Who Suffers the Most in Hell?

May God Move you to change by learning of such terrors

Who Suffers the Most in Hell?

Not that it matters all that much who is suffering more in Hell than another, for when all is lost, all is lost. But God has made it clear over and over again in The Word and to saint after saint about the dreaded reality of those who suffer the greatest in Hell to hopefully motivate some of us to open our eyes to see our great need to repent and change. 

This reality is just simply shocking. It is enough to rip out our hearts. Therefore, since this site is all about finding Heaven and avoiding Hell, I simply couldn’t neglect to tell the truth on this subject no matter how horrible it is. Frankly, it causes me to cry just writing about it.

“But as for cowards [those who don’t preach when we should], the unfaithful [insincere followers of Christ], the depraved [morally corrupt], murderers, the unchaste [impure], sorcerers [wizards], idol-worshipers [lovers of pleasure-not lovers of God], and deceivers of [truth of] every sort, their lot is in the burning pool of fire and sulfur, which is the second death.” (Revelation 21:8).

Oh, there is the first degree of Hell and then the second death that we, who don’t obtain a saving faith will suffer.

We View Sin Different from God

Who is suffering the greatest in Hell is shockingly not who we would expect at all. The reason we can’t correctly see who offends God the most and chooses the worst eternal punishment is because our judgement of what sins are deserving of the greatest chastisements differs from God’s.

“My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways, says the Lord” (Isaiah 55:8)

But regardless of whether we can see how God sees, God will repay each one of us according to our works (goodness or sin).

“[God] will repay everyone according to his works: eternal life to those who seek glory, honor [for God], and immortality through perseverance in good works, but wrath and fury to those who selfishly disobey the truth and obey wickedness.” (Romans 2:6-8).

A Murderer?

So, who suffers that greatest in Hell? 

From our sense of logic and reasoning, most see the mass murderer and alike–the one who commits what we see as the most heinous of crimes–as the one deserving of the worst sufferings in Hell, because what crime is as horrible (severe) as some of the disgusting violations against others some of us commit? 

And it is true, if those, who commit such horrible offences die without truly repenting for their crimes against God and their neighbor, they do suffer horribly in Hell forever. 

But to the surprise of many, in God’s eyes, the ones who commits these visible heinous crimes, for the most part, aren’t the ones who scourged God the greatest–who choose the greatest punishments forever. There are others, who wound God even more horribly…that few would even be able to guess.

What Determines Our Punishments

To begin to understand how God judges, so we can start to judge our lives more in line with reality, we should know, for each sin we choose, we choose its equal punishment.

Yes, every single sin we have chosen throughout our entire life (after our baptism), we have also chosen to be punished with its equal appropriate punishment…even if we have been forgiven for a particular sin. The temporal punishment still remains.

Each sin has a different punishment associated to it based on the severity of the sin. However, if we refuse to see something we do as sinful or if we judge it as only venial, when God, who sees in the correct light, judges our choice to be one of the most serious grave mortal sins, regardless of how we view our sin, we are choosing the punishment for a most serious mortal sin. To learn what the mortal sins are please read, “What Are The Mortal Sins.” They are vastly different than what most understand.

Plus, on top of that, God doesn’t only judge us based on the sins we commit; we are also judged based on all that was expected of us or given to us…that we didn’t do. These are called our sins of omission: the things we should have done but didn’t.

Furthermore, if two people commit the same crime, their punishment will vary based on the grace (blessings, talents, gifts, etc) they have received or grace that has been rejected. For the more gifts, talents, knowledge, help, etc. that God gives, the more is expected of us. 

“Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more” (Luke 12:48)

Also, we will be judged based on our innate understanding of every sin and further instruction or grace given to help us more fully understand the malice of our crimes against God. 

Our punishment is also based on the amount of grace that was sent to turn from the sin but wasn’t wanted or was used incorrectly. Plus, our punishment is also based on our mental faculty: how sound of mind we were when choosing what we have done.

On top of that, at the end when all of our punishments are accounted for, they are compiling…based on the number of unforgiven and forgiven sins and their severity. Yikes, yes our punishment due for each sin is quite complicated.

Only God, who reads the mind and probes the heart, knows our true punishment we have chosen.

But to simplify it the best I can, the punishment we choose, which God gives, is based on our:

  • quantity of sins and omissions
  • severity of each offence
  • understanding of the law
  • our ability to soundly choose
  • grace God has given us or wanted to give us
  • what God expected of us

Because the degree of guilt and punishment from any sin differs from one person to another, everyone’s eternal or temporal punishment varies too. 

But, we should know, if we can grow in faith to obtain a saving faith–true love for God/true contrition for all sin–that eternal punishment, which we deserve, is removed. We are forgiven. Praise God!

However, the due punishment we have chosen is still waiting for us, for every sin committed after our baptism. That punishment is just transferred into temporal (temporary) punishment, which is something we can atone for on earth or in Purgatory, so we may become purified and enter into Heaven. To learn more please read, “Heaven, Hell and Purgatory.”

Therefore, if we are saved or not…we are still accountable for what we have done or should have done but didn’t. Seek to sin no more!

“God will repay each person according to what they have done” (Romans 2:6)

God’s Just Judgement

To come to see who are the gravest sinners, deserving of the worst punishment, we need to understand that, “God is a just judge” (Psalm 7:12), who will judge everyone properly. 

If we are mentally challenged our severity of judgement won’t be as great as the mentally sound. Not that the mentally ill go unpunished (unless they have never had any ability to fully know right from wrong and/or freely choose to sin), but God from His perfect fairness most certainly takes into account all blessings and weakness that were given to a person and judges fairly. 

If we feel God’s justice isn’t fair or loving, then it is only from our lack of grace to understand God’s perfect love: mercy and justice. But if we had the unfathomable wisdom of God, the Creator of all, we would surely understand God’s all fair mercy and justice is true.

“As high as the heavens are above the earth, so high are My ways above your ways and My thoughts above your thoughts” (Isaiah 55:9).

God knows what grace and gifts that were bestowed upon us, which we have accepted to serve Him and amend our ways, or that we rejected or even used to pursue the evil desires of our hearts–anything that isn’t to know, serve or love God, that isn’t for His glory – anything that isn’t God’s will but our own. God knows all. 

Every bit of grace, we accepted or rejected, we are accountable for…and God, who knows the real truth, judges what we can’t see.

“Not as man sees does God see, because man see the appearance but the Lord looks into the heart.” (1 Samuel 16:7)

With that vast knowledge of truth, God judges us quite differently than how we would judge ourselves or one another. We judge based on what we can see or what we think is reality, but not God. God judges the heart based on the real truth. He uncovers what we hide and brings justice to it all.

“No creature is concealed from him, but everything is naked and exposed to the eyes of him to whom we must render an account” (Hebrews 4:13).

Take, Take, Take

Have we ever loved someone greatly and from our love for him/her, gave so much of ourselves over and over again; it was all we had. But instead of being loved in return, we just wound up being stabbed?

When we look back on that event. We think the one we loved kind of wanted our love; we think…maybe at some point it might have been sincere. Oh, we were asked for help and we would joyfully give it over and over again to love them, but deep down he/she didn’t really want it. But, if he/she only would have accepted our love/help, great things could have happened, but it was never really accepted it nor were we really loved in return.

One day his/her lack of sincerity became clear…that our loved one didn’t really want to love us. Or if he/she ever did have that intention, it was long gone. There was no more we could do to change reality. The running to us for help–having the appearance of gratitude and love for us with his/her kind words–only wound up being a lie, to manipulate us into getting for him/herself what he/she wanted, since the one we loved, loved him/herself and his/her sinful ways so much more.

As a result, he/she didn’t love us in return for all that we gave; and just wound up taking and taking our love…hurting us greatly with rejection and/or betrayal…which stung greatly.

You see, the more we love someone…trying and trying to love/help them, the more their rejection hurts our hearts, since we have invested our hearts deeply into them.

“For it is not an enemy that reviled [betrayed] me—that I could bear—…But it was you, my other self, my comrade and friend” (Psalm 55:13-14).

Well, it is the same for Our Lord and His children, who turn to Him over and over again for love and help (grace), but in the end, we still refuse His saving mercy, all to stay in our sins. How horribly painful! How much love (grace) was rejected?

But it isn’t the same for those who turn atheist or refuse to obey His commands or seek Him. God isn’t quite as injured by these, who don’t want His love nor want to love Him. 

After God tries to capture their hearts, so they will want to change, but they still reuse to even try to seek Him, and for most, Christ leaves them (stops sending them additional grace to help them).

“God gave them up [left them] to degrading passions [and no longer helps them].” (Romans 1:26)

Yes, God doesn’t continue to try and try to help someone when they absolutely want nothing to do with Him. God won’t force His love upon anyone. For these to change it takes much prayers from God’s faithful pleading on their behalf.

Therefore, the athiests, murderers and alike aren’t the one’s who’s rejection of God’s love injures God the most. But rather it is the person, who is always seeking Our Lord’s assistance, but still never obtains a saving faith…and in the end they their praise and plees for help just wound up being manipulation and lies–pretending we love Him (want to stop offending Him) and want His help to change, but we never really wanted to change–all the way to our end. Horribly, that is someone who received bounds of grace but crushed God’s Sacred Heart of Love greatly with their refusal of so great a Love right until all the hope was gone. Tragic!

“Oh, what a disaster it would be for me, if the very abundance of grace that ought to raise me to a very high level of glory in Heaven, were to plunge me into the depths of hell!” 

–St. Anthony Mary Claret

Yes, when someone heard God’s call, has turned to Him and seek’s His help throughout their life, and yet, has only changed a little from their sins…towards sanctity…since he mostly squandered God’s assistance/love…and never gained a heart of true love for Him/true hatred for our sins. That pierces His Sacred Heart of Love since we still chose sin over and over again over His unfathomable love.

If we are this unfortunate in our end, God will cry, “I have given you My everything…over and over again I helped you despite your constant abuse of Me; I went above and beyond, giving you more grace than you could ever needed, so you could to love me in return and live,  but  you still never really wanted it or changed.” 

Yes, that rejection of God’s constant love being given to souls hurts God more than the murder, who doesn’t spend His life seeking Mercy. It is that constant, rejecting God’s flood of love that crushes God’s heart the most.

Our Lord so badly wants us in Heaven, but if we simply refuse to let go of our sins (come to true hatred for our offences against Him), we are the worst of all of the sinner…far worse than the soul who doesn’t know or want to know God. That rejection of such great grace, in the end, actually rejects every act of love God has ever given to us for self-love. Tragic! 

Therefore, the children who continue to go to God over and over again for assistance, through Mass, The Eucharist, confession, prayer and seek petitions from the saints, who seem to love God and want His help but only wind up taking a little of it, who are rejecting most of it or even use it for evil (sin) are deserving of unfathomable punishment.

Yes, the ones who reject God the most–are His FAITHFUL–who never really convert into a saving faith. They are the ones who suffer the greatest in Hell. 

Who are The Gravest of the Grave

But among those who wound God the most, who despite God’s unfathomable mercy being shed upon them, they never gain a horror for sin so great they would rather suffer any torment than offend Him (never obtain true sorrow for their sins), there are people in this group that wound Him above all the rest.

So who are the one’s who do this?

Who has caused the most agony to Our Lord’s Sacred Heart of Love?

Well, to come to understand this, we need to understand what rejects God’s love–what hurts Him the most…well, it is sin of course. If we go to God for help and then turn around and offend Him, that is greatly offensive. Plus, the more we sin or the more grievous the sin we commit the greater we reject God.

Therefore, we need to know what are the worst of sins according to God? In the Bible there are a bunch of sins that are rattled off as being grievous and very harmful…to learn more about them please read “What are the Mortal Sins” (link at end of article). There are a bunch of sins we absolutely must avoid…not that we shouldn’t avoid all of them, but there are certainly sins that cause more damage to God and ourselves and cause great blindness to The Way than others.

But to even come to know what sins we are committing that are most horrible, we need to understand, unless we have much of God’s grace, we can’t and won’t even see many of our crimes against God. We will simply feel we are good, but in God’s eyes we are quite different.

“All one’s ways are pure [good] in one’s own eyes, but the measurer of motives [why we do what we do] is the Lord” (Proverbs 16:2).

Therefore, we must humble ourselves, if we seek to Live. To learn more please read, “How Can I Gain Humility.” But after we come to know many mortal sins, we still need to know what is the worst of all of the sins at judgement in God’s eyes…what crushes His Sacred Heart of love far above the rest? Is it adultry? Is it hatred? Is it pre-marital or un-natural sex? Oh, these are listed as one of the worst offences against God.

Yes, those are bad and some of the top offences…but there is a sin that offends God even more.

Oh, that is the sin of LUKEWARMNESS.

“I am more deeply wounded by the small imperfections of chosen souls [those given the gift of faith] than by the sins of those living in the world…These little imperfections are not all [little]. I will reveal to you a secret of My Heart: what I suffer from chosen souls. Ingratitude in return for so many graces is My Heart’s constant food, on the part of [such] a chosen soul. Their love is lukewarm, and My Heart cannot bear it; these souls force Me to reject them.”

–Jesus to St. Faustina

Yes, it isn’t rape, murder or any of those most terrible sins…it is lukewarmness. Lukewarmness is when someone says they are Christian, but they aren’t wholeheartedly seeking to live the real faith, which is vastly greater than most understand. To learn more please read, “How Can I Be A True Follower of Christ.”

Yes, believe it or not, lukewarmness–not seeking to live the true complete faith, especially neglecting The Way of the Cross (not rejoicing in our crosses/sufferings, nor choosing self-denial of worldly pleasure for the cross as a penance, etc.)–is worse than murder, rape, or any of the absolutely horrific sins we could possibly think of….as I explain.

“Because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth” (Revelation 3:16).

But without enough grace, we just can’t understand this reality. We might still look at the mass shooter and condemn him as vile, when perhaps when we should be looking at ourselves–the way God sees who we are. Oh, in reality, we are all simply poor lost souls in need of a Savior, we just all need Him in different ways.

Who Amoung the Lukewarm Are the Worst Offenders?

Many will ask, “How can being lukewarm in our faith, merits us greater punishment than the hardened criminal?” 

“How can a drug/sex addict, who abuses their partner, robs others and sells themselves to gain money to support their addiction, have less of a punishment for eternity than those go to Church daily, do good works and pray their prayers, but they are really still lukewarm in their faith (not living the fullness of the faith)?” 

As I explained above, our sins compile upon one another and our blessings received/rejected play a large account on the piercing of God’s Sacred Heart. But below I have a chart that will hopefully help us understand just how much rejection of Mercy (Love) the lukewarm are suffering from…which makes our sins so grievous.

But before I get to that, we need to know there are different degrees of being lukewarm, but all lukewarmness still, for the most part, leads to the greatest punishments in Hell. 

Some think the lukewarm are only those who go to church on the weekends or maybe the holidays, but don’t live the faith (as they understand)–who don’t seek to be kind, modest, charitable, pure, etc.–during the rest of the week. 

Well, that is is the definition of someone lukewarm–having declared faith by word alone–but they aren’t the ones with the greatest degree of being lukewarm. They do suffer the punishment of being lukewarm, but there are others who are punished to an even greater degree.

The ones with the GREATEST PRIDE are the ones with the greatest degree of lukewarm guilt, and their lukewarmness is most blind to them. 

“See how great is the blindness of man, and in particular of these [deceived] ministers, for the more they have received of Me, and the more they are enlightened by the Holy Scripture, the greater are their obligations and more intolerable confusion [not knowing The Way] do they receive for not fulfilling them; the more they knew of Holy Scripture during their life, the better do they know at their death the great sins they have committed, and their torments are greater than those of others.”

–God the Father to St. Catherine of Sienna

Yes, most horribly God’s blind ministers are sadly the ones who suffers the most, but the first runner up is the seemingly “faithful”…those who are horribly blind too, who don’t truly live the faith by way of the cross: suffering and sacrificing as a penance for the salvation of souls, as they strive to sin no more.

To help us live by way of the cross, Lifting Our Values has made “Piacular Beads”, beads to help motivate us to reject what keeps us from God and embrace the cross which brings us to Christ. See www.LiftingOurValues.com to buy or make one for yourself.

Yes, the people with the greatest blinding deadly pride, who are choosing the greatest suffering in Hell are, believe it or not, the people who consider themselves very religious. But in God’s eyes they are still living prideful lukewarm lives being greatly deceived by the evil one. 

“The lukewarm soul is not yet quite dead in the eyes of the Lord, because faith, hope and charity, which are its spiritual life are not entirely extinguished in it. But it is a faith without zeal, hope without firmness, love with ardor…

[But] let me describe to you a zealous Christian…a Christian who really and ardently longs to save his soul…He loves them [the truths], he ponders over them, he tries in every possible way to acquire a knowledge of them…He believes not only that God sees him in all his actions, and judges them all at the hour of death, but he trembles at the thought that he will have to render an account of his whole life to God….[and] strives earnestly to improve himself daily. He never ceases to his endeavors to find new ways in which to do penance. How different from this is the Christian who lives a lukewarm life.” 

–St. John Vianney

Yes, the lukewarm are the ones who say, “I hardly sin (thinking they are righteous)” or “I’m the greatest of all sinners” (to sound humble), but they still don’t even know themselves–as in their hearts, they lack true horror for their sins and are living a lie, because they don’t really want to see, nor amend their ways.

They don’t live a life loving the cross–rejecting the pleasure–so to live a life of penance (suffering for their sins and the sins of the world). They have forgotten they deserve nothing because of their great misery and seek a life of happiness with the world.

For most of the faithful, our humility and faith is sadly only in word alone, since we aren’t really striving to “be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect” (Matthew 5:48). We have little to no fear of sin. We do this from our pride, because we believe we are good enough or are already living the true faith, but sadly we don’t even realize we don’t truly want to love God, from being deceived by the evil one. 

Jesus said, “if anyone wishes to come after me [to Heaven], he MUST deny himself [of his will/worldly pleasure] and take up his cross daily [don’t complain about suffering/trust in all God allows as ultimately leading to good, for those who believe] and follow me [change his life to obey all of My Word]” (Luke 9:23).

Sadly, even though many of us, who are lukewarm, have great works, they are all in vain, since they aren’t truly done for a love of God. We can’t love God or do anything truly for the love of God, if we don’t honestly seek to stop sinning (seek to truly love God by working to become a saint). But from being deceived, we don’t even realize we are without a saving faith–never mind the ones choosing the greatest punishments in Hell

Why is Lukewarmness The Worst of Every Sin

The reason lukewarmness of the seemingly very religious–those who have accepted God’s call and are His religious–is the worst of every sin, is because after the countless blessings God has given to the faithful, they have rejected God–allowed the most Precious Blood of our Lord to spill–countless times

As we can see, if we are lukewarm–attending church frequently but aren’t humbly seeking a saving faith (deceived into self-righteous, since we appear to have given our life to God, but we really haven’t)–we have very little grace, but enough grace perhaps to keep us from suffering greatly from horrendous sins on earth, yet, we are far from a saving faith and are accountable for bounds of Christ’s Precious Blood, since every time we participate in some pious act, grace is sent–especially through the sacraments. And that grace was meant to help save our souls, which, from our pride, we just allowed to pour onto the floor. Tragic! 

This is because every Mass, prayer/devotion, good work, etc. that we faithful partake in, God sends unfathomable grace. Oh, the healings, blessing and help from God that we were given is fantastic, but horribly our hearts are so hard, we reject most of God’s love and don’t love Him in return.

Truly those who go to Church and pray and have many devotions, who attend confession and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, who fast and have many works for the Lord, who have had healings and been given many blessings from God through our pious actions or the intercession of another, etc., are given so much grace. 

If we only know the amount of assistance that is sent to us, to move us into a saving faith, we would cry from shame. How much we have rejected God’s love, since we are so far living The Way and from perfection. 

God sends “bounds of grace” ( ) in His sacraments, by prayers, intercessions of the saints and by our works of mercy to help move our souls to Life. But we have let most of His Precious Blood just spill to the floor, which we are accountable for.

God sees and knows the truth and we are accountable for every drop. 

We who partake in those fantastic means of receiving grace but are still blind and deaf and still living lukewarm in our faith by not really striving to live the true faith–by amending our way and especially that of truly following Christ by intentionally denying ourselves of pleasure and willfully carrying our crosses (not worrying or complaining when things go wrong, but trusting in God and rejoicing in the cross)–are the lukewarm that will suffer the greatest in Hell if any crime against God is left unrepented.

“I the Lord search the mind and try the heart, to give every man according to his ways, according to the [true] fruit of his doings” (Jeremiah 17:10).

This is hard to understand because we don’t know of the magnitude of grace that is sent to God’s “faithful.” Many of us were given so many gifts and blessings from God–truly many have been blessed beyond our imagination–but those blessing, that were continuously bestowed upon us by all the good works we have performed, from Mass after Mass, confession after confession, devotion to devotion, concecrations…especially in adoration and through the sacraments of the Church, were all meant to move us into a saving faith. 

But from the devils prideful deception, even after all the grace God has sent, time and time again, we never sought a saving faith, we were deceived into believing we have one. Many still don’t know what a saving true faith is and sadly aren’t seeking to obtain it. 

Horribly, the greatly lukewarm (greatly prideful) have rejected and rejected God’s transforming love in the bounds of faithful activities they partake in…but yet, blindly believe they are saved by their “faith” when sadly, they don’t have true faith at all. 

All of that precious blood–God grace that was sent—we are accountable for. Truly, God, who is trying to save our souls, sends His love…oh, so much love it is unfathomable, and WE REJECT IT! It is an absolutely horrible sin that crushes God’s Most Tender Heart of Love over and over again.

Sadly, most of God’s faithful tend to partake in religious activities to take whatever love (help) we can get from God but never TRULY love Him in return. We don’t want to really stop sinng, we don’t really want the cross, which is how we love God. 

Oh, we “say” we love the cross and want to stop sinning, but our actions–all of our complaining, worrying and despair, when things don’t go as we like in countless ways of our life, and our constant habitual sins, most certainly proves we don’t really love the cross and trust in what God allows and simply never accept God’s transforming grace to amend our sins. 

We run to our friends, good food, entertainment instead of God…we sadly want the pleasure not The Way.

To not stay blind, please ask yourself, “Do I intentionally choose less (the cross) or am I seeking the best most comfortable fun life I can get? “Do we intentionally deny myself of worldly pleasures so to come to truly desire God alone and save souls, or do I not even know this is a requirement of salvation?” 

Most are so confused from their great sins, we don’t know how to really love God. Please read, “How to Really Love God.” 

And it is that pain we cause God, from rejection after rejection of so much love, that was meant to give us knowledge of how to obtain salvation, that was repeatedly inflicted upon God’s tender Heart that is above and beyond all of the other sins–which surmounts any other crime we commit against Our Most Generous Loving Savior. 

If we don’t repent of such abandonment of love before our hour comes all is lost for eternity…and what a horrific torment we will choose as a consequence instead of God’s eternal love.

Hopefully this chart can help us understand a bit more clearly who is the furtherest away from a saving faith and who suffers the greatest if they were to die outside of a saving faith. Many of us can be honest with ourselves and see us belonging to one category or in between two categories, and this chart can help us understand the reality of our faith and God’s justice that will befall us if we don’t grow enough in our faith to gain true sorrow for all of our sins on or before our death. However, if this chart makes no scene to us, I will describe why this is true for each category of souls so we can hopefully gain the knowledge to understand the gravity of sin and its consequences.

  1. Soul with a continuous saving faith (continuous true sorrow) in their heart: When a soul finally has continuous contrition in their hearts, it is a most blessed occasion. It is a grand accomplishment in running the race to Life. When a soul has been blessed with such great sorrow for their sins they would honestly rather die than commit a single sin against their Beloved Lord and are growing wonderfully towards perfection as proof of their true contrition (even though they will never know for certain if they are with true sorrow since we can’t read our souls)…they are finally “saved” since they aren’t rejecting God’s sanctifying grace by desiring any sin. This state of being with continuous true sorrow can remain until their death as long as their contrition doesn’t lesson, because they have finally welcomed God into their heart and not any sin. As a result, from their great pursuit of grace, from the sacraments, prayers, devotions, works, etc. and going in wonderfully understanding of the horror of sin..they finally have the grace that brings true forgiveness of every sin ever committed whipping out all accountability (guilt) for God’s Precious Blood. Now, until they atone for every sins, there will still be punishment in Purgatory, to pay the price for all their sins, but at least they are saved and not guilty for the spilling of God’s Precious Blood and will be in Heaven one day.
  2. Soul who gained true sorrow once but doesn’t have it continuously present in their hearts: There are such fantastic blessings given to a soul who can become truly sorry for every sins…even if it is just for an instant. That true contrition removes their guilt for all sin wiping their slate clean. To get to this degree of faith takes an incredible amount of grace and is only accepted into one’s truly humble contrite heart…which is someone who wholeheartedly wants to truly amend all of their sinful ways and perfectly follow Christ because they would rather suffer any torment than offend their Beloved Lord again with the slightest sin. When a heart receives God’s total forgiveness of every sin, the guilt for all sin is removed lessening their eternal punishment even if they have never accepted enough of grace to gain this contrition continuously faith. Being in this state (having ones sins completely forgiven outside of baptism) from a great disdain for their sins, greatly assists someone in gaining true contrition at the moment of death since it took much love of God to get to this point in ones faith. Therefore, they aren’t far from the grace required to be moved into this state consistently.
  3. Soul of someone mostly active in the Church, who is truly seeking a saving faith, but doesn’t yet have it once or continuously present in their soul:

Until We Obtain a Saving Faith We, the Faithful–Especially the Religious–Will Suffer the Greatest in Hell

As we can clearly see in the chart above it is the faithful, who still haven’t been moved into true contrition, which are the ones who have abandoned God’s love (mercy) the greatest, who have allowed God’s Precious Blood to spill onto the floor instead of into our hearts, and we will be held accountable for every drop. 

If we have been deceived into believing we are “saved” from all of our prayers and works, etc. but aren’t spending our every moment seeking penance, working to unite our will with God’s, leaving the pleasures of the world so to perfectly follow Christ–our Savior–then we know, we are the ones who will suffer more than anyone else if we don’t gain true humility and true contrition at or before our hour comes.

If We Look, We Can See

We can see so clearly how God calls some of us to a higher level of responsibility in serving Him for the salvation of souls than others. Many of us get caught into the devils trap and thinking of ourselves as “holy” and privileged when God blesses us with gifts and blessings for His service, but mostly they are not given to us because we deserve them from our righteousness, but much of the time they are given as an undeserving gift simply so we can serve God for the salvation of souls. Oh, how many times, God’s blessing are proof of nothing but God’s love for us…not our fidelity to Him. They aren’t ours or something we have earned. But we are deceived into thinking they are proof of our great holiness.

“What do you possess that you have not received? But if you have received it, why are you boasting as if you did not receive it?” (1 Corinthians 4:7).

The amount of grace that is sent to us from God is in proportion to the grace needed to perfectly fulfill God’s call for our lives–so we can become saints serving Him however He has determined is best for His plan for the salvation of the world. “Grace was given to each of us according to the measure of Christ’s gift” (Ephesians 4:7). Just because God calls us into the religious life doesn’t mean we are “holier” than any other person. It means God’s has called us to serve Him in that particular way and given us certain gifts to live His will. Sure someone can become more “faithful” than another through the religious life (frankly that is the easiest path) or from the gifts God bestows upon us for His service, but God’s calling or gifts from Him are not necessairly proof of holiness…but God’s will and love for us. If someone were give much knowledge in the faith, that too doesn’t necessarily mean we are “holier” than another either, it simply means we are to use that knowledge to serve God to bring other into the faith that saves. We can use that knowledge to seek to live the true faith or not. The gifts God gives us are for us to use them so we can serve Him and grow in holiness, but we have a free will to do so. He gives us all sorts of different intellects, talents, gratuitous grace (special gifts) and help in our lives, not because we deserve it from our “holiness” but from His love so we can know, love and serve Him for His great plan for the salvation of the world. It is only our pride that gets us thinking otherwise. And it is that pride that kills.

This grace God gives in such great measure is truly enough to live all circumstances of our life perfectly; we just need to accept it to be able to do that. The greater the calling God gives us, the greater the grace which is sent to us from God’s Heart of love so we can perfectly live His will, which also means the greater the grace we can allow to go to waste, in which we are accountable for. We can take that grace, God sent, and grow in faith or reject it and continue to do our will.

Sadly, not everyone responds to God’s grace or they only respond (accept) a little. Tragically, most never grow into a saving faith. Yet, everyone no matter what calling God has for us, no matter what God’s plan is for our lives, if the Father has called Him, is given the grace to live His will for the salvation of our souls. It is what we do with that grace that differs from one person to another. Will we bring God great fruits or squander it all? We have a free will to answer God’s call or reject it. We can embrace His grace to serve God perfectly and strive for perfection, or only open up our hearts to accept a bit of His love and still live lukewarm lives…not really living for the cross with great trust in Him. Or we can reject, His grace all together (and not continue to return to God for additional grace) and loose almost all hope to have a chance to obtain a saving faith.

Who Suffers the Greatest Amoung the “Faithful”

Those living lukewarm in faith, will suffer even greater pains in Hell if they were someone who actually accepted God’s grace and learned the true Way or even some of the Way, but then turned and left it for the world. “It would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness than after knowing it to turn back from the holy commandment handed down to them” (2 Peter 2:21). And for we, who are lukewarm and lead others astray–especially if we lead those who know some of The Way correctly into greater darkness–from our blindness to the truth, we will suffer even more in Hell and even greater anguish than someone who were to leave the faith and abandon it for the Word for the Lord says, “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea” (Matthew 18:6). We simply must repent and change. The consequences of our actions are real!

“Not many of you should become teachers [we must be sure it is God’s will], my brothers, for you realize that we will be judged more strictly” (James 3:1).

If We Only Knew How Much Love God Constantly Sends

God is constantly sending us grace. If we only knew how much grace we squander daily, from not accepting it, we would be horrified. Yet every bit of God’s Precious Blood we allow to go to waste we are accountable for. This we must understand. Every prayer we pray, every mass we attend, every good work we do, sends us bounds of grace, and that grace comes from God’s Precious Blood. If we reject it, from our hard hearts and allow it to fall off of us, we are responsible for the spilling of the Blood of Christ.

Like I said, we like to credit ourselves for our gifts from God and the “good” and pious things we do, thinking that is proof of our holiness. Well, for some it can be, but for most it surely isn’t. If we only saw what a small amount of grace we actually accepted, and the flood of grace that was rejected–because of our lack of faith–we would know it isn’t our “holiness” that has moved us to partake in anything religious we do but rather GOD’S LOVE. We aren’t “holy;” we are a misery. We are moved by God…He is just trying to save us. It is only our pride that confuses us. Only a small few can grow in true humility to accept the incredible grace that God sends to save us.

But for most, even if we do accept some amount of God’s grace, most never accept enough to advance outside of being lukewarm in our faith so to grow into a saving faith. Sadly, we simply aren’t striving to live the true faith. Because of our blinding pride, most don’t know what it is. After all of the bounds of prayers, receipts of God’s sacraments, and many works we do, horribly most still don’t have enough grace to gain true “fear of the Lord” and don’t seek to live the true faith of self-denial of all worldly pleasures so to desire God alone and joyfully/trustingly carrying every discomfort, disappointment, and challenge (our crosses) with Christ seeking to send grace for the salvation of souls.

Most still only live the faith of going to God for “help” so to gain what we believe is good, what can lead to the life of pleasure and our will. We don’t really rejoice in the cross and trusting in God’s will seeking God’s help (strength) so to carry our crosses, if He wills, seeking to become perfect (to stop offending God). Sadly, most never gain the wisdom to truly desire to do what Jesus has done and really follow Him, cross and all. We want our kids and spouse to love us; we want our job to be successful; we want a relaxing enjoyable life…we want and want and want…not the cross, not God’s will, but the pleasure. We have been deceived. When we don’t get what we want, we cry to God for our will and when God’s will isn’t in according with ours, we live in disappoint (to say the least)…longing for what we don’t have. We don’t want God’s will and long for Him alone…we don’t want the cross of Christ. We want our will and a life of pleasure. Oh, how confused are we.

Truly, the amount of grace which is sent from our pious things we–the faithful–do is astronomical. And the more “religious” things we partake in, the more knowledge of the faith we gain the more accountable we are for that grace–mercy–we let go to waste. Horribly, we reject scores and scores of grace from each and every one of our religious actions–grace that was sent to us from Our Beloved to save our souls–and now instead of that mercy leading us to life, we are only to receive greater and greater punishment because we waste it.

“We appeal to you not to receive the grace of God in vain” (2 Corinthians 6:1).

We simply must, from a HUMBLE (knows ones sinfulness) heart, take that grace God sends us from those good, pious, things we do, and have that grace move us into becoming perfect servants of God–so we will truly seek to become one of God’s sacrificial perfect servants. If we don’t obtain a saving faith, by having all of our sins forgiven, we will be accountable for all of that Precious Blood we let fall to the floor from our lukewarm faith, and that will lead us to the greatest of sufferings in Hell for all eternity. This is the truth!

God’s Precious Blood

Look at those who are blessed to be baptized into the faith, blessed with being inspired to pray, moved to attend Mass, driven to do works for God and even gain wonderful knowledge of the faith and more….those–if we still remain lukewarm in our faith–the people who adore their faith, but still haven’t converted enough to live the true faith (that of changing daily by removing sin after sin growing towards perfection as they follow Jesus living a life of self-denial and suffering for the love of God and salvation of souls), horribly, they–the faithful who aren’t truly living the faith–are the ones who have scourged God the greatest.

“For it would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness than after knowing it to turn back from the holy commandment handed down to them” (2 Peter 2:21).

Horribly, because the lukewarm in faith believe from their prayers and works, they are quite holy, there pride much of the time causes them to be quite deaf to their need to repent and change. It is simply tragic. They really want to be truly faithful and cling to their devotions to Jesus and Mary and believe they are saved, but most sadly they are far from the humble contrite heart that accepts His complete forgiveness of all of their sins. This is the tragedy among all tragedies, that brings tears to my eyes, as bounds of people–who believe they are saved by what they think is great faith, are only condemning themselves all the more to greater punishment in Hell because they still don’t know what is a saving faith. Horribly, many people think they are rich in their faith, that they have all that they need to be saved, when they are still rejecting God’s saving mercy by still ignoring some of God’s commands and not truly seeking to stop all of their sins (working to become a saint) and are in fact “wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked” (Revelations 3:17).

“The servant who was ignorant of his master’s will [because he didn’t seek it] but acted in a way deserving of a severe beating shall be beaten only lightly [in Hell]. Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more” (Luke 12:48).

The amount of love from God that is poured out during each Mass is enough to sanctify anyone, yet the lukewarm simply go to Mass, and receive so little–if any grace–rejecting most or all of it, as they never advance towards a saving faith. But not only the Mass, each and every “religious” event, prayer, sacrament or work they do dispenses bounds of God’s love, but the lukewarm (unknowingly) reject most if not all of God’s love from every “holy” thing they do.

When God moves us to partake in such things, they are meant to help us towards our end–Heaven. But horribly, for most it only leads to our doom. We-who have squandered God’s grace–and inflicted injury upon injury to God are now accountable for the healing Blood of Jesus that was meant to heal our sinful heart and lead us to sanctity, but was spilled upon the floor-rejected buy our pride driven ungrateful hearts.

Now, I’m in no way suggesting we shouldn’t partake in the religious things we do, since for most it merely leads us to greater punishment. No, how else can we be saved if it isn’t by fantastic grace, and that grace is found in frequenting the Mass, confession, prayer, works of mercy etc. We need all of the grace we can accept. But, we need to learn how to stop rejecting it by growing in humility so we can gain true fear of the Lord and open up our hearts to accept God’s help so to gain a saving faith.

“The Divine justice shone forth which had been magnified in the condemnation of those who had been called to this holy Order, but who had rendered themselves unworthy of it, and therefore had been condemned to eternal flames’ for it is just that he whom God has called to the holiest of Orders should be most severely punished if he lives and evil life.” –Life of St. Gertrude the Great

Are We Lukewarm?

Has God called us to the saving faith? Did we respond? If so great! How are we responding today? Or was our response–the time when we were changing–some time ago. Now we are lukewarm and not growing in holiness. We just say, we love God and want a life of peace, in word alone but our actions are daily the same.

God calls us towards Him not just so we can have a wonderful life of bliss carrying our crosses in joy with Him, but so we can serve Him and save souls. What are we doing with the grace God has given us? Is every moment of our lives given so we can bear God’s cross so to save souls…like Christ has shown us? Truly is that our main goal in literally everything we are doing? Or do we give most of our live in the pursuit of pleasure? How many of us are looking for the cross through self-denial (giving up the enjoyable things in this world) or at the very least, picking up the cross (suffering and challenges) God has allowed us to bear with joy? Or have we taken God’s grace that He has given us and squandered it?

Do we attend Mass, go to adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and pray, fast, do works of mercy, and have much knowledge of the faith and still–after all of the grace God is sending us–not do our actions for the true driving intention to save the souls of God’s children? Or are we still just looking for God to love and help us? Do we still not know what God’s will is for us? After all of the grace that God has attempted to give us from all of the pious things He has drawn us to do, are we still so strong willed that we still don’t know we are called to live our lives following Christ…which is SUFFERING with JOY, like He did, seeking the grace the comes from denying ourselves of the world’s pleasures to carry our crosses for the salvation of the souls of His children? Our do we still not understand the cross and how we are truly to follow Christ?

After all that God has done, and called us to do for Him, do we still not hear? Oh, how much grace upon grace have we rejected that we still don’t know and live the Way. God has a different plan for everyone’s life, but the plan He has is for all of us is to spend all of our time (not some of it) on earth so we can know, serve and love Him for the salvation of souls. What ever we do, that is supposed to be our goal. We are not supposed give some time to God and then the rest to self-seeking…but live to serve. Not looking for comfort but looking to give comfort. Not looking for pleasures but to suffer out of love of God. Oh, the cross…who understands it anymore…anyone? Does the devil have us all?

“For the message about the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God” (1 Corinthians 1:18).

Sadly most of us don’t take God’s calling seriously or we do for a moment and then over time go lukewarm and never grow to understand the true faith–that of love of the cross. Many hear God calling us to serve Him and some answer His call a little bit, but I ask you, “Where do you think His lukewarm servants go when they die…the ones who were showed with grace after grace but still don’t live for the cross?” Are they above or below the mass murder in Hell? The greater the call God has given us, the more grace He sends to us so we can fulfill His will (live the true faith), when we reject that calling from our selfishness, we cause untold harm to God’s Sacred Heart of Love. Therefore, the greater the rejection of God we make when we simply don’t respond to God’s constant out pouring of grace so we can correctly serve Him, the worse of an offender of God’s love we are.

Horribly, it is God’s “faithful” and the greater responsibility God has give us, if we don’t properly answer the call, we reject God the most and choose the worst of punishments. When God calls us we need to respond with a resounding Yes, Lord…and when things get challenging we pick up our crosses and continue to serve Him. What happened to Jonah when he didn’t respond to God’s call…God punished him. If we are wise, we would look into our lives and see God’s punishments as He tries to get us to stop living self-serving selfish lives and, at least, out of fear of punishment, amend our ways.

The devil has God us into thinking we are so holy and saved. But we simply must stop looking at the horribly lost soul who is suffering great consequences on earth from their greatly sinful life and think we are so much better than them. Are we? What does God think? Or are we both just as damned? Only the truth will save us. A humble contrite heart God will not spurn. We need to seek God’s mercy and repent of our selfish, self serving ways and live to truly love God by really working to save the souls of God’s children is all that we do. We can’t tell God we are so sorry for our sins, and accept His forgiveness, if we don’t even want to really live the Way–the way of the cross. That won’t save.

Tragically we want a life of peace, we want Heaven, but we don’t want to pick up our crosses to get there. We strive to do all we can to rid our life of our crosses. It is simply tragic. If we only honestly looked onto our heart we would see clearly how we haven’t honestly surrendered our life to follow Christ…we want the “good life” in the world and Heaven too. But we can’t have both, we will either love the one and hate the others. What do we want God or the world? Choosing one thing over God rejects God’s gift of eternal Life. Just one.

How many of us still won’t pick up our cross and love someone who we think has done us wrong. Horribly, we still think poorly about another and can’t even forgive…we “say” we forgive but how we treat another proves so clearly we don’t. We can convince ourselves anything we do is to know, serve or love God…but is it really God’s will; if it is, it will be by way of the cross.

I’m sorry Lord, with all of my heart. I deserve the greatest punishments in Hell for rejecting your love…all You have done for me, given me, showed me and yet, I still have rejected Your Way. Please forgive me, my Most Merciful Lord and strengthen me with thy grace so I many truly love You, how You have loved me–through loving the cross so You may use me for the salvation of souls. Amen.

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