St. Bridget of Sweden

“Christians are now acting towards me as the Jews acted towards me…Only pride is delightful in their ears, only the lust of the world [pleasures of the world] delights their eyes…Nevertheless, I am still so merciful that I will happily receive each and everyone who begs for my forgiveness and says: ‘Lord, I know that I have sinned severely and I gladly want to better myself through your grace.'” (Jesus to St. Bridget of Sweden).

St. Bridget of Sweden was a wife and mother of 8 children, who later upon her husband’s death became a third order Franciscan and then the founder of her own nuns. She was a mystic who went to confession daily and desired to love God perfectly. She had visions and revelations starting at the age of 10 that are fantastic, which an angel, the Blessed Mother, and Jesus spoke with her mostly about the suffering of Christ because of our constant unrepentant, unchanged, sins.

Her writings “The Prophecies and Revelations of St. Bridget of Sweden” are a must read for someone who wants to develop a greater understanding of the consequence of sin.

Online book

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