St. Alphonsus Liguori

“All persons desire to be saved, but the greater part, because they will not adopt the means of being saved, fall into sin and are lost.” -St. Alphonsus, (A Christian’s Rule of Life, Ch. 1, sect. 1)

St. Alphonsus was a bishop and theologian. He is also the Doctor of the Church and the patron saint of confessors. He was called by God to write book after book to bring Fear of the Lord (fear of sin and its consequence), knowledge of the Way to Heaven, and moral theology to God’s children in the hopes of saving some. He encourages a complete change of life into loving God by working daily to abandon sin through reconciliation, devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

His works are a must read. He holds nothing back; his guidance is clear and direct. From giving wonderful correct advice on how to be a holy priest in “The Dignity and Duties of the Priest,” to guiding you and me to holiness through deeply contemplative meditations in “The Way of Salvation and of Perfection,” any soul who reads his works should be moved from being lukewarm into surrendering all for the love of God.

A large majority of St. Alphonsus works are available on Kindle from Amazon 

The following are .pdf online resources of St. Alphonsus’s books. 

St. Alphonsus has a large variety of books available online some of the titles include:

Self-Denial to Salvation Writings of St. Alphonsus (PDF format)
The following PDF books include scanned images of the book, and are therefore large (over 30 MB).

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Please read: “Why ‘Very Few Christians are Saved'” –St. Augustine, Doctor of the Church

p.s. please understand there are many translations of each book and each translation might have the quotes from the saints slightly different.