what has happened to god's church?


My Neighbor is Dying

My neighbor is dying. Can you please help me to save his life? I need help. Please… he is dying. I can’t do this alone. Oh, no; my other neighbor is dying too… just look around… oh, God… they are all dying. Lord, they are dying and dying and dying. 

I’m only one person. How can I save so many? God please send me some help. I know you want to use me Lord to save them all… but there are so many. I am too weak…. too sinful to accept enough of Your all powerful grace to do this. I know You love each one so perfectly and don’t want anyone to die. But I don’t have the grace to help save them all. God help me!

Is there anyone willing to sacrifice their “fun” in their life to help save the dying world? Is there anyone willing to give their life for another? Are there any true Christians left?

I can’t bear to watch another child die. God help us!! Our sins are killing us. The world needs true Christians to ”    ”  ).

What is a Christian? 

Do you know the entire focus of a Christian is supposed to be to spend our life striving to perfectly love God and SAVE HIS CHILDREN?

If we are to follow Christ this is what we are supposed to be doing. This is why Christ came… to save us.

Do you want to give your life to save another? Or are you too busy living for the pleasures of the world… thinking about yourself? But your neighbor is dying… and you are most likely dying too. Can you deny yourself of the self-indulging things you want (food, trips, entertainment, parties, things, socialization, relaxation… whatever it is ) to carry a cross so great grace can be sent through your cross for the salvation of souls?

This is what real Christians are supposed to be spending our lives doing…. Giving up of what our self-loving beings want… to live the cross of Christ, for the salvation of souls (ours and others).


Our Church is supposed to be teaching us how to save souls, but from being so deceived and drowning in self-love, they are teaching us how to love ourselves. It is so tragic… to watch God’s church that was established to save soul…. Stand and watch the children they are supposed to be saving die, so they can live the “good” life.

Who is spending our life looking for crosses, for suffering, so we can help another Live? Anyone?


There really are no words which can describe the agony, disappointment (to say the least) and great sadness, God is experiencing from His Church. And when I say, His Church, I mean the people of His One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.

Please understand, the faith–the belief’s that save… the teaching of the Church–The Way to Heaven–that the saint’s, the true Catholics lived, is not broken… “Hell shall not prevail against it” (  ). But it is the leaders, the teachers, and the people, who no longer understand the teaching of their own religion, which is why the Church has fallen and is causing unsurmountable grief to Our Beloved Lord.

This Church, which God established, is supposed to guide souls to Heaven. But since it has become CONSUMED WITH PRIDE, it is blind and guiding souls to their doom instead. I can think of nothing more horrific than this…. the pain God is suffering is far worse than anything He experienced when He was crucified by non-believers. There is really no worse pain for Jesus.


Yes, there is nothing worse than by crucified again, by your own.

So Little Grace

Many of us have testimonies of what God has done for us, but sadly most our testimonies are over. Many of us are no longer growing closer to God, being healed by God, nor leaving our sins from the help of God’s grace. We remain the same person from day to day or we are getting worse and becoming less like Jesus. It is so sad.

One of the biggest problems with the people of faith is that we believe going to Church, gaining prayers, knowledge and good works proves we are truly faithful and correctly following Christ. But that simply is not true. That notion is how the devil prides and blinds people of faith, so we can live blind self-righteous lives.

Yes, we, people of faith, want to know, love and serve God. We want to become holy, but sadly, most are doing it with proud blind hearts that still love sin. That is not pleasing to God. It hurts Him.

God comes to us; we experience His love, and we change a bit. But then we think, from our growth in faith, we are now doing most everything that is good and right. But that simply is not true. We still have a lot to change. We are still FAR from being perfect self-sacrificing saints.

The problem is, we become quite proud. And it is this pride that leads to horrible blindness and to a dead faith: a faith not growing into a saving faith.

“The pride of your heart has deceived you” (Obadiah 3).

From all of the “good” we do, we think we are quite good and holy. Yet, we wind up refuting most or all of the grace God has sent, through our good or pious acts, due to our pride.

Depending on how much we suffer from pride, we can reject most if not every drip of transforming help God is sending.

An entire Church can be filled with people praying vast devotions thinking they are wonderfully holy and doing good, but in reality, which God can see, there is not one truly humble soul, who can receive grace, in the whole church. All are actually on the path to doom; it is just tragic!

It is this praise and self-esteem of ourselves (prideful thinking) that kills us. It is such a problem with our lives; it has caused the fall of the Church–the people of the Church to not be able to lead souls to Life. Of course the faith that saves–the Catholic Church (its true belief’s as lived by it’s saints), is still intact… that will never fail. ”   ”  (  ). But the “faithful”, the people of the Church, simply don’t understand The Way, from our horrific pride… for we spend our time looking to praise and be praised.. constantly seeking self-glory (but being blind to it). To learn more please read, “The Deadly Complement.”

Most of the faithful are so unaware of this destruction (pride) that lives within us, but it is very real and deadly. But if we only looked into what is our source of happiness, we would find it surely isn’t seeking to love God–striving to not offend Him–working to please Him. It is in doing what we want… it is in doing good and having righteous accomplishments, which should be a good thing. But we are not REALLY doing them to love and please God for the salvation of souls; we (miserable sinners) are really doing them so we can feel good about ourselves (to inflate our pride). We simply refuse to look honestly into why we do what we do.

We don’t want to think of ourselves and our actions as proud… so we live with “secret self-esteem and personal satisfaction [of what we do]… [so many] even become so proud as to be worse than devils.”  Sadly, most of us, faithful, have such a horrid condition and are “abominable in the sight of God”(St. John of the Cross (Book 3, Ch. 8 The Danger of Self-Conceit and Presumption). This is why we are so lost. To learn more please read, “What Has Happened to God’s Church?”

Of course, please know, some of us even with great pride still “feel” God’s love and experience His help and miracles… since He wants to use that to move us to want to truly Love Him. But who of us are being moved by God’s acts of love to leave our life of sin? Do we really want to love God in return?

“Those who love him and keep his commandments” (Deuteronomy 7:9).

Maybe God showed us His love and healed us, so to inspire us to want to change for the salvation of our soul. But we actually never sought to change from our life of sin. We just took His grace, maybe said “thank you” and remained the same.

But for others, perhaps we did change a little, but then we stopped. Because after God came to us and/or helped us, instead of us continuing to go to Him, so we can progress in our faith to come to truly love Him (come to true hatred for our sins), we found a new desire (an idol). Then we began to loose interest in God and left the pious (religious) things we were doing, that accepted grace. Many of us keep on falling from God and even leave Him all together or even stop believing in Him…  becoming totally void of grace.

Or maybe after God changed us, we became self-righteous, thinking we are so wonderfully holy now. From this pride, even though on the outside we seem to be practicing the faith, we still left Him, because pride refutes grace.

“God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble” (1 Peter 5:5).