greatly, like me.

We are unworthy servants, who should be grieved by the guilt of our deeds. But tragically, we spend our days trying to remove our grief because of our sins, so to boost our pride, since that is how we find happiness–in the thinking of ourselves as “good”. When in reality, we are nothing but sin. 

“There is nothing in me but the stench of my sins and iniquity, which inspire horror… The faithful soul should have this opinion of herself.”

–St. Vincent Ferrer (Treatise on the Spiritual Life)

Of course when we confess our sins, we should feel enveloped with God’s love (His desire to save us) no matter how sinful we are and free from concern of death because of our sins, that is, IF we have confessed with true sorrow. 

However, since we can’t read our soul, we will never know for sure if we are truly contrite for all of our sins. But we should believe that if we continue, seeking Christ, until our end, striving to live the faith like the saints, leaving one sin at a time, growing in great hatred for sin and love of the cross (love of God), we hope and trust God will bring us into a saving faith, at least, at the moment of our death. This is true faith! This is what we should be believing.

But frankly, we are so far from living like the saints, the grief we feel from our sins, if we have any at all, isn’t even because we are in pain because we have injured Our Beloved Lord. We don’t even have a little bit of this sorrow. We think our sins don’t affect Jesus or the understanding of this truth is far from our contemplation, so we don’t grieve over offending Him at all. Our words of contrition are meaningless.

“They grieve over everything but [offending/losing] me. They grieve for their own and their friends’ losses…They grieve over offending or hurting people more… but they do not grieve about offending or hurting me, who am the Creator of all things.”

–Jesus to St. Bridget of Sweden, (Revelations, Ch. 46)

If we are upset because we have done wrong, it is from our pride being wounded, from us doing what we are ashamed of. Our concern for God simply doesn’t exist anymore. From living in the time of darkness, our understanding of the infinite injury against our Infinitely Perfect Lord that we inflict upon Him from just one sin doesn’t bring us to tears… such understanding is far removed from the forefront of our thoughts.

“A single sin arouses in Thee [God] a nausea, a horror and an INFINITE displeasure… a venial sin… contains in itself so much malice that one should not commit it, not even if thereby he could save… all the inhabitants of the world.”

–St. Anthony Mary Claret (The Golden Key to Heaven)

True Christians have Fear

We must have fear or we don’t have true faith. I know this is hard to understand, since we have been deceived into believing if we “fear” we don’t have faith…. and sure some “fears” are from a lack of faith, but if we don’t have “fear of the Lord”, we are dead. 

Please know, prior to obtaining fear of the Lord–fear of sinning against God–we might have grown in our knowledge, works and/or experiences with God, living a better, more Christian like life, but we have not grown towards a saving faith. 

Obtaining some amount of Fear of the Lord–fear of sinning against God because we fear going to Hell from our sins (servile fear) or fear of sinning against God because we can’t bear to offend Our Beloved Lord, whom we seek to perfectly love (filial fear) is the first step towards Life. Yes, “Fear of the Lord is the BEGINNING of wisdom” (Psalm 111:10).

As the saints say, servile fear is normally the first step for most, since it is hard to change our life as greatly as we need to grow into a saving faith just to love God, especially since we hardly know Him, because our sins have rejected Him so greatly. Therefore, the fear of us suffering in eternal punishment because of our sins, is a great and needed fear. 

“The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life, so that [from fearing sin and its consequences against ourselves and God] one may avoid the snares of death” (Proverbs 14:27). 

If we have no fear of sinning, we need to obtain it and if we have some, we must grow from some fear of the Lord until it becomes true, not a fear that stops us from sinning because we fear God’s just punishments, but until it moves us to love God so greatly and hate sin so much that we would rather ourselves to suffer anything, even a torturous death, rather than have Perfect Goodness suffer from even the slightest of our sins.

“If you ask me what [true] repentance is, I tell you that it is an anguish of the soul, and a detestation for past sin, and a firm resolve never to sin again… No my friends, you must not rely on tears alone. They are often deceiving, and many persons weep in the confessional and fall back into the same sin at the first opportunity… Christians who have sinned and wish to obtain pardon, must be so minded that he would rather SUFFER THE MOST CRUEL TORTURES than fall back into the sin which he has just confessed.

–St. John Vianney, (Sermon of the Cure d Ars, Passion Sunday: Repentance)

Without this great fear to offend God, we don’t have a saving faith. This is true love and true repentance. “Unless you repent, you will all perish” (Luke 13:3). Anything else is from self-love… a lack of hatred for sinning against God and a lack of true love for Him.

“I learned in the depths of my soul how horrible sin was, even the smallest sin, and how much it TORMENTED the soul of Jesus.”

–St. Faustina

The Requirements of Salvation (True Belief in Christ):

Hopefully we can now see, the requirements for salvation (a saving faith) are:

  • True Love for God
  • True Sorrow for Our Sins

But there is much involved in each of these truths, which makes acquiring them quite hard… even harder than what was already explained. Remember, “the road is HARD that leads to Life” (Matthew 7:14)But each of these truths is broken down in a helpful list below, so we can more clearly understand what we need to accept God’s saving mercy.

Also, please know we can’t possess just one or a few of these characteristics below and not have the rest if we wish to accept God’s forgiving mercy. We need ALL of these requirements to allow God to save us (to change us). All of them are the components of a saving faith. Please don’t be deceived.

“If we sin willfully after having the knowledge of the truth [have been baptized], there is now left no sacrifice for sins [and we must obtain true belief in Jesus to be saved]… [If not] a certain dreadful expectation of judgment, and the rage of a fire which shall consume [us]” (Hebrews 10:26-27).

The following is a break down of the two main requirements (true love for God and true contrition for our sins) that are the foundation of true belief in God:

TRUE LOVE FOR GOD–to truly love God above all and desire nothing but Him and His will–to be attached to Our Savior and not anyone, anything or even ourselves, we must have:

    • Desire God Alone–to truly love God, we must truly want Him and not any sin, or we will reject God for that sin. Many of us are deceived into thinking we desire God alone, but that is the devil tricking us into believing a lie so we won’t seek Our Savior to change our hearts that desire many sins, our will and endless pleasures of the world (people, power and possessions). So please don’t think we don’t have a “will to sin” unless we have sought and sought God to change us, and succeeded in allowing God to transform us; we do. “The souls in hell having been found at the moment of death with a WILL TO SIN [desire to sin], have with them an infinite degree of guilt [since one sin is infinitely offensive to Perfect Goodness]; and the punishment they suffer, though less than they deserve, is yet, so far as it exists, endless.” –St. Catherine of Genoa (The Treatise of Purgatory, Ch. 4) 
    • True Trust in Jesus–If we want to obtain a saving faith, we must believe Jesus is Lord, who loves us, and love God enough to trust in Him and all He allows in our lives as what He intends to use for our good, knowing nothing even horrible tragedies, are intended for our harm, since God loves us and desires to use all to save us. He has a plan for all He allows not just to help us in this world, but most importantly to help us move towards a towards a saving faith (true love for God and true sorrow for our sins) that is, IF we can learn and change to becoming more like Christ through the cross. If we can little by little allow God to change our stony hearts into new hearts of true love and true contrition.
      Then, we won’t or complain about anything when it goes wrong or opposed to our will, we will be in peace and just trust. To do this we must learn how to let go of wanting to doing things our way (wanting our will) and embrace everything, especially all crosses God allows, from little inconveniences to great illnesses as His perfect will for us. Then look for why God has allowed such a cross, so we can learn how to become more like Him and lose our will/desire/love for sin, so we can come to truly hate sin and follow Jesus correctly to Heaven. 
      But beware some of us can obtain trust in Jesus and not fret because we now believe God allows all for our good, and even be waiting for our judgment and death so we can be with Jesus for eternity, but if we still don’t have enough humility to know we are the most miserable sinner, who has greatly injured Our Lord (from the infinite offence just one sin causes against Perfect Goodness), we will just trust in Jesus… waiting for something “good” to happen. But from our blinding pride, we won’t be able to see the “good” that Jesus is trying to bring us to.
      “Many proud people seem to be just, and say they desire the day of judgment, or of their death, that they may begin to be with Christ. But He says ‘Wow’ to them, because none is without sin, and precisely because they have no fear in them, they deserve punishment” as St. John of the Cross warns us (Quoted in St. Anthony of Padua’s Homely 23rd Sunday after Pentacost).
    • Since our pride likes to think of ourselves as good people and not as miserable sinners (which is the real truth), our pride won’t allow us to see that the cross is meant to lead us to the true hatred for our sins and the true love for God we need, so Our Lord can transform our hearts into a saving faith and then into perfect atonement for our sins (to make us saints so we can go to Heaven).
      From our pride, we will think we are righteous because of the “peace” we are experiencing… and then from a lack of self-knowledge (lack of humility/lack of knowledge of the true injuries we have inflicted against God), we will reject mercy from our pride. Most tragic!
      “Pride keeps it [our soul] in darkness. The soul neither knows how, nor is it willing, to probe with precision the depths of its own misery [sinfulness]. It puts on a mask and avoids everything that might bring it recovery.” St. Faustina 
    • Detachment from the Word–If we want a saving faith, we must become detached from the world and become attached/united to Our Savior or we will reject Him for the world. Before we understand we need to lose our desire for the world, so we can attach to God, from our desires for self-love, we will have endless attachments (countless things we seek to satisfy the longings of our heart that aren’t God and/or His will).
      But, when we finally grow into a saving faith, our desire to satisfy our longing for happiness with the people, powers and possessions of the world will no longer be found in us. Our body will pine for God and His will alone.
      Our desire won’t even be to get love from God, through our self-love, to benefit ourselves. Our desire for happiness will be found in giving love to God(the source of true earthly and eternal happiness), by striving to perfectly obey/please Him.
      “Whoever wants to be a lover of the world makes himself an enemy of God” (James 4:4). 
    • Only Want God’s Will–To allow God to save us, we must let go of all we want and seek in this life, and seek only God’s will in everything. We need to do this, since following God and His will is The Only Way to Heaven. God alone knows what we should be thinking, saying and doing at every moment, so each moment can be without sin and advance us towards a saving faith and then into becoming perfectly pleasing God (a perfect saint).
      Since, our natural desire (from the fall of Adam and Eve) is to love ourselves and not God, without God’s grace moving our thoughts, words or deeds, everything is tainted with self-love/pride and won’t lead us or keep us on the path towards Life.
      “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6). Surrendering our everything is essential.
    • Lose our Pride–We can’t truly love God, if we love ourselves (which is nothing but sin). We must come to hate ourselves (our sinful self). But we live in a time when our happiness is found through our pride. We want to be told how good we are, how great our accomplishments are, how we sinners deserve the good life. We live for self-glory.
      Our pride if we want to keep it, will be the final rejection of Love that banishes us to eternal death. Our pride must be crushed. We must come to hate it. We must fully understand that we are great sinners, who don’t know The Way to Heaven or how to correctly love God, and can’t do anything truly good, with our God’s grace moving us. We need to know that we need much Mercy to teach, strengthen, guide and transform us or we won’t be saved.
      We must come to understand how greatly sinful we are, how much we need Mercy to remove our fantastic desire for sin (self-love) that taints our every thought, word and deed, so God’s grace can fill us and make everything with in us truly good or at least to move us into being truly contrite at the moment of our death. Then we can desire God alone and not our self-loving pride and be saved. 
    • Want to Perfectly Obey God–If we want to sincerely love God, we can’t want to offend Him at all and work hard to stop literally ALL of our sins. If we are still complacent with even the smallest venial sin, that venial sin now becomes mortal from not hating to offend God, and we will reject God for that sin. To obtain a saving faith, we don’t just pray and seek God for help to do and get things in this life, for self-benefit, no we seek God for help so we can stop offending Him, so we can LOVE HIM with all of our heart and become a perfect self-sacrificing saint; “When my friends have me [in their souls]…they imitate the life and conduct of my saints.” –Jesus to St. Bridget of Sweden
    • Want to Suffer and Carry Our Crosses–when our loves moves out of a selfish love, we will desire to make right our wrongs by way of the cross. We will obtain a desire to suffer and sacrifice to send grace to help souls (ours and other) grow in faith to a saving faith and want the cross to atone for our and other’s sins (to do penance/make right our wrongs and cover our sins) and console God for the endless sins of man, so to love God and do what Jesus did: suffer so to send grace for the salvation of souls, which is loving how Jesus loved us; “If any want to become my followers [to obtain Eternal Life], let them deny themselves [of their will for the cross] and take up their cross daily [no complaining about suffering/challenges] and follow [obey] me” (Luke 9:23).
    • Have Filial Fear of the Lord–when we truly love God, we love Him above others and ourselves (above our fear of perishing) and now want to stop sinning, even for us to suffer greatly so to not sin, mostly because we fear to cause more suffering for Our Lord at His crusifixion and to more greatly wound His Sacred Heart of love from our sinfulness. Filial fear, is the fear we must have or from our self-love (loving ourselves above God), we will reject His mercy.His mercy is from age to age to those who fear him.” (Luke 1:50). Since our nature is to love ourselves, and since it is very hard to love someone this greatly whom we haven’t meet, obtaining this kind of love takes much grace.

TRUE SORROW FOR SIN–to truly detest all sin and be firmly resolved to not sin again, we must be:

  • Sorry For Sinning Because We Have Offend God–to obtain true corrow, we need a great sorrow, far beyond word alone, for offending God… many at first when we begin in our faith will have sorrow for sinning but if we look, it isn’t sorrow for literally offending God, whom we should be loving, but for many other reasons: being ashamed of how weak we are, or caught sinning, or our sin hurt our life, or we hurt someone else, but our sorry must become a sorrow for offending Our Beloved Lord’s Sacred Heart of Love and increasing His suffering at His crucifixion; we must become devastated we have offended God. “Return to me with your whole heart, with fasting, weeping, and mourning [over your sins]. ” (Joel 2:12)
  • Willing to Suffer or Do Anything to See We Don’t Repeat Our Sin–when we are truly sorry, and never want to commit that sin again, we will do what it takes to see we make resolutions to avoid what leads us into sinning, we will suffer and deny ourselves of what we crave or want to see we don’t offend God. We will run daily to God and the angels and saints in Heaven for grace (help/strength) through prayer, good works, fasting, sacrificing and the sacraments of Christ’s church, etc. so we can change–to leave our habitual sins (the sins we desire) and the world’s pleasures (our idols) that we crave, even if it is only a little at a time, so one day we won’t offend God again and desire Him alone;
    “I know not which of the two is worst, whether the case of a man who sins knowingly, or of one who, after having repented of his sins, transgresses again.”  –St. Clemet of Alexandra (First and Second Repentance, Ch 13)
  • Wanting for Penance–when we even begin to grow into true sorrow, we will want penance…. not just to pray a few prayers (that isn’t true penance), but we will WANT TO SUFFER and make up for our wrongs–to atone for our sins and desire to do charity, perform acts of self-denial, pray, fast, or mortify our bodies (do what we don’t like)–to atone/make amends/punish ourselves in an attempt to make right our wrongs. “To the right [the saved], the little flock that follows Jesus can speak only of tears, penance, prayer and contempt [hate] for worldly things, sobbing in their grief [because of their and other’s sins], they can be heard repeating: “Let us suffer, let us weep, let us fast, let us pray, let us hide let us humble ourselves, let us be poor, let us mortify ourselves, for he who has not the spirit of Christ, the spirit of the Cross, is none of Christ’s.” –St. Louis De Montfort (Friends of the Cross, Part II #9)
  • Have Fruit of True Repentance–when we truly hate our sins and repent, we will be becoming a new man, leaving our sins and the world (our idols) and gaining virtue, becoming like Christ (a real self-sacrificing saint), doing charity (corporal and spiritual works) for others (for the right reasons) like Our Lord has done for us, loving the cross and choosing it for the salvation of others.
  • Greatly Humble–coming to true sorrow produces great humility within us or should I say, great humility produces true sorrow; to obtain true contrition for all we have done, we will need to obtain great self-knowledge of our sinfulness; knowing clearly how we are great wretched sinners, who have loved God so little and loved sin so greatly, who have caused unfathomable injury to God, whom we should have been loving; we will see from our misery how we are in great need of Our Savior to assist us at all moments of our lives to prevent us from repeating our wayword life of sin; “The kingdom belongs to the poor and lowly, which means those who have accepted it with humble hearts” (CCC544), for we can’t accept God’s forgiving mercy when our pride (lack of knowing our sinfulness/lack of understanding of our need for Mercy) rejects it. Oh, becoming truly humble is so hard for us very proud beings. Therefore, seek Mercy to humble us, so we can be saved.
    “Those who refuse to be humble cannot be saved” St. Bede (Commetary of Luke).
  • Desiring to Know Our Sins–true contrition comes from properly examine our conscience daily to see our sins, since we have spent our lives justifying so many of them and won’t even admit many of them are sinful, so we can one day truly repent and amend them;
  • Willing to Admit Our Sins–must confess with clarity and truthfulness, admitting our guilt–accusing our selves of our crimes against God–not trying to look less guilty so the priest won’t see how sinful we are but stating the whole truth, never leaving out mortal sins or any sin we feel ashamed over or making an excuse why we sin;
  • Resolved to Sin No More–when we have a true sorrow for our sins, we are resolved to become perfect, to never offend God again, and desire even to the point of shedding our blood, if necessary, to see we never choose even the slightest sin. We won’t feel a temptation and then brush it off because we want the sin and commit it anyway, we will recognize the temptation and from our disgust for sin, turn away from the sin, because we only want to Love God.

As we can see having true love for God makes us truly sorry for our sins and vice a versa. We can’t have one without the other. True Faith = True Sorrow = True Love 

When we lack any one of these qualities, we are not in a state of grace (not saved). 

“[For] the possession of sanctifying grace, the faithful must [love God enough to] be purified from every mortal sin [confessed and stopped], and free from every attachment of the heart [have no habitual sins or idols], or will to the same [to be in a momentary state of grace] and this resolution [to sin no more] must be proved by the avoidance of occasions leading to sin [by avoiding all that might lead us into sinning].” 

–St. John Vianney (Prepare the Way of the Lord)

To possess saving grace at the moment of death is quite hard, but to obtain and maintain a saving faith–to be constantly in the state of grace–to have great hope for Life, is a life long journey, and should be all of our undertakings.

But if we sought God and accepted His grace and have changed greatly and love God so greatly that we have grown in such hatred for sin that we no longer have any habitual sins, have surrendered our will and only desire God’s will (whatever God wants… what is best for the salvation of souls (ours and others)… the cross of Christ), and despise the world’s pleasures that pull our hearts from desiring God alone… then we can be reasonably assured we are in a state of grace. Of course, we will never know for sure, since we can’t read our souls… but if can matain this destation for sin and love for God, then we very well might be with a saving faith. Praise God! 

But NEVER presume we are saved. We don’t know if what we are assuming is real or contrived… and without constantly humbly seeking God, we surely won’t be able to matain it, if the faith we have is true. But if we are truly blessed with such a faith, we can reast assured that God will save us, IF we continue in this faith to the end.

Martha and Mary, as explained below, thought they had everything necessary to have a saving faith, but since the evil one does such a good job at deceiving us through our pride, they still didn’t understand the requirements of salvation and simply couldn’t see their lack of faith… well not until Jesus humbled them. 

We don’t want to continue to be proud and blind. Now that God has enlightend ut to what a saving faih is, we absolutely need Christ to humble us, so we can see our failures and then seek Him to change us.

Now, this isn’t easy… that is why The Word says “many are called but few are chosen” (Matthew 22:14). Few are willing to admit we are not with a saving faith and that we need Jesus to save us and even fewer are willing to stop thier sins… to stop being lazy and self-willed and do what is necessary for God to save us–to change us and give us a hatred that would move them to rather die than offend Him. To learn more… why the saints say “very few Christians are saved”, please read the home page article on this website.

But when we allow God to transform our hearts, one sin at a time to give us a true hatred/contrition for our sins, from our now true love for God, we can embrace God’s saving forgiving mercy He died to give us and live in the state of grace. 

This is how Christ saves us: He dies, makes the sacrifice we couldn’t, so we can be forgiven. But after we reject that free gift of eternal life, from lacking true sorrow for any sin and grow in love with sin, the word and ourselves (have many idols), He teaches us through His Word how to leave our attachments to sin, ourselves and the world… all that causes us to not be truly contrite for offending Him (our love for sin). Then as we work hard to follow/obey Him, we grow in love with God and in sorrow for our sins, until they become true and continue until our love becomes perfect

If this true love/sorrow lives in us at the moment of our death, we will be attach to God and saved. Praise God.!

Saved–Like the Crucified Thief–at the Moment of Death

Now, we might think since the thief, who was crucified with Jesus, was not only saved but welcomed into Heaven all in the same day, that obtaining salvation isn’t hard at all. Well, please don’t be deceived.

Yes, it is possible for one to be saved and sanctified even up until the moment of death, even for one who has never lived the faith nor sought Jesus throughout their life. For with the correct instruction and much grace someone can be transformed that greatly… even without instruction, it is possible.

But it is very rare. It is more possible if someone of GREAT faith is praying and sacrificing on their behalf, but it is still very hard.

“Everyone desires to die the death of the saints [to go to Heaven], but it is scarcely possible for the Christian to make a holy end who has led a disorderly life until the time of his death; to die united with God, after having always lived at a distance from him.”

—St. Alphonsus (Meditations for All Times in the Year, Med. 22)

But for someone to come to such great love for God and hatred for sin, surrendering His everything to God and becoming attached to Jesus (saved) and also, through the cross (suffering happily for the love of God in sorrow for one’s sins) atone for his life-time of sins and become purified enough to be welcomed directly into Heaven (to become a saint), at the moment of death, is truly the most rare of the rares.

This kind of complete surrender is extremely hard, as the saints say, but possible. Frankly, it is far easier for the miserable criminal to obtain enough humility and fear of the Lord to be saved at the hour of death than the self-righteous “religious” person.

It is fantastically hard for someone, who thinks they are so “good” from their many mighty deeds, great knowledge, many prayers, few sins, or anything else to be humbled enough at the hour of death to even become saved, since their pride (like the Pharasees) rejects most, if not all, of the helping transforming grace God is sending them, so to move them from self-love into love of God.

“I tell you, unless your righteousness surpasses that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will not enter into the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:20).

But regardless, we still, no matter how proud and in love with sin, the world and ones’ self someone might be, strive to save those who are dying. It is possible. But PLEASE don’t count on that… for MOST simply can’t embrace the grace God is sending us, to transform us, if we have spent our lifetime rejecting it (have not been growing into true saints).

“St. Jerome teaches, that of a hundred thousand sinners who continue in sin till death [have habitual sins], scarcely one is saved.” St. Vincent Ferrer writes that it is a greater miracle to bring such sinners to salvation, than to raise the dead to life. What sorrow, what repentance, can be expected at death from the man who has loved sin till that moment?”

–St. Alphonsus (The Death of the Sinner, third point)

Still Don’t Understand?

If you still don’t understand why we need to have our habitual sins removed by God’s grace for the salvation of our souls and how someone, who has committed habitual sins up until the moment of his death, still has a chance for salvation, then let me explain.

But I want to say, even though God has given me a special blessing to know The Way, so to help enlighten God’s children in this time of darkness, as a candle for the blind, for “He has called you out of darkness into his own wonderful light” (1 Peter 2:9), through ”    ‘  (   ), so we can come to see and follow The Truth, as told by the saints and His Church (the teachings of the Catechism), I cannot write a clear explanation for each and every truth that the saints and the Church teach for each and every heresy the world has been tricked into believing. That simply isn’t possible. I’m only one person and there are only so many hours in a day… only so many hours Our Lord has give me for this work. The lies that are being believed today are unfathomable. There are too many. 

But we can’t let our pride keep us from obtaining salvation. We must believe and just do what the saints and the Catechism teach even if we don’t understand why it is true or if we have always believed something different. We can’t allow our pride–to think we are right and they are wrong– and keep us from growing into a saving faith. We can be humble.

If God desires to give us understanding great… but to obtain a saving faith all we need to do is OBEY. We need to do God’s will… not our own or the devils. And the saints are speaking God’s voice… they know His will (what is sinful and what isn’t) far better than we habitual sinners do.

For someone to come to correctly learn The Way, one has to become humble enough to realize, WE ARE BLIND. No matter how much “education” one has had in the faith, especially today since we are in great darkness and have been taught endless lies. Frankly, the more education one has, the harder it is to humble ourselves to learn the real truth, since our pride has made us more unable to hear.

But if we are to have real hope for eternal life, we must humbly admit, through the bountiful proof that God has already provided, that we are blind and don’t know The Way.

But please know, just because some of the falsities we have been living with have been corrected in us through this article and web-site, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of other things God must still reveal to us…. most can’t even hear all this web-site is trying to correct (enlighten us to), for we don’t have the grace to hear. It is a blessing to be able to hear anything, but we need more grace to come to hear all that God is telling us. Therefore, we must admit our desires and our knowledge of The Way is quite wrong… that we are LOST.

How can someone, who isn’t becoming a true self-sacrificing saint, not growing in love with the cross and hatred for the world (sin, pleasures, and self), who is not daily gaining the true virtues of Christ, think they know The Way to Heaven. How absurd is that?

ONLY saints are in Heaven and if we think we are correctly living the faith, which obtains us Heaven, but we aren’t becoming a true saint, we have just clearly proven we don’t know The Way to Heaven. Please don’t deceive ourselves. Our eternal life depends upon us gaining humility.

Therefore, from all that God has enlighten us to, we must believe we need Our Savior to bring us into true knowledge and a saving faith.

But we can choose to runaway and leave–not believe or obey–any one of these truths in this article or anything on this web-site, or in the Catechism or written by a saint, that is guided by the Holy Spirit to bring you to Life, since it isn’t explained well enough for our pride to accept.

But if we do that, we will be just like the followers of Jesus, who left Our Lord when they were told “Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life” (John 6:53). Oh, so many followers simply couldn’t understand the truth, so they abandoned The Way and died an eternal death.  Please don’t abandon The Truth because of our pride.

The reason we have had such a hard time understanding The Way, as the Saints and the Catechism have taught us, is because it was written for the humble, who can hear God’s voice spoken through the truth, so they can follow Him. But not for the proud, like we have become today, who need persuasive words of wisdom to be able to hear.

But today, from God’s unfathomable mercy, so we can have greater hope for Life, God is enlightening us to many truths, with the persuasive words we (our pride) needs, as we can read in this article and in the rest of this website. Hopefully, we can hear well enougth to believe and follow Him, even if we can’t understand everything.

Therefore, with the proofs before us, hearing God’s voice and knowing it is truth, emulate Jesus’ true followers, who humbly accepted God’s grace and believed from the bountiful evidence God had already given them.

Yes, for those, who have ears that can hear, we should be able to hear Jesus’s voice, calling out to us from this article and all of the rest of them, through His saints and His Church. And from that proof, we should humbly accept and believe what we don’t understand knowing it must be The Truth and change our lives to LIVE IT. It will lead us to a saving faith.

“A Christian ought never to doubt the beliefs and teachings of the Holy Catholic Church. [God said it is true through His saints; it is true.] All he can do is to strive humbly as possible, to understand her teachings by believing them, to love them, and resolutely to observe them in his daily life.

Should he succeed in understanding the Christian doctrine, let him render thanks to God, the source of all intelligence! In case he fails, that is no reason why he should obstinately attack the dogma, but a reason why he should [humbly] bow his head in worship.”

–St. Gregory of Narek (letter)

Why Our Attachment to Sin Must Leave?

But back to the reason why we MUST seek our Savior throughout our life to remove our obvious liking for our habitual sins (gain a true hatred for them) and stop committing them, if we are to have great hope to grow into a saving faith.

To be saved we must detach, at least at the instant of our death from our sins, so we can attach to Our Savior. The more attachments (habitual sins) we have the harder this becomes.

On one’s death bed, like during the sacrament of reconciliation, someone can become truly contrite and rather suffer death than repeat another sin (detach from all sin). But then a moment later consent to one of his same sins that he used to be attached to and die an eternal death, from reattaching himself right back to the same sin. This happened since he never received enough grace from God to MOVE AWAY from the sin (lesson his attraction to the sin).

Let me explain. Imagine ourselves as having a magnet within us. This magnet gives us a great inclination/attraction towards certain sins. Each sin has a different amount of attraction within us and for some they have become a habitual problem.

For some sins, if we never practiced self-denial or implemented resolutions to avoid our sinful attractions, and we just fall full thotle into them, we might have increased our attraction from perhaps a simple refrigerator magnet strength, to an industrial strength magnet, making it very hard to leave.

For many of our sins, we don’t just have an inclination towards them, we are fully attached to them and consistantly desire and/or habitually commit them, some with a great passion. Sadly, for some, even if we know they are deadly, we don’t posses an honest desire to leave them, since we love them so greatly.

But from God’s unfathomable mercy to be saved, all we need is to have the smallest amount of grace preventing us from being actually attached to the sin… something so thin like a sheet of paper between us (our magnet) and the metal we seem to be attached to (our sin) is litterally all we need to become saved.

But when we have such a little distance from our magnet (attraction) and the metal (sin), the slightest temptation, that we don’t have the strength to refute, pulls out that paper thin grace that is preventing us from being attached to sin and causes us to easily reattach.

But if we are vigilant and seek more and more grace from God that the distance between our magnet (attraction) and the metal (sin) increases, from being paper thin to perhaps a book thick, then our attraction (pull towards the sin) will greatly reduce.

The distance our magnet is from the sin can increase so greatly, that not only can our attraction become so little it can become EASY to refute the temptation. Aually, with much much grace, our inclination/attraction towards any sin can actually leave all together.


Humble or in Denial… like Martha and Mary?

For us, who have been deceived, who always thought we had a saving faith (were in a state of grace) but now realize we aren’t, it is very important that we come to fully realize how deceived we are… since the truths we have become blinded to are almost beyond belief.

But when we begin to see, then we can come to understand just how BLIND (don’t know the correct faith) we suffer from, so we can HUMBLY seek God for mercy to teach and change us. Therefore, please read the rest of this website for help.

“God opposes the proud, but gives grace [saving and helping grace] to the humble” (1 Peter 5:5).

When we have been deceived into believing we have a saving faith from thinking our relationship with God through our knowledge, prayers or works, proves we have such a faith, then we don’t realize how confused we really are. But if we don’t become greatly humbled, from our arrogance, we will never learn the correct Way to Heaven and have little if any hope for Eternal Life. To learn more please read, “How Does Our Pride Kill Us.”

Without great humility, we can’t even begin our journey towards finding the path of Life, since our pride will always stifle our growth. Oh, our pride must be crushed! There is nothing more horrible than pride. It has us talking and thinking like we are the ones who understand the faith correctly, when we are stiflingly blind and leading ourselves and others to our deaths.

To humble us, Jesus gives us plenty of opportunities in our lives, IF we can learn from them. Our Lord shows us, in His Word, how many proclaim we “believe” with our words, but our belief isn’t enough to be true.

Even Martha and Mary struggled with this. Through His Word we can learn what to look for and how we do the same things, so we can see just how blind we are to The Truth. Then we can humbly seek God to teach us the rest of the truths we are blind to and confused about, so we can advance towards a saving faith.

In the Bible, Our Lord shows us two different kinds of people lacking true faith:

  • The humble–those who know they still need a saving faith
  • Those in denial–those who think they have a saving faith but still don’t

In The Word, God shows us how some people are blessed with humility and know their faith isn’t true yet. These people humbly run to God and seek His helping grace to increase their faith, so they can one day sincerely reject all sin and grow into true love with Him.

But God also shows us others, who, from their lack of humility (pride), deceive themselves and declare they believe–thinking it is true–when God, who reads the truth of the heart and knows the signs of a weak faith, and knows it isn’t.

In Bible, we see the humble man, that was mentioned earlier, who realizes his belief isn’t yet true, when he admits, “I believe; help my unbelief!” (Mark 9:24). We want to be like him, who know we have some amount of belief but humbly knows it still isn’t quite perfect or even true belief and then humbly seek God for help to grow in faith.

But then we see the deceived women–Martha and Mary. Yes, believe it or not, the sisters, Martha and Mary are sadly part of the deceived, who, even though they spent much time with Jesus (knew Jesus well), and perhaps, outside of His apostles, were even considered one of Jesus’ closest friends, but yet, even though they had come to believe in Jesus as Lord, they still didn’t grow enough in their faith to have a true/saving faith in Him, but thought they did.

It was most likely from their great position (closeness) with Jesus that prided them (made them feel special) into blindness. How may of us love knowing people of authority, popularity, power?  It makes us feel special/powerful too. And it is that kind of pride–not wanting to be nothing, so God can be everything–that blinds many souls.

We can clearly see this lack of true faith during the raising of Lazarus from the dead. The raising of Lazarus has many meanings and lessons. Not only was this miracle great proof that Jesus is the resurrection and the Life (Eternal Life for those who truly believe); it was much more. It was a lesson in how even those whom seem closest to Christ aren’t as close (faithful) as we think we are.

Martha, who had grown in her faith to come to believe Jesus is the Christ, still had a great lack of trust in Jesus. We see the beginning of this lack of trust when she complained to Jesus, after He waited four days to go to her, saying, Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.” 

Poor Martha apparently didn’t want God’s will, the death of her brother. And was upset that Jesus didn’t make hate to come to his need. But at least she didn’t abandon God all together like many of us do when God doesn’t respond to our prayers as we wish. But she was still far from having true trust in Jesus. 

Even though she declared Jesus as Lord, when God questioned her if she had faith and she said, Yes, Lord. I have come to believe that you are the Messiah, the Son of God, the one who is coming into the world”, just like we do. But sadly, she proved that was not a true profession of faith, since not only was she lacking trust in Jesus (complaining), Jesus, who has told others that their faith has saved them, didn’t tell her that. 

No, Jesus did quite the opposite. He became “perturbed” at her weeping. Yes, perturbed.  Therefore, her weeping was from sin. She was most likely weeping from not trusting that the death of Lazarus was good (God’s will) from having an attachment to her will and Lazarus. 

“When Jesus saw her weeping and the Jews who had come with her weeping, he became PERTURBED and deeply troubled [at their lack of faith]” (John 11:33).

Yes, even though Martha stated she believed, she still cried in despair. She was far from peacefully accepting God’s will. Nobody, who truly trusts in God weeps over His will. They firmly believe all God allows is for the good of our souls (if we can learn, grow and change through it all towards becoming a perfect saint).

After we seek God for assistance, no matter what He allows, the saints, tell us to rejoice in God’s will. This is the sign of true faith.

As St. Francis was dying, he said, “Weep not, my children; must not the will of God be done?”

–St. Francis de Sales

Yes, when we trust, we don’t weep in despair. We trust. But beyond lacking in trust, didn’t Martha know, if it was God’s will, that the all powerful Son of God doesn’t have to be present to save her brother from death? If God wills, He can do anything anywhere. 

When something occurs in our life that we feel isn’t good, God wants to help us (according to His will). To obtain this help all God calls us to do is ask Him for what we believe is best and then live in peaceful trust with what God allows–knowing whatever is allowed–cross and all–that is what is truly best (what He will make into good). But Martha didn’t do that.

[When questioned about the “Little Way” St. Theresa said, it is] “the way of trust and complete self-surrender [to God’s will, by way of the cross–little crosses].”

–St. Therese of Lisieux

Oh, what kind of faith is there with being in despair over the loss of a loved one? That isn’t trust in God’s will… but wanting our own and proof of our attachment to our will and to the dead. We see Martha’s and Mary’s attachment to Lazarus as they cried bountiful tears of mourning over the loss of him.

The only tears of mourning God talks about that we should be doing is mourning over our or others sins/lack of faith (offences against God)–which is why Jesus, who experiences our human emotions, wept over the whole situation with Lazarus. He knew their great lack of faith.

Only the unbelieving Jews, those who don’t know The Way or those who this truth hasn’t been revealed would think otherwise. 

“He bids us mourn, not only for our own [sins], but also for other men’s misdoings.”

–St. John Chrysostom

Yes, many think we are “blessed when we mourn [over a loss], for they shall be comforted” but that simply isn’t the kind of mourning God is speaking about. From the Bible being veiled, the evil one has deceived us. To love God and obtain Life (to be blessed), we must mourn over our sins (how we have offended God) and then instead of despairing over them, God comforts us letting us know He still loves us and still want to send us grace to try to save us. It is not a mourning over not obtaining or loosing what we want.

Truly, the mourning God speaks about is how we should have great mourning over our trespasses against God, but tragically most think little of our sins, so we don’t mourn over them. We mourn over not getting our will.

“The mourning for which He promises eternal consolation [Heaven], dearly beloved, has nothing to do with ordinary worldly distress; for the tears which have their origin in the sorrow common to all mankind do not make anyone blessed. There is another cause for the sighs of the saints, another reason for their blessed tears. Religious grief mourns for sin, one’s own or another’s.”

–Pope St. Leo the Great

When The Word said, “He [Jesus] wept” (John 11:35). Unlike popular thinking today, since most don’t know The Way and live deceived, Jesus didn’t weep because He was mourning over the loss of Lazarus whom He loved, or because He missed him. For one thing, why would Jesus do that? When he knew in a moment He was going to raise Lazarus from the dead; that would be silly!

But please don’t be confused, there is nothing wrong with crying over missing someone or even crying over someone elses  pain or loss. But we must be very careful that our tears are not from sin: self-pity, wanting our will, or an attachment to someone (losing what we need for happiness), which is where MOST tears are derived from.

Was Jesus crying from something derived by sin… from not wanting God’s will, wishing He had Lazarus back? Of course not. Would He cry over losing someone He loved because He wanted him back? Did Jesus seek His will? That would be blasphemy? Jesus was only attached to the Father and His will and gladly carried any cross before Him. He was not self-absorbed (bore no self-pity)…  everything Christ did was for the salvation of another

Jesus cried over Lazarus’ sins, not wanting him to perish because of his little faith/unrepented sins.

“Blessed are those who mourn [Matthew 5:4] speaking of those who mourn for their sins… for He [Christ] wept over Lazarus… with the fear of God [fear of the consequences of sinning against God].”

–St. John Chrysostom

Christ didn’t even want us to weep over His own suffering (have pity for Him) when He was on His way to die for our sins, since the cross was the Fathers will. “Do not weep for me, but weep for yourselves and for your children [who are greatly in need of grace]” (Luke 23:28). He wanted us to weep [mourn] for ourselves and our children…for our sins that would lead us to our doom if we don’t repent and change.

Jesus wept over Martha and Mary and even Lazarus because of their great lack of faith. 

“For Heaven will only be given to those who humble themselves and to those who mourn over their sins with penance.”

–Jesus to St. Bridget of Sweden

Even after all the sisters have seen and heard; so sadly, Martha and Mary still didn’t truly believe. How crushing to Jesus! He want’s them saved so badly but from Martha and Mary’s pride–perhaps thinking since they were so privileged to be friends with “God” they were surely righteous–and being blind to their attachment to their brother, lead them into sin and robbed them of a true faith in Christ.

Yes, we are never to mourn over God’s will not being what we want or to be in despair over the loss of a loved one. That is from having a lack of faith–a lack of trust in God’s will being perfect and from having an attachment to a person and not God alone

I know this faith–that saves–is hard to obtain. But we must seek Mercy to obtain it. But please do; eternity is forever!

Selfish Faith to a Saving Faith

We can even read the lives of the saints and see some of them begin with this selfish faith, of seeking God so their will can be done. And then after more grace is received grow into a saving faith of true trust in God’s will as they let go of all in the world they sought to fill the void in their heart (their attachments) and their will (what they want). This is what we want to do too. 

Truly, we can’t trust in God to save us–to remove our great desire for sin–when the road is so hard, if we don’t really trust in Him. We will quit and follow our own path or fall into despair. To learn more please read, “How Can I Trust in God.”

“If I said [to myself], trust in God, I could not obey [trust], because the dear friend that I lost was both truer and better than the imagined deity [God] that I was asking myself to trust. Weeping was the only thing that was sweet to me, and it took my friends’ place in the desire of my heart…I cried and grieved because I was wretched and had lost my only joy… I was wretched, just as every mortal soul is wretched who is bound to the friendships of mortal.

We are torn to pieces when we lose them, and so become aware of how wretched we are…[but now] You [God] who are my hope, who cleanses me from the impurity of such thoughts, directing my eyes [not to friends but] towards You, and plucking my feet out of the snare (ps. 25:14).”

–St. Augustine

If we are now blessed to understand the true faith we should have, then when we mourn over the loss of someone/something we love because we can’t bear to be without them/it, we can see our great attachments to people/things, and then upon seeing our misery, we can turn to God humbly and repent, like St. Augustine, seeking grace so we can make God whom we long for and our only true desire of our hearts. 

We should know, when someone dies, if the dead lived a truly faithful life, who truly decided to work hard to never sin again, who stopped seeking the world (people, power or pleasure) to make them happy and strove with all their hearts to make God happy, to become a true self-sacrificing perfect saint, who loved their suffering –who desired to love God and save souls through the cross, then their death brought them what their heart has longed for–Christ

Remember the truly faithful, don’t want the world, not even us (even if they love us); their heart is burning and burning to be with God, and they are really only waiting to leave the world so to be with Him. Now after their death, wonderfully, their heart is finally satisfied with its longing, and they have the resurrection of Life. Praise God! Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his faithful ones” (Psalm 116:15).

Therefore, when the one we love dies, our selfishness (wanting their love) must end, and if they were truly faithful, we must rejoice in the faithful reaching the goal of their faith, the salvation of their soul. If not, we need to spend our lives seeking grace for their soul. To learn more please read, “How to Console Someone Grieving?”

“If you loved me, you would rejoice that I am going to the Father” (John 14:28).

But Martha and Mary didn’t have this true faith yet, but God was trying to teach them through this miracle. That is the lesson in the raising of Lazarus…well, at least one of the lessons. (It should be mentioned, that even for someone who does know The Way to Eternal Life, God might not enlighten them to all the meanings of each passage in the Bible. Frankly, the dynamic lessons for us in The Word are fantastic, who would have the wisdom to fully understand them all? Only God Himself.)

“This illness is not to end in death [of Lazarus], but is for the glory of God, that the Son of God may be glorified through it [so they might come to truly believe]” (John 11:4).

However, at the same time, we must also remember, that no matter who dies, WE CAN’T READ ANYONE’S SOUL, even if we think someone was most faithful and only lived for Jesus. For once we think someone is in Heaven, naturally, we stop praying ardently for their soul, and if they really aren’t with the faith they need for Heaven, we will neglect giving them of the heartfelt prayers they so desperately need. 

Therefore, never declare someone in Heaven (we can’t read their soul). Declare them needing our prayers so our love for them (demonstrated by praying) can help them get there. That is how we live the true Christian faith. We live for the salvation of souls…not to make ourselves feel better by saying our loved ones are in Heaven. That does nothing for them. To learn more please read, “How to Save The Soul of Someone Dying.”

But of course, if someone dies, who wasn’t living with a saving faith of true love for God/true hatred for sin and the world, as was clearly prevalent in the life they lived, then we shouldn’t be happy for their departure…but sad for their poor sinful soul never finding their Love correctly on earth. 

“Our Lord groaned, wept…It is hard for him [Lazarus] to arise, who is bowed down with the weight of evil habits…[but then] Lazarus came forth from the grave, signifies the soul’s deliverance from carnal sins [seeking the pleasures of the world and not God].”

–St. Aquinas (Catena Aurea: Augustine)

When a soul not in the state of grace dies, we can mourn for the dead–OVER THEIR SINFULNESS (losing/offending God because of their sins), seeking mercy for them–as we pray and pray for mercy to come upon them, to bring them into the faith they need to be saved, but still while remaining in peaceful trust in God’s will (no despair), following the example Christ gave us when he wept over Lazarious.

“On the day of his [my father’s] death Jesus told me [to guide my sorrowful heart to The Way] not to give way to useless weeping and wailing, so I spent the day praying in resignation to the will of God.”

–St. Gemma Galgani

But we must know, since we can’t read anyone’s soul, at the moment of death, when the flood of grace goes to the dying soul, with the hopes they accept it, the dying most certainly can finally accept God’s saving forgiving mercy, even if they rejected it their entire life. This is very rare, but possible. So never stop praying…the grace from those prayers will go back in time to when they died to help save their soul.

However, we should know, missing someone isn’t sinful…even if it brings a tear to our eye of sadness. It is a cross. It only becomes sinful, when we long to have them back against God’s will or if it removes our peaceful trust in God’s will. That cross is to be peacefully (and if we have enough grace, joyfully) carried with Christ for the salvation of souls. To learn more please read, “How to Trust in God.” Also, crying with someone (having pity for them) over their loss because they don’t have Christ to fill them (to bring them peace) isn’t sinful either. To learn more please read, “How to Console the Grieving.” 

But Martha and Mary’s lack of faith didn’t end there. Even when Jesus asked for the stone to be removed in front of Lazarus’ tomb, Martha still didn’t really believe Jesus could raise him from the dead even though moments earlier she said, even now I know that whatever you ask of God, God will give you” but she proved she didn’t really believe that by stating Lord, by now there will be a stench; he has been dead for four days.” Oh, what little faith she had! 

“Martha said this from weakness of faith, thinking it impossible that Christ could raise her brother, so long after death.”

–St. Aquanas (Catena Aurea: Theophylact)

Her faith was so little, it caused Our Lord to weep in sadness for their sins seeking mercy for them and even said, Did I not tell you that if you believe you will see the glory of God?” But she didn’t really believe…therefore, she just didn’t have the faith to understand what God was talking about (the two types of glory God was speaking about). Yet, Jesus from His mercy to increase their faith cried tears of love (for their souls) and through showing His glory, rose Lazarus from the dead. 

“The Saviour weeping for the death of Lazarus… Behold how our God loves men… Jesus wept and offered to His Father His tears to obtain us pardon for our sins. ‘These tears,’ says St. Ambrose, ‘washed away my sins;’ by His cries and tears He implored mercy for us who were condemned to eternal death.”

–St. Alphonsus

Yes, Martha, from her pride, lied to herself, said she “believed,” when Jesus knew very well she still didn’t TRULY believe. But Christ didn’t leave her to die in her blindness, but provided a wonderful miracle to hopefully move their hearts into truly believing in Jesus so much that they would lose their attachments to one another and seek to become attached to their Savior alone having full trust in Him.

Oh, how many times have we called on Jesus for help and from His mercy, time and time again, He helped us? But like Martha, we still don’t have a saving faith of true trust and total detachment from the world. Oh, but God wants us to obtain one from seeing His glory (His power to heal and help us) so we can Live too.

“When Martha heard that Jesus was coming, she went to meet him…Martha said to Jesus, “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died. [But] even now I know that whatever you ask of God, God will give you.” Jesus said to her, “Your brother will rise.” Martha [not believing/being confused] said to him, “I know he will rise, in the resurrection on the last day.” Jesus told her, “I am the resurrection and the life; whoever believes in me, even if he dies, will live, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?” [Being deceived] She said to him, “Yes, Lord. I have come to believe that you are the Messiah, the Son of God, the one who is coming into the world” [Then why are you complaining when I didn’t do your will]…

When Mary came to where Jesus was and saw him, she fell at his feet and said to him, “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.” When Jesus saw her weeping [with little faith] and the Jews who had come with her weeping, he became perturbed [at their lack of faith] and deeply troubled, and said, “Where have you laid him?” They said to him, “Sir, come and see.” And Jesus [seeing how his beloved friends still had such little faith] wept. So the Jews [misunderstanding Jesus’ tears] said, “See how he loved him.” But [from their lack of faith] some of them said, “Could not the one who opened the eyes of the blind man have done something so that this man would not have died?”

So Jesus, perturbed again [at their little faith], came to the tomb. It was a cave, and a stone lay across it. Jesus said, “Take away the stone.” Martha, the dead man’s sister, [still not believing Jesus could raise Lazarus] said to him, “Lord, by now there will be a stench; he has been dead for four days.” Jesus [trying to show her lack of faith] said to her, “Did I not tell you that if you believe you will see the glory of God?” (John 11:20-40).

Hopefully, after God’s great miracle of love for Martha and Mary–seeing their brother rise from the dead–and learning the lessons God was trying to teach them, they finally saw their lack of true faith, humbled themselves, repented and grew into a continuous saving/true faith in Christ. However, most tragically, as The Word says, “few” truly repent and change and obtain a true saving faith upon their death and are lost forever. We don’t want to be one of them…let’s seek Mercy to save us.

“Many are called [to Heaven] but few are chosen” (Matthew 22:14)

If we have been deceived into incorrectly understanding this Bible verse, then we must know it’s most likely because we don’t understand the basic requirements of salvation from not living the faith correctly. But this isn’t the only passage we are deceived with….no, this passage is just proving to us how the most basic principles of the faith that of Trust in God and being attached to God alone (rejection of attachments/the world), we don’t really understand…since we aren’t correctly living faith nor honestly striving to live the faith. 

This is the truth. The dynamics of our lack of understand goes well beyond not comprehending this one passage alone; surely it extends out to all of them to some degree. Shocking? Yes. But sadly, true. 

Yes, even if we have spent our life studying scripture, have bounds of degrees in theology and are a leader and teacher of the faith…even if we are seen as greatly holy, if we have been deceived and don’t understand this basic Bible verse, we are vastly blind.

But if we are suffering from much pride, being called vastly blind is going to be a big problem for us…but it doesn’t have to offend us, prevent us from acknowledging the truth and keep us blind living in the dark. Please, please humbly accept reality and run to God, with great humility wanting to repent and learn The Truth, so we don’t die and lead others to their death (Hell) too, with every wrongful word we speak and action we make.

Eternity is forever!

“There are doubtless, few to be found in these lamentable times to lead souls [to Heaven] in the way of perfection.”

–St. Vincent Ferrer

To know how to interpret the Bible correctly please see our, “Bible Study by the Saints.” Today, since we live in a time of such great darkness only the saints, who we know found The Way to Eternal Life, can be trusted to show us The Way to Heaven correctly and even the saints lack perfect understanding (each saint has different amounts of wisdom). But they all know The Way. They are our only hope. Let’s learn from them. To learn more please visit “Books Written By the Saints.”

“You must understand this, that in the last days distressing times will come. For people will be lovers of themselves…lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding to the outward form of godliness but denying its power. Avoid them!” (2 Timothy 3:1-5).

Be careful to not become deceived and follow the lost to Eternal Doom. But we are most likely one of these people, who are lost and leading others away from the true faith. Even though we might have been misled by others, we most likely have mislead others too. Therefore, we must acknowledge our failures to live and teach The Word correctly and seek mercy to teach us His blessed ways. To learn more please read, “What Does Evil Look Like.”

However, nobody should seek to obtain knowledge without seeking contrition first…that would be our pride wanting to have knowledge for the sake of building up ourselves. We wouldn’t seek knowledge to help us amend our ways and lead others to Life, so we can love God, but to feel better about ourselves…to feel like we have correct knowledge like we should.

True contrition must be sought first (a real hatred for sin/resolve to amend our ways)…of course it doesn’t have to be fully obtained, but we must have honestly, humbly sought Christ to help us amend our sinful ways and grow in sorrow for our sins/love for God, or all the knowledge in the world will obtain us nothing, since we won’t have the wisdom to know how to use it.

However, please know even Peter, the great leader of the apostles, was greatly blind to his lack of faith too…“‘I will lay down my life for you [Peter declared].’ Jesus answered, ‘Will you [really] lay down your life for me? Amen, amen, I say to you, the cock will not crow before you deny me three times.’” (John 13:37-38). 

If we can see God’s lessons of love and humbly sincerely repent (know our weakness and need for mercy), we can receive God’s unfathomable grace and grow in wonderful faith that can save bounds of souls, including our own, like the saints before us have done. We just need to see our lack of faith and need for Mercy.

To help save souls pray and sacrifice for them…especially for God’s beloved priests. You can even start a prayer group in your church, please visit “PrayingforPriests.com”

Lack of Fear of the Lord has Undermined the Church

The main reason the foundation of the Catholic Church is undermined–that we don’t understand The Way–is because we don’t preach “Fear of the Lord” (fear of sinning against God knowing its consequences).

The lost say, “Oh, you are a “friend” of Christ; you don’t have anything to fear”, when we are FAR from living the true faith, far from fulfilling the requirements of salvation, far from even trying. 

“Charity is required of all the friends of God… governed by love of justice and hatred of iniquity [sin]… By justice is here meant the observance of all those things that are necessary for salvation [the requirements of salvation].”

—St. John of the Cross (The Virtues of a Religious Superior, Ch. 2)

Those who deceive us are trying to help us but in reality, they keep us blind and without concern for our salvation.

Tragically, we don’t really know there are consequences from our sins and from living for the pleasures of the world and one’s own will…we don’t know that that we should be STOPPING OUR SINS and seeking a saving faith. We don’t know what the requirements of salvation are. Now, we have no real motivation to amend/leave them. To learn more please read, “What is Fear of the Lord.”

“This foundation [of the Catholic Church] is undermined because all believe and preach that I am merciful, but almost no one preaches or believes me to be a righteous judge. They view me as an unjust judge! Unjust and unrighteous, indeed, would the judge be who, out of mercy, allowed the unrighteous to go unpunished.”

–Jesus to St. Bridget of Sweden

Tragically, as Jesus said, “almost no one” even has the faith to understand God’s justice–even within the only Church Christ Himself founded, the Catholic Church. That means almost no one knows The Way. How horribly humbling are those words for those who can hear! The devil has tricked almost all of us. A lack of justice is a lack of Love.

“For the wrongdoer will receive recompense [what is due: temporal or eternal punishment] for the wrong he committed, and there is no partiality” (Colossians 3:25).

We must preach this truth! 

EVERY SIN we have ever committed after our baptism–forgiven or not–is going to receive its due punishment (temporal or eternal) for disobeying God. Yes, even if we are so blessed to obtain true contrition for a sin or even for all of our sins and we are forgiven, there is temporal punishment for every sin–on earth or in purgatory, if we didn’t atone–cover them or have a punishment for them on earth–before death, that is if we do grow enough in faith to obtain a saving faith…but for everyone else who doesn’t obtain a saving faith upon their death, there will be eternal punishment for each and every sin, forgiven or not, which is just unfathomable!

“O Jesus, how frightening are Thy judgments! How strict is Thy Justice!”

–St. Anthony Mary Claret

Yes, we will be punished! God is all just. But now, while we are alive on earth, since it is the time for mercy, the punishment is less harsh, but after death, since that is the time of justice, Thy punishments will be much harsher. Therefore, seek to live a life of penance and atone for our sins now. Truly, we will not escape judgement.

We must work and work hard to sanctify our souls and atone for our sins. But is anyone in this time of great darkness, truly loving God’s children and preaching that there are real consequences to our sins to give God’s children the blessing of “fear of the Lord”–real motivation to seek their Savior so to change–to save their souls and avoid temporal or eternal punishment?

The goal of our life is supposed to be that we have a happy eternity loving God, but how many of us even know we must grow in faith to obtain a mature saving faith in order to truly reject all sin and accept God’s saving forgiving mercy so to Live? 

Outside of the saints, has this been preached? Tragically, no. Oh, how many lives are being lost…as we remain silent, complacent with our sins and love for the world? We should be “WARNING EVERYONE and teaching everyone in all wisdom, so that we may present everyone mature in Christ” (Colossians 1:28), but we are not.

“More darkness and division have come into the world amongst seculars and religious and the clergy and pastors of the holy Church, through the lack of the light of justice, and the advent [birth] of the darkness of injustice, than from any other causes.”

–God the Father to St. Catherine of Sienna

Horribly, since we live in a time of great darkness most, even the faithful, have been deceived and no longer really believe in the all powerful judgement of God that will come upon all of us? But The Word is clear.

“We ought to be fearful of disobeying lest any one of you be judged to have lost his chance of entering [Heaven from not truly hating sin/loving God].” (Hebrews 4:1-2)

Oh, most have been convinced our God of Love is not really a God of justice too. Do we really think since our God is all love, mercy removes justice? Did Jesus come to remove our punishment for our sin, so we can offend Him and have no consequences? Not at all. The horror! To learn more please read, “Why Does God Allow Suffering and Punishment.”

“For if we willfully persist in sin after having received the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins [like has occurred for all of us], but a fearful prospect of judgment, and a fury of fire [is our lot, if we don’t repent]…

Anyone who has violated the law of Moses dies without mercy “on the testimony of two or three witnesses.” How much worse punishment do you think will be deserved by those who have spurned the Son of God, profaned the blood of the covenant by which they were sanctified [rejected the saving purifying grace which we received at baptism], and outraged the Spirit of grace? [What punishment do we deserve?] For we know the one who said, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay.” And again, “The Lord will judge his people.” It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God [without contrition or atoning for our sins]” (Hebrews 10:26-30).

Should we not fear the punishment of God? It is real. We fear our earthly father’s punishments if we do wrong, but why don’t we fear our Heavenly Father’s punishments…God is full of perfect justice; we won’t get away with anything. 

“Great is his mercy, so also [great] is his chastisement” (Sirach 16:12).

It is true that “mercy triumphs over judgment” (James 2:13), but that is only for those who obtain a truly contrite heart of love for God. And the punishment that forgiving mercy will free us from is Eternal Doom…but not the punishment due for each sin.  

“For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may receive recompense, according to what he did in the body, whether good or evil.” (2 Corinthians 5:10).

Remember, even if we escape eternal doom from obtaining perfect/true contrition for every sin and are completely forgiven, we are still accountable for every sin committed after baptism and must atone (pay the price) for them all. Yes, mercy, most certainly doesn’t remove justice…it unbinds the chains of death for the contrite of heart, but we are still going to receive a punishment for literally every sin.

“If you invoke as Father [God] the one who judges all people impartially according to their deeds, live in reverent fear during the time of your exile [so to avoid sinning and the judgement which is to come]” (1 Peter 1:17).

Sure Christ removed our punishment for all of our sins at our baptism, when He purified our souls. But after we were baptized, when we sinned again and re-soiled our garments, we are now accountable all over for all of those new sins. Over and over again in The Word, God speaks of the punishment due to man for our sins. Please don’t be deceived. Seek Mercy to save us and help us remove/atone for the punishments due to us for our sins, so when we die we can go straight to loving God.

“Then I saw the Mother of God, who said to me…I gave the Savior to the world; as for you, you have to speak to the world about His great mercy [help for us, wretched sinners, so we don’t perish and suffer from eternal punishment] and prepare the world for the Second Coming of Him who will come, not as a merciful Savior, but as a just Judge. Oh, how terrible is that day! Determined is the day of justice, the day of divine wrath. The angels tremble before it.

Speak to souls about this great mercy while it is still the time for [granting] mercy. If you keep silent now, you will be answering for a great number of souls on that terrible day. “

–St. Faustina

What Good Are All of Our Prayers and Works?

Hopefully, we have ears that can hear and want to seek God for the grace we need to change our life. We simply can’t think we are doing enough. What good are all of our prayers and works, if our hearts aren’t changing? Oh, how much we grieve God by our unrepentant unchanged sins!

“When the Lord saw how great the wickedness of human beings was on earth…his heart was grieved (Genesis 6:5-6).

We grieve Our Lord’s Sacred Heart of Unfathomable Love in so many ways. What good are all of our thoughts, prayers and works if we don’t even love God enough to make amending our ways our first priority. Sadly, the devil keeps us blind…acting religious but really living a lie, so we can belong to him.

Reality is, we aren’t focused on truly on loving God–removing our offences against Him and growing in  faith and trust.

We see our lack of faith–lack of trust in God–clearly in all of our complaining we have when God allows something in our life that we don’t desire. We must learn that is meant to lead us to Life.

We see our lack of faith, when instead of longing for God alone, through the cross, to fill the desires of our hearts, we still long for our relationships, things, money, sex, sports, food, relaxation, hobbies, entertainment, fame, success…bounds of pleasures of the world (our idols). We see our lack of faith in our constant habitual sins we commit from not putting forth a true effort to amend, since we still desire to satisfy our longings of the flesh to love ourselves, not God.

Oh, our hearts don’t truly love God and desire Him alone…nor are we even trying to obtain this kind of faith. Horribly, we don’t honestly want to follow Christ and live the faith by leaving sin and intentionally deny ourselves of the world’s pleasures to put our hearts and minds on God alone. We still want to fill up our void in our hearts with the world and not God, who truly satisfies all the longings of the heart. To learn more please read, “How to Become Attached to God and Not the World.”

“If anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me” (Luke 9:23).

Yet, most people believe we are saved regardless and are going to be rewarded for all of the good we are doing, when in reality we are rejecting God for the world and bounds of sins. We are praying and doing good works with souls outside of the state of grace and are receiving no reward upon our death for anything…since everything was done from a heart of self-love.

“But, you will say [at judgement], what about all the good works we have done, were they all in vain? All those fastings, penances, almsgivings, the communions and confession, do they not deserve any recompense [reward]?

No; Jesus Christ will say to you. Your prayers were only idle babbling, your fasting hypocrisy, your almsgiving vain seeking for notoriety; I was never [truly] considered in any of your doings [but you deceive yourselves]…your sins still live [you don’t truly hate them therefore I haven’t taken your sins away] and they will live forever before me. Depart, ye accursed, into eternal fire, which is for all those who have thought [so] little of Me in life [to not even seek to amend your ways].”

–St. John Vianney

St. Alphonsus, Doctor of the Church tells us, the “habit of sin has deprived him [us] of Light [to know The Way].” Yes, we can’t see The Way because of our habitual sins. We haven’t been honestly working to amend them, so we can let the light of truth into our hearts or to even learn the truth about our great sinfulness. As a result, we love so much sin…so much that isn’t to know, serve or love God and live so confused as to what a true faith in Christ really is. Tragic! 

The truth is, we are not saved; we are dying!

“Let us not despair, but run to the Fountain of Pity Himself, in sure and certain hope of obtaining the forgiveness of our sins there, where we see and acknowledge so many and so great sinners to have been washed clean, and let us assure ourselves that we in like manner may be washed clean by the same Fountain of Mercy, IF we abstain from our sins and wickedness and, so far as we may, strive hereafter to do good.

But to abstain from evil and to do good we are not able by our own power without His help. Let us implore therefore His unspeakable mercy, who was please to make us when as yet we were not, that He may grant us in this life, before we go hence, to amend our lives and to cleanse them with earnest sorrow, that this life ended we may be enabled to come unto Him by a straight rode, none hindering us, to be with Him in everlasting glory with the choirs of angels and all saint, who already enjoy that glory in joy without end.”

—St. Anselm (Devotions, Med 3)

Yet, despite our constant refusal to love God, God still pines for us to choose Him and not sin. But love doesn’t force. Love invites, love inspires, love encourages, love teaches, love punishes (to teach), but love doesn’t make us love Him. We must, from our free will, choose God. 

If after our entire life of God loving us, healing us, comforting us and trying to show us The Way, we still refuse to let go of any sin/any worldly attachment, we won’t choose Him.

When we appear before God Almighty at Judgement without our sins forgiven, without true love for Him, we most tragically will choose Hell for eternity  instead of His eternal love. Horrible!

Yes, “each of us shall give an account of himself [to God]” (Romans 14:12) and sadly, most won’t even have one act of love to present to God. All our acts of love that we thought we had will have been acts from deceived hearts of self-love, which merits us nothing.

Without gaining true love–a saving faith–nothing we do, not one good deed, is deserving of any reward, upon death, because all of our acts weren’t being driven from God’s will, but our own, because when we have a saving faith, as we learned above, we have relented of our will for God’s.

Mercy is Waiting to Heal Us and Save Us

But we don’t have to die. Please hear God calling for you. He wants you saved. Mercy is waiting to heal us of our love for sin/the world, so we can grow in faith and atone for our sins, but we must humbly go to Him wanting to stop offending Him. This is done especially through prayer and the worthy reception of the sacraments, but sadly we don’t know how to receive the sacraments worthy either. To learn more please read, “How to Receive Holy Communion Worthily” and “How to Make a Good Confession.”

“If sinners knew My mercy [help], they would not perish in such great numbers. Tell sinful souls not to be afraid to approach Me; speak to them of My great mercy [which is waiting to help us save our souls no matter how far from God we are]…The loss of each soul plunges Me into mortal sadness.”

–Jesus to St. Faustina

Plus, there are so many faucets of praying humbly and most don’t do correctly either, so when we approach God we reject His grace. But we don’t need to be one of them, who reject mercy. Nor one who beats God as we ask for mercy….like horribly most do. To learn more please read, “How to Pray Humbly.”

There is hope, if anyone has “ears to hear” (Mark 4:23); we can run to God’s unfathomable mercy and repent and CHANGE. God is waiting for us…longing for us. He has been waiting for us our entire lives. Wake up oh sleeping children of God! “It is the hour now for you to awake from sleep” (Romans 13:11). God Wants You In Heaven!

“Look for help from God, Who is all-knowing and wise, knowing everything perfectly, and thus understanding exactly what is the best thing for the salvation of each person.”

–St. Theopan the Recluse (Spiritual Combat, Ch. 3)

But we must be persistent. We can’t hear today and go deaf tomorrow when something of the world distracts us. We must persist in seeking Mercy if we want to be saved.

“The obedience which Christ seeks of us [this conversion of heart to start to truly be a Christian]… delay not even a moment of time… [when someone] was asking leave to bury his own father not even this did He permit him to do; to signify that before all we ought to esteem the following of Himself [to Life]”

–St. John Chrysostom (Homely on Matthew)

God’s grace can give us true hatred for our sins, true love for God, true trust in Him and true sorrow for our sins. Jesus’ grace alone is what saves. With God all things are possible. We need to waste no time and LEARN THE WAY, as this website, the saints and the Catechism (correctly translated) and of course The Word teaches so we can learn how to obtain His help. His transforming grace (actual grace) is waiting to strengthen us, if we can humble ourselves  before Him, to grow in faith–into a saving faith. Go to Him!

“I do not want to punish aching mankind, but I desire to heal it, pressing it to My Merciful Heart…Tell sinners that I am always waiting for them… Come to Me, all of you. Be not afraid of your Savior; O sinful soul. I make the first move to come to you [like through this article], for I know that by yourself you are unable to lift yourself to me.

Child, do not run away from your Father [I want to save you]; be willing to talk openly with your God of mercy [about your sinfulness and desire to change] who wants to speak words of pardon and lavish his graces on you [so you can amend your ways and obtain a saving faith]. How dear your soul is to Me! I have inscribed your name upon My hand; you are engraved as a deep wound in My Heart.”

–Jesus to St. Faustina

Our Lord loves us so much. Don’t allow ourselves to die.

“I was in darkness, and knew nothing, not even myself [my sinfulness]; in a slippery place, because I was weak and frail… on the road downwards into the pit of hell… I was destitute of all help when Thou did shine forth upon me and show me in what state I stood… I could not yet understand, Thou didst teach [me].”

–St. Anselm (Devotions, Med. 3)

To be motivated to whole heartedly run to Him, we will need to be greatly motivated to learn The Way and become a perfect self-sacrificing saint. We can’t say, “Oh, I will change tomorrow” or “I will leave that sin which I really love later.” No. TODAY we are going to seek Our Savior to teach us and strengthen us to LEAVE OUR SINS… or die trying.

“God laments over those obstinate sinners who choose to perish because they will not leave their sins, and says, ‘Why will you die, O house of Israel [God’s children].”

–St. Alphonsus (Med. 10)

This isn’t going to be like some diet, to where we try and if we fail, we say we will try again tomorrow. No. We will try again now… at that same moment. We don’t continue and continue in any sin. Every sin we continue in counts and is a horror. We must learn how to sin no more.

We are going to need to change everything…. on step at a time.

“Purification [of our sins], whether of body or soul, is only accomplished by slow degrees [for the average person], step by step, gradually and painfully.. The souls which rises from out of sin to a devout [humble] life [like a saint] has been compared to the dawn, which does not banish darkness suddenly, but by degrees… [so] we must be brave and patient… in this undertaking.”

–St. Francis De Sales (Introduction to the Devout Life, Ch. 5)

Below Jesus told St. Bridget of Sweden in one of her revelations a little summary of what we need to do to change so we can accept His grace and friendship:

“My mercy, however, is this: namely, that none of my very enemies [those with unrepentant sin/us] is so thorough or so great a sinner that my mercy would be denied him if he were to ask for it humbly and wholeheartedly. Wherefore [if we are truly humble and wholeheartedly seek to stop sinning], my enemies must do three things if they wish reconcile themselves to my grace and friendship:

  • The first is that with all their heart they repent and have contrition because they have offended me, their Creator and Redeemer.
  • The second thing is confession – clean, frequent, and humble– which they must make before their confessor. And thus let them amend all their sins by doing penance and making satisfaction in accord with that same confessor’s council and discretion. For then I shall draw close to them, and the devil will be kept far away from them.
  • The third thing is that after they have thus performed these things with devotion and perfect charity [as perfect as we can make], they are to go to communion and receive and consume my Body with the [true] intention of never falling back into former sins but of persevering in good even to the end.

If anyone, therefore, amends his life in this manner, at once I will run out to meet him as a loving father runs to meet his wayward son; and I will receive him into my grace more gladly than he himself could have asked or thought. And then I will be in him, and he in me; and he shall live with me and rejoice forever. But upon him who perseveres in his sins and malice my justice shall indubitably come.

–Jesus to St. Bridget of Sweden

Our goal is to accomplish all that Jesus told to St. Bridget. But beware of following any “confessor” today… since they are still in the dark. They can’t hear the Lord’s voice and can only lead us into the dark, which is of course why we are lost today.

But after they hear and convert, then we will have such blessings. But today confess just the same, just don’t choose a “confessor” to guide you to the light unless they are walking in the way of the saints and becoming one (prove they know The Way). Today, NONE do.

“[Now,] there are NO MORE generous souls, there is no one [priest] left worthy of offering a spotless sacrifice to the Eternal for the sake of the world… [This is true,] Lucifer, together with a large number of demons, will be unloosed from hell [which has occurred]; they will put an end to [the true] faith little by little, even in those dedicated to God [won’t know The Way]. They will blind them.”

–Our Lady of La Salette

But not to worry. God will help us. To help us obtain the strength we need to leave our sins to Love God, to help enlighten us to The Way, Our Lord’s has provided us with a plethora of means to receive His mercy (grace/help/pure spiritual milk):

    • Baptism (which of course we need to be saved)
    • The Bible
    • Obedience
    • His Church (the Catechism/the true teaching of The Way)
    • His Mother
    • Prayer
      Mass (the greatest form of prayer)
    • Devotions
    • Good works
    • Sacramentals
    • Alms giving (giving not only money but our entire self)
    • Angels
    • Saints
    • Fasting
    • Sacrificing
    • Suffering
      Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
    • Penance (confession)
    • Holy Communion (receiving God’s actual body and blood)

    Confirmation (outpouring of the Holy Spirit)Holy Orders (a member of the clergy) Matrimony (a partnership of the whole of life between a man and woman to help each other and their children obtain salvation) Extreme Unction (anointing of the sick)

This is how we are to nurse on the milk (grace) of our Mother (the Church), so She may help us grow into a saving faith.

“Oh, that you may suck fully of the milk of her comfort, that you may nurse with delight at her abundant breasts!” (Isiah 66:11).

Yes, the grace is abundant. But what a shame it would be having a Mother (a Church) so bountiful with blessings and intentionally did not partake in any one of these gifts God has given us. We want to adopt all the means God has prepared to help save our souls. We are going to need it. We are incredibly weak. 

“He [God] gives us in His holy Church all the graces necessary for our salvation, so that if we are lost it will only be because of our own willful malice [rejection of His grace]. Unfortunately, however, through it may be that all desire to save their souls, all are not willing to accept the means offered them [to become saved]… [Which is why there are many] disorders which we see in the world around us and the truth, that while many are called few are chosen.”

—St. Francis De Sales (Our Desire to Save our Souls)

Therefore, with our free will and God’s grace, let’s HUMBLY work for this goal Jesus gave to St. Bridget and acquire the requirements of salvation within us. 

“The enemy [the evil one] pursues my soul; he has crushed my life to the ground; he has made me dwell in darkness [not knowing The Way]… Lord, make haste and answer [help me]; for my spirit fails within me… Rescue me, Lord, from my enemies” (Psalm 143).

Also, we must give our lives to helping to save God’s blessed priests, who provide us with much of the grace we need to Live, so they can save their own souls and begin saving the sheep. It is our moral responsibility to help care for the broken body of Christ–God’s Church and all of the churches, to help restore its unity and health. Soon, with our help, we will be whole and united and healthy again.

“We, therefore, should be only one body in several persons, united with the same end in view for the love of God. On the contrary, disunion seems to me like the image of hell, where the devils and the damned are in a state of perpetual discord and hatred.” 

–St. Vincent De Paul (Letter to Sister, April 26, 1643)

Praise God that in His infinite mercy, He has provided us with so much help for us to amend our sins and obtain a saving faith. Yes, since Christ has come into the world, we have blessing above and beyond any man in history. We just need to seek Him with a humble contrite heart to obtain it.

“How very much I desire the salvation of souls!… I want to pour out My divine life into human souls and sanctify them, if only they were willing to accept My grace.”

–Jesus to St. Faustina (Diary #1784)

To obtain the kind of motivation to do what is necessary to change (grow in humility and fear) and gain a greater understanding of The Way, begin with reading and taking St. Anthony Mary Claret’s retreat, “The Golden Key to Heaven”, also, daily read ONE of the meditations of St. Alphonsus’ book “The Way of Salvation [A Saving Faith] and Perfection.” These will greatly help us!

Lifting Our Values also has many books, meditations on Christ’s passion and even a workbook to help us advance at a pace we can move to obtain the goal.

If we seek Our Lord correctly, we will grow in faith to where we can finally call on the name of the Lord [with a heart that truly wants God (not sin) and we] will be saved” (Romans 10:13).

God’s mercy is waiting for us.

Turn to God for help. He is waiting. Eternity is forever!

“Return to me with your whole heart, with fasting, weeping, and mourning [over your sins]. Rend your hearts, not your garments, and return to the Lord, your God [for He wants to save you].” (Joel 2:12-13)

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