God wants to heal and help us with our earthly lives in order to help save our souls. All God does and allows is for this purpose (our salvation).  With each prayer request we make to Him, we need to seek Him to strengthen and teach us how to grow into a saving faith of true love for Him and true contrition for our sins, so we can accept His saving forgiving mercy He died to give us. Then Our Lord can spend eternity loving us in Heaven, because God wants us in Heaven.

Therefore, if you are needing a miracle… if you are needing God’s help… God is allowing each circumstance we have in our lives for a far greater purpose than just to help our earthly needs and wants. God wants to use every moment to save and then sanctify us. 

Therefore, to help you obtain what you feel you need, Lifting Our Values will intercede to God on your behalf and pray that you can grow into a saving and then perfect faith through whatever God allows (His perfect holy will).

If you have a prayer or a question please submit it below. Lifting Our Values will pray for everyone and answer your questions as soon as possible.

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The more we act like Christ, the more God hears our prayers. Therefore, if you are looking for God’s help, then you need to love others like Jesus has loved. One of the ways we do this is by praying for others. Please make the time to help others by praying for their needs too. Pray Now.